Notable Links: 5-9/14

Bye-bye, whiny white dudes: Tucker Carlson, Tal Fortgang and the weakening grip of entitlement

Princeton University freshman Tal Fortgang is the current face of white dude entitlement, but he’s not the only reminder we have right now about what happens when sheltered boys enter the world feeling that they’re owed something and believing that their actions don’t have consequences.

Call it whatever you’d like. Toxic masculinity. Frat mentality. Patriarchal bullshittery. But put really simply, the problem is that our culture doesn’t generally encourage boys to feel compassion or curiosity beyond a very narrow sphere of their experience, and then some grow up to be terrible jerks.

And the pathetic thing is that a smug and racist editorial written by a college freshman with a tiny baby brain — a piece that should have died on the pages of a college newspaper but was embarrassingly propped up as legitimate commentary by Time magazine — is a comparatively benign example of what happens when boys are raised not to think much about other people.

Detroit Handyman Saves Elderly Woman From Apartment Fire

Wilson had been on duty at the building and was summoned to the 18th floor to determine the source of the smoke. According to the worker, he saw the tenant’s door handle slightly jiggle, so he knew the woman was still alive. Not giving it a second thought, Wilson sprung into action, knowing that he had to knock the woman’s door down to save her.

“Three kicks and maybe about 10 [pushes with the] shoulders, you know, the door was pretty tough. … I saw the lady crawling out on her knees and she reached out and I grabbed her arm and pulled her out,” Wilson said.

Four elderly tenants, including the woman whose apartment was engulfed in fire, were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment; one of the victims is 102-years-old.

The faces of the forgotten: Heartbreaking plight of the 64,000 black women missing across America… as the country turns a blind eye

A renewed campaign to highlight hundreds of missing African-American women has been launched amid ongoing criticism that less attention is given to their cases by authorities and the media.

According to the National Crime Information Center, nearly 40 per cent of those who have disappeared, often in suspicious circumstances, are black. However critics allege that public attention mainly focuses on white women who have vanished.

According to the Black And Missing Foundation, most women disappear in the states of New York, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland and Florida.

A total of 273,985 minorities were reported missing in the United States (out of 692,944 for all races) as of December 2010.

The foundation has teamed up with a TV network to make a series, Find Our Missing, telling the stories behind the women’s disappearances.

EXCLUSIVE: Upstate N.Y. politician under fire for allegedly racist tweet at MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry

A Dutchess County official has touched off a furor by telling a black MSNBC news anchor on Twitter, “Keep your stinking paws off my kid, you damned dirty ape.”

The remark by Jim Coughlan, the Dutchess County controller and a candidate for state Senate, was directed at Melissa Harris-Perry in response to remarks she made about child-rearing that upset many conservatives.

Coughlan said he had no idea that Harris-Perry is black and denied the comment had racist undertones, saying he simply repeating a “well-known quote from the Planet of the Apes.”

“I don’t watch MSNBC,” he said. “I don’t know about their stories or their journalists.”

But Democrats ripped his online behavior — and even some fellow Republicans distanced themselves from him.


21 thoughts on “Notable Links: 5-9/14

  1. The absurd “no snitching” policy is in part what’s causing this. As rapper Cam’ron very ignorantly explains to us

    I make no excuses for white supremacy ignoring sistas but lets be honest here. In 9 out of 10 cases these missing women were actually murdered and 9 out of 10 times the person that murdered her was her boyfriend/husband/boo thang whatever people wanna call it. Their significant others like most, live relatively close if not in the same exact neighborhood as the victim which means everyone in the community is familiar with them as a couple meaning EVERYONE knows exactly why she came up missing.

    Keeping all of these factors in mind once the investigation is started the first line of questioning goes out to said neighbors who are obviously afraid of the wannabe thugs that killed these women or abide by the “no snitching” policy and think it will keep them safe. It is in part the fault of the authorities because they don’t protect witnesses & I can understand not saying a word out of fear of coming up missing yourself but why not take a collective stand against the trash that parasitically holds our communities hostage with drugs, violence and murder of our own women? Being afraid can’t always be an excuse anymore. If you’re not willing to die to protect your own your a coward.

    1. Exactly, most cases involved are with people they know, not total strangers. And authorities could care less about the witnesses if they fit a certain demographic. Still, like you said, too many of us too afraid of our own. Like white people are afraid of us, we too are afraid of us.

    2. @ A: I agree about that “No Snitching” ignorance. That is one of the many pathologies that needs to be done away with, I remember that piece on CBS 60 Minuets. And that rapper, and i was just so aggravated watching and listening to that ignorance. We have got to do better.

      1. I don’t remember all that was said, but Lavern brought up a good point. The cops have shown that they can’t be entrusted with protecting our neighborhoods. In some cases, they’re the aggressors or too careless to actively help.

        And as a side note, 60 Minutes choosing Cam’Ron was what they wanted. They don’t want anyone that could eloquently explain ‘no snitching’.

    3. wait a minute! the reason why we have no snitching is because cops have gone out of their way to make themselves an ENEMY to black people! they have brought the legacy of hatred and mistrust on themselves. how the fuck are you supposed to trust someone or a group that have made no secret their hatred of you.

  2. Good post and the reason why all these racists are coming out is because they fear that the White population in America will lose their privileges since we have a half Black president and Blacks and Latinos doing better in society now. You have to realize that their race is dying out worldwide. They would do anything to keep their position in power and keep their race alive.

      1. Me too, Brotha Wolf because pale skin has no physical benefits. Pale skin wrinkles and ages fast and all the scarring and spots on their skin is so transparent to me.

  3. That ignorant politician that called Melissa Harris a dirty ape. It’s just business as usual with these racist turds. They even refer to the President and First Lady and their children as primates. This is just who these people are ignorant racist assholes.

      1. LOL She may be very light skin but she still had Black features. He damn well knew she was Black just by looking at her hair and features!

  4. I’m really fed up with entitled upper class white men and women with their racist/bigoted attitudes. Blacks and Latinos are rising. Get over it.

  5. ..That Detroit fellow is a real-life hero! It’s quite frightening to realize how many Black women in this country are missing and unreported, I really pray that this no longer will be the case (asap), and that Everyone gets equal treatment and protection in this kray-kray azz land. And another thing, Coughlan can blow his bit#h-made comments outta his sorry azz!!

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