Donald Sterling: Racism in a Suit

Donald Sterling, owner of the L.A. Clippers

So, Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, has been revealed as an undeniable racist douchebag due to a taped conversation he had with his girlfriend V. Stiviano. The recording was obtained by – of all websites – TMZ, and the rest of the news world followed suit. Sterling evidently has a problem with black people and how his lady friend has been associating with them:

“You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it on that … and not to bring them to my games.”

He also seems to have a particular problem with Magic Johnson maybe because of a little Instagram photo of him and Stiviano:

“Don’t put him [Magic] on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me. And don’t bring him to my games.”

After this convo came to light, more of the recording surfaced that exposed more of Sterling’s contempt for black folks coming to his games. Keep in mind that he has a team full of black people:

V: I don’t understand, I don’t see your views. I wasn’t raised the way you were raised.

DS: Well then, if you don’t feel—don’t come to my games. Don’t bring black people, and don’t come.

V: Do you know that you have a whole team that’s black, that plays for you?

DS: You just, do I know? I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? Do I know that I have—Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game? Is there 30 owners, that created the league?

V. Stiviano

But Sterling’s recent recording is not his only moment of assholery. He has been showing off his lack of personality over the decades during his horrendous career. In a 1983 conversation he had with a then-potential coach Rollie Massimino while sipping on some champagne with a blonde mistress, he asks, “I wanna know why you think you can coach these niggers?” Massimino, according to Paul Phillps, the Clipper’s general manager (1982-4), screamed at Sterling and swore never to coach the Clippers.

In a 2011 lawsuit against the Clippers, Elgin Baylor, former general manager and Hall of Famer, brought up the troubled owner’s name. Baylor charges that Sterling had a racist attitude towards a former NBA player Danny Manning:

The lawsuit, which was obtained by The Times on Wednesday night, alleges that Sterling once said of Manning: “I’m offering a lot of money for a poor Black kid.”

The civil lawsuit also states that NBA Commissioner David Stern was present when Sterling made the remark about Manning.

Several pages later, Baylor claims that Sterling once told him that “he [Sterling] wanted the Clippers team to be composed of ‘Poor Black boys from the South’ and a White head coach.” 

Elgin Baylor

Sterling has also been the subject a housing settlement lawsuit in 2009. The slumlord has been charged with discrimination against blacks, Hispanics and families with kids at a series of apartment buildings he owns in and around Los Angeles:

The Justice Department sued the Sterlings three years ago, accusing them of favoring Korean tenants while seeking to exclude blacks and families with children. Through their Beverly Hills Properties, the Sterlings own and manage about 119 apartment buildings with some 5,000 units in Los Angeles County, according to the Justice Department.

In court filings, Justice Department lawyers presented evidence that the Sterlings made statements “indicating that African Americans and Hispanics were not desirable tenants and that they preferred Korean tenants” occupy buildings they owned in Koreatown.

From ESPN:

It was 2002, and Donald Sterling was talking to Sumner Davenport, one of his four top property supervisors, about a tenant at the Ardmore Apartments. Already the largest landowner in Beverly Hills, Sterling had recently acquired the Ardmore as part of his move to extend his real estate empire eastward toward Koreatown and downtown LA. As he did, Sterling “wanted tenants that fit his image,” according to testimony Davenport gave in a discrimination lawsuit brought against Sterling in 2003 by 19 tenants and the nonprofit Housing Rights Center. (That case ended in a confidential settlement in 2005; attorneys for the Center declined to comment for this story. In a separate suit, also concluded in 2005, Davenport claimed Sterling sexually harassed her, and lost. She declined comment. The Magazine has obtained depositions in both cases.)

When Sterling first bought the Ardmore, he remarked on its odor to Davenport. “That’s because of all the blacks in this building, they smell, they’re not clean,” he said, according to Davenport’s testimony. “And it’s because of all of the Mexicans that just sit around and smoke and drink all day.” He added: “So we have to get them out of here.” Shortly after, construction work caused a serious leak at the complex. When Davenport surveyed the damage, she found an elderly woman, Kandynce Jones, wading through several inches of water in Apartment 121. Jones was paralyzed on the right side and legally blind. She took medication for high blood pressure and to thin a clot in her leg. Still, she was remarkably cheerful, showing Davenport pictures of her children, even as some of her belongings floated around her.

Jones had repeatedly walked to the apartment manager’s office to plead for assistance, according to sworn testimony given by her daughter Ebony Jones in the Housing Rights Center case. Kandynce Jones’ refrigerator dripped, her dishwasher was broken, and her apartment was always cold. Now it had flooded. Davenport reported what she saw to Sterling, and according to her testimony, he asked: “Is she one of those black people that stink?” When Davenport told Sterling that Jones wanted to be reimbursed for the water damage and compensated for her ruined property, he replied: “I am not going to do that. Just evict the bitch.”

Repairs never came. The shower stopped working, and the toilet wouldn’t flush; Jones needed to use a plunger and disposed of waste tissue in bags. Kandynce Jones departed the home she loved but that caused her so much grief when she passed away, on July 21, 2003, at age 67.

What I find funny about the whole mess is hearing that Sterling was going to get an NAACP award! What the bloody hell? Is the organization that out of touch to not know how this fools is, let alone did some research as to the story behind this billionaire bigot? They declined to go through with it, but still…Hello?

The lesson with Donald Sterling is that racism doesn’t always have to come in white sheets or with Nazi paraphernalia. It does’t have to wave Confederate flags or come from poor backgrounds. It doesn’t have to come in the form of racial epithets. It doesn’t have to be any of those, and more, to be considered racist.

Racism, the most powerful, illusive and destructive form, can come in the form of business suits. It can come from political and corporate offices. It can come in the form of policies or money making ventures. And if done right, it can be done in a way where it’s difficult to prove and hard to combat against. Sterling is not that brilliant, but he still amassed a huge fortune.

Obviously, Sterling has had enough privilege to be overtly racist and yet grow into a powerful billionaire. How many more white billionaires out there have that racist mindframe?


105 thoughts on “Donald Sterling: Racism in a Suit

  1. It’s hilarious reading all the asinine comments that donald sterling is a democrat!!! WHO FU@KING CARES???? my utter disrespect for republicans just keeps going down! donald sterling is a long time racist and because he donated money to bill bradley 20 yrs ago doesn’t mean a damn thing!! republicans always play this ignorant game of on the rare occasion a supposedly democrat says something racist WHITE republicans go in their cries of “WHEN ARE BLACK PEOPLE GOING TO WAKE UP!!”” First off!! the democrat platform doesn’t insult my race on a daily basis!! unlike the GOP!! secondly the democrat party doesn’t have a 24/7 NEO CONFEDERATE supposedly NEWS station calling me everything short of NIGGER like the GOPS propaganda machine FUX NEWS!! the democrat party doesn’t have a complete monopoly on radio whipping up WHITE supremacy propaganda!! republicans are typically very myopic and poorly educated with little or NO critical thinking skills! it’s interesting how whenever a person of color talks about racism in their minds it’s ALWAYS imagined or their race baiting but when bill o’reilly or limbaugh go on their daily WHITE KNIGHTS campaign it’s not racist at all!! donald sterling political affiliation aren’t consistent with the democrat party platform!! PERIOD!! I’ll make a bet with ANY republican on this point! lets compare ALL the so called DEMOCRATS racist with ALL the republican party racist since 1970!! on blurting out racist or homophobic or misogynist RANTS!! and lets establish some history!! any takers????? I thought not!! BTW for my republican fans Abraham Lincoln if alive today wouldn’t want ANYTHING to do with todays GOP! your party stopped being starting during richard nixon SOUTHERN STRATEGY campaign back in 1969 WAKE UP WHITE republicans!!! you’ve had HAD!!!

    1. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same white racist coin. It doesn’t matter if he is a Democrat. All that matters is that he is a color-aroused bastard with a lot of money to waste.

  2. George Wallace (MS) was set to receive an NAACP award as well at one point.
    Remember the NAACP was started by the whitmans.

    Players/draftees heard the previous allegations against DS prior to signing.

    BO Jackson is to be respected for turning down a football contract w/ Tampa Bay (?) because the whitmans did some shady shit that cost him eligibility in college.

    Everyone w/that organization should look elsewhere. It would bring me much joy not to see one black face in the audience. Don’t stop there though. Expose all these bastards & renegotiate your worth.

    Does anyone remember the fight scene in Mandingo?
    Does anyone remember the instrument ‘Ol Fiddler played?
    Does anyone get where I’m going with these questions?

    Amurr’KKKlan is a plantation. Some of you can’t tell because your able to stretch your legs and move around sans shackles.

    Your mind now is captive.

    Pay attention to the phrase the “trappings” of success…

  3. I did not know about all the other things he said and did, thanks for posting. I find it interesting that he hates black and latinos yet he dated a woman that was both black and latino.

    “You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it on that … and not to bring them to my games.”

    this is very telling, racists will sleep with the people they hate but publicly ignore or disrespect them. so it’s ok for black people to play for his team but it’s not ok for his gf to bring them to the games. This just proves that racists only care when blacks can serve them and work for them. in the recording he also told his gf to just be a delicate white woman or latino, it was crazy how when she was calling him on his bs he turned it around and played the victim.
    “I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses.”
    now who does this sound like? slave master anyone. Oh I saved the poor negroes I provide housing and clothing for them without me where would they be. they are like family but don’t dare bring them to my games, be a delicate white or latino woman. smh.

    the black nba players should boycott, the naacp is sold out, they get donations from these corporations and we know nothing is for free, they must be doing something for them in return. just check who donates to them some are companies that were involved in slavery.

    Doc rivers is full of it too, when he said this bs
    “Honestly, I’m completely against that and they were too,” Rivers said. “Why should we let someone’s comments stop what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to do something too here and we don’t want that to get in the way of what we want to do. I think the biggest statement we can make as men — not as black men, as men — is to stick together and show how strong we are as a group, not splinter, not walk. It’s easy to protest. The protest will be in our play.”

    it seems all that people care about is playing, money, and trophies, what happened to black athletes like Muhammad ali, jesse owens, and the brothas that did the black power salute at the Olympics. it seems a lot have sold out. it seems these athletes manhood is for sale, their self respect and dignity is for sale. massa hurt us but we will protest by continuing to pick cotton for him, the protest will be in our labor.

    There are plenty of coaches and owners that think like this racist they just have not been caught or are smart enough not to say it.

    1. Maybe if black athletes were more educated on covert, systematic racism, they would be more open. There are some who have spoke on it like Hank Aaron and Richard Sherman.

    2. It’s not just athletes it’s ALL black celebrities look at how the media acted after Whitney became a sweetheart to America when she sang the national anthem or Michael when he became an international superstar.

  4. He’s a racist piece of human excrement, and he’s a heartless slumlord. And he makes a fortune of off black athletes. This is just like a modern day “12 Years A Slave.” The way he treated his tenants in that slum he had people living in. Trust and believe karma is a bitch and she will be avenged.

    1. Charles Barkley needs to SHUT up! He just a buffoon! He needs to go somewhere with his white women worshipping ass! This fat buffoon looked like an idiot in that Weight watchers commercial a few years ago. This man had the nerve to wear a dress in that commercial!! He has no self respect! These athletes today have NO pride. Back in the 60’s and 70’s we had real men like Muhammad Ali,Jim Brown and Bill Russell. Black men that stood against injustice and would speak on it. Who do we have now? Kobe? Tiger Woods and Charles Barkley? Or Mr “stay out of politics” Michael Jordan. Most of these guys do nothing for the black community. They see how much we’re struggling out here but they could care less. Most of them are selfish and only care about themselves. Their dignity can be bought. How pathetic!

      1. Something about being rich and famous that will possibly turn a brotha into a slave for money, and for some reason, white women. Not for all of them, but some.

      2. From what I understand, the athletes are put through a socialization process where it states in their contracts that they cannot go back to their Black communities and help them. They are also encouraged to date non-Black women; the closest to Black that they can date/marry are those who are mixed/light-skinned. They are told not to associate with Black women who are dark-skinned and wear African hairstyles as it would be bad for the athletes’ images. This is why you see few of them with unapologetically African women. If they step too far away from their socialization, consequences are inevitable.

      3. Thanks Mickey. Yes I’ve heard about this before. Years ago in the book Powernomics by Claude Anderson. He uses the term meritorious manumission that refers to the condition of blacks. I was told by Umar Jonson three years ago exactly what you stated. I met him in the lobby before he had his lecture. We chatted for about five minutes or so. He knows a lot of pro athletes and they’ve told him this privately. I believe him 100%! I don’t doubt it for a second. I don’t think most black people realize the predicament we are currently in.

      4. A psychologist (who is also a Pan-Africanist) by the name of Umar Johnson has said this in a couple of his lectures. He says that they have told him this personally. I have posted a video on here featuring him once. I think I also heard of this confirmation from another source.

      5. That’s true. He told me this as well. Black people need to wake the hell up! These white folks are NOT playing around. They always think strategic. That’s how they maintain their power. They’re playing chess while we’re busy playing checkers.

      6. I’ve posted this video here before. This guy talks mentions meritorious manumissions, and how the way Black people were treated during slavery reflects on the behavior of many of us today. It’s really eye-opening, and relates to the slave plantation known as “America.”

      1. @ Kushite Prince:

        Yeah, Geeweev has opened my eyes on a lot of issues. He makes a lot of sense.

  5. Donald made Marge Schott ( the late Cinncinnati Reds owner) look like a member of the SCLC.

    Speaking of civil rights organizations, I couldn’t believe that the NAACP in Los Angeles rewarded this joker with an award in the past and was going to do it again this year. For a long time, lost my respect for the organization but when I heard that they were going to give this racist low life another award, I almost fainted. I couldn’t believe that the L.A. chapter of that organization would stoop so low to give this man an award for his donations. OMFG!!!! That is like saying that Donald loves Black people because he gives chump change to the organization. I can give anybody money,but it doesn’t make me like them or acknowledge them as one of my own and his girlfriend….though she was more than right in exposing him…she still makes me sick. No amount of money ( God knows she had to been going with that. He’s nothing to look at that ..that is for sure) is worth me being mentally and spiritually tormented by this man.. A good name is better than riches. She made her self look literally like his bed warmer and hi being married don’t help.

    Maybe I’m not being right when I say this, but I’m also very disappointed in the Clipper players. Mind that they threw their shirts down in expressing their disappointment with their owner . It maybe a start but it’s still nothing to me. Some people say it’s about contracts . Could be, but Dr. King and other civil rights leaders have sacrificed being bit by dogs,powerful waterhoses, jail, beatings and even death.Yet, they cannot seem to boycott the games for their our dignity? I’m trying not to lose my respect for them,but it’s slowly coming to that.These days people just accept anything and will sell their soul to the devil in a second. One of the players said they did it for the fans. Really?!

    I’m not much of a basketball fan,but if I were I would be doing everything in my power to get my money back. I wouldn’t want to put my money in Donald Sterling’s miserable pockets. Some of those players want to fulfill the wishes of their fans but I hope they get this: if they respect you, they shouldn’t be at that game or they will be standing by your side with this issue.

    It’s great thing that my brother or nephew doesn’t have LA Clippers clothing because I voluntarily probably would have trash it. I wouldn’t want to own stuff by a man who thinks that Black people are nothing to him.

      1. @Brothawolf
        Exactly! I’m tired of negros jumping into bed with these creatures and all in the midst of rising white hostility, high black unemployment rates, high black high school drop out rates, high black incarceration rates, low black marriage rates, trash reality and a lot of black stereotyping in mass media, etc, etc and negros got the nerve to think that being sexually sewered is racial progress? Really Negroes?! Negros have got to do better.

      2. The NAACP should create a new award and call it the ‘Motherfucking sac of shit of the Year Award’. This fool would of course have the honour of being its’ first recipient. I waould actually pay to see this. When he accepts his award a minstrel band would be playing in the background, with Uncle Remus singing ‘Zippity do dah’ in the background! Ol Sterling can then give a speech about how he aids the nigro by giving them houses, cars, and money so they, the nigros can lounge about on their stoops smoking, drinking and smelling bad.

        I’m tired of negros jumping into bed with these creatures and all in the midst of rising white hostility

        I have never understood why, with all the white supremacy abounding, this occurs. The only thing I can put this down to is internalized racism. Remember the saying: the blacker the talk, the whiter the woman?

    1. Well, he is a modern-day slave owner.

      1. He has a white white.

      2. Has a mixed race girlfriend.

      3. He has a “White Man’s Burden/Savior” Complex. “I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? Do I know that I have—Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game? Is there 30 owners, that created the league?”

      And I have lost ALL respect for the NAACP, which is run by rich White folks anyway. They were actually going to give this m*****f**** an award!? Why do some Blacks believe that if they give a Negro prize to a KNOWN RACIST that it will soften them or something? I have YET to see the NAAWP give an award to a colored person.

  6. “Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same white racist coin. It doesn’t matter if he is a Democrat. All that matters is that he is a color-aroused bastard with a lot of money to waste.” @ Brothawolf, Co-sign! The obsession with the Dems and Reps that spew from racist folkz mouths is sooo dizzying and disturbing (I suppose it’s become more rampant with you-know-who in office). Great info about his past fukCery too, as this is something I was not aware of..what a bitter, comb-over havin’ fossil this trashy jerk turned out to be! @ Herneith ..Zippity Do Dahhhhh… After reading your post I just about Zippity-Diiieeed laughing!! X-D

  7. In 1958 when i was four years old, I was outside playing on a very hot day. There was a crew of 4 or 5 painters working outside next door. They were all African Americans. I heard them talking about how hot is was and how they were thirsty. The old bitch who owned the house had shut the water off at the hose so they couldn’t drink from it. I came back home to tell my mom. She filled up two pitchers of ice water and glasses, put them in my wagon and sent me over to the men. I remember them all smiling and patting me on the head and telling me I was a good boy and to thank my mom. That was my first experience interacting with black people, but it wouldn’t be my last. As a young teenager my hero was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I never missed a speech and read everything I could about the man. I marveled at the way he spoke, with power , truth and conviction. Then on that terrible April day in 1968 he was brutally taken from us. That night with a broken heart and through a vail of tears I wrote a eulogy for him and read it the next day over the speaker system at my junior high school. So just as my mom “God rest her soul”, taught me to respect all people regardless of race, I in turn taught my daughters the same. My reward for this came on 2/11/04 when the love of my life was born, my grandson Jaiden. My daughter being around black people all of her life found it natural to fall in love with grandsons dad is like a son to me and his family has become family. God bless these wonderful people. You see, prejudice is not inherent it has to be learned. So thanks to my Lord and Savior and my beautiful mother, I have been blessed by people of color all of my life.

  8. The sad part about this “protest” by the Clippers players is that technically, the season is already over. The teams not in the playoffs are on vacation already. The players would not be giving up one dime of their 2013 salary to not play the games. They’re just too damn scared to.

  9. A friend sent this to me. I thought it was very powerful! he doesn’t hold back!

    Present day athletes are cowards. They stand for NOTHING. I don’t care how much money on advertisement Europeans spend on sporting events, THEY ARE STILL NOT IMPORTANT. THEY ARE ONLY GAMES. With that said, the c@@ns that play for the Los Angeles Clippers did NOTHING after being disrespected by a European. They had an opportunity to show the world that our social issues come BEFORE any sporting event and it doesn’t matter if it’s the Super Bowl, World Series or the NBA Finals. The Clippers Black players had an opportunity to show the world that Black men STILL have testicular fortitude and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of our so-called community like athletes in the past did but no, these cowards didn’t do that. They decided that the show must go on because White people MUST be entertained. They chose to buckdance over walking like warriors. Their coach, Doc Rivers, is married to a White woman so that pretty much sums up the type of leadership that is controlling that team. He’s a bootlicker who with his players decided that wearing their warm up jerseys inside out and placing them on the half court line before they c@@ned on nationally television was a revolutionary act. These white folks can’t make one PENNY off of sports unless we allow them to. They WOULDN’T disrespect us if we stopped acting like cowards but this is the type of leadership many of you are okay with because most of you make it your goal in life to ignore or try to destroy the Black militants who wouldn’t put up with ANY OF THIS. You don’t want them as leaders. You want the people that tell you wear hoodies and buy skittles to show solitude. Again, this is what you get when the Negroe mindstate is prevalent in our so-called community. Cowards!

    1. DAYUM!

      With that said, do you think a lot of these athletes are aware that institutionalized racism is still in effect in this country, let alone the sports area? If they do, why do you think they care more about being rich and famous than getting basic human respect and dignity? Do you think it’s a product of internal racism, fear or human nature?

      1. Self respect and dignity TRUMP everything else. Even if you get paid a nice amout of cash you will be spiritually and emotionally poor. I just think a lot of these athletes forget where they come from. They get surrounded by slick agents,beautiful gold-diggers and people kissing their ass all day. It starts to go to your head and you believe it’s all about YOU. I think it’s a combination of human nature and fear. The EGO is a powerful thing. Having fame and fortune can go to anyone’s head. You have to be strong to resist it. I would imagine it’s not easy.

    2. Your buddy knows what day it is, which is rare! I don’t watch organized sports(except to look at the well built men, I am a sexist she-sow, what of it?). Seriously, why support white supremacy with these patronizing white racists running it. I posit that this Sterling is but the tip of the iceberg, he got caught that’s all. Stop supporting these teams and start supporting educational efforts instead! Start supporting Black literary efforts such as this for example:

      I prefer reading fantasy/scifi books with black themes and characters. I also enjoy sword and sorcery novels. A forerunner and classic with black themed/major characters:

      If you like the paranormal fantasy:

      If you like sports, join a community team, stop supporting these racist motherfuckers, please!

      1. Thank you Herneith for the links. I appreciate the links. I’m actually a big sci-fi and comic book fan. I grew up watching Star Wars and reading books like The Black Panther,Spider Man,X Men,Superman and Batman. I’ve checked out that Black science fiction society before. They have some good stuff on that website. I haven’t seen it in awhile. Thanks or reminding me about it.

    3. It’s true many are drunk on the Kool-Aid case in point Oprah, Whoopi and Chris Rock they get their little millions and say fuck you to everyone else. There has been a shitload of disrespect from late night assholes like Leno, Kimmel, Letterman, Conan and the like but black people go on their shows anyway. not one black actor has called out Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorcese or Brian Depalma they all just lay back like a new young inmate in prison getting his nighttime introduction SMH INDEED!

      1. I feel you Lavern. A lot of these black entertainers and athletes have NO backbone. They don’t give a damn about the black collective. They only care about themselves. I have very little respect for these people.

  10. The NBA has banned him for life. And will most likely force him to sell the Clippers. Okay now what? Is this a real punishment? Will he really suffer for selling it for $500 million? I think it’s more of a message the NBA is trying to send more than anything. Anyone else have a take on this?

    1. As long as he’s a billionaire, it’s not anything major, to us at least. He will still get by with his millions and continue his racist, misogynistic attitude. He could still do whatever he wants, because there will be people, like Donald Trump, that will support him like a brother.

      1. That’s so true BW. I heard this morning that the Warriors along with the Clippers were ready to boycott Game 5 if they didn’t like what the NBA commissioner said in the press conference. The Warriors spoke with the Clipper players and said we have your back and we’ll boycott with you. I was happy to hear this. It’s good to know there are still black men out there with some BALLS and self respect. I have a new found respect for these dudes now. My faith is not yet lost in my people.

    1. I agree. I’ve read about what this guy did during his tenure, and it astounded me how he was able to remain an owner for so long. But those comments really sealed the deal.

      1. In the summer of 1977 my uncle Jim was murdrered by two young black men. He was a sweet little guy who went to church every Sunday . He had a brain fever as a baby and grew up mentally impaired. All he was able to do was dish washing to support himself. The cops said the two men had been extorting him for money on his pay days. Something happened and he didn’t pay them one day, so they brought him in back of the house and stabbed him around 100 times in his chest and torso. They left him to die in the garden. I could have started hating black people then, but that’s not the way I was raised. I reasoned that he could just as easily been murdered by two people of any race ,creed or color. The same with this dirtbag Sterling. Just because he is a racist bigot doesn’t mean all the other owners are also. Every human being should be taken on an individual basis. As Dr. King said ,a person should not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character

  11. No surprise that many are taking the ‘she screwed him over by taping him secretly and is nothing but a gold digging skank out to get millions’ route. As if this stupid old fuck isn’t a grown man perfectly capable of taking accountability for his own behavior. Let the excuse making and feeble old coot rhetoric commence!

  12. I do believe that Sterling’s Mexican/Black mistress has had her own myriad of issues surrounding her ethnicity and said racial make-up. Through plastic surgery and name change, it seems that she too has spent an ample amount of time being trying to mold and re-invent herself as the so called acceptable form of a said model minority, but through her continued association with black men, it is obvious she wasn’t so willing to fully jump the fence, and this posed a threat to Sterling’s racist ego. It still sickened me to know that he didn’t mind his so called trophy engaging in relations with other men if she so desired as long as it wasn’t seen publically, but yet, in her warped mind she perceived he was truly in love with her.

    Though the Sterling/Stiviano relationship isn’t indicative of all inter-racial coupling, this outcome greatly changed my perception of women of color who are involved with rich and powerful white men, as well as how much of self the person of color choses to surrender for a little bit of comfort and status, but again, I stress this not to be the case of all inter-racial relationships because I’m quite certain there are couples out there who are truly in love. Even though Stiviano called Sterling out on his conduct by mentioning the oppression of his own people, she then started questioning how she could pacify him and make it right…sad…

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