R.I.P. Karyn Washington

Karyn Washington

from Clutch Magazine:

We are sad to report that Karyn Washington, founder of “For Brown Girls” (FBG) and the #DarkSkinRedLip Project has passed away from an apparent suicide. Washington, from the Baltimore area, received kudos from so many black women after launching the #darkskinredlip project after rapper, A$AP Rocky, said red lips on dark girls don’t mix.

Thousands of women posted photos of themselves proudly rocking their red lips.

Washington’s mission behind FBG was to celebrate the beauty of dark skin while combating colorism and promoting self love! FBG was created to celebrate darker shades of brown- to encourage those struggling with accepting having a darker skin complexion to love and embrace the skin they are in.

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29 thoughts on “R.I.P. Karyn Washington

  1. Sad she killed herself. We need to discuss depression and mental illness in our communities and how it affects our people. May this girl find the peace that eluded her in her short life

  2. I didn’t know anything about her but have been reading about this all over different blogs. I think it’s tragic and sad. So young and beautiful with her whole life ahead of her. It’s too bad nobody could see the signs that she was troubled. The black community needs to address this issue of mental illness.But there is so much shame in our community about things like mental illness and other things that plague our people, so many suffer in silence. This is so sad. May she rest in peace.

    1. For too long, mental illness has been a taboo. We need to lift that code of silence. Many of us are suffering inside, and we need to be real about it.

      I know when I feel down, I let it be known from time to time.

      1. It is not good to hold things in. Personally, I feel that mental illness is something that is carried over from the slavery era. There were no “shrinks” for slaves to confide in to help them deal with their daily issues of being slaves. And, as a result, they had to just “deal with it.” I feel that mentality is still very prevalent in the Black community.

  3. I didn’t know she created for brown girls, I did hear about forbrowngirls and checked it out a couple of times. It is sad whenever anybody loses their life, she was young, intelligent and beautiful. I can only imagine what she was going through and what she was dealing with. may she find peace and be with her mother again. it always sucks when we lose people that contribute to uplifting others, and do it so well that they forget about themselves, they give so much until there is nothing left. There are many others like her, everybody needs somebody to lean on sometimes, I wish she had somebody, parents are the main ones we run to, when they are gone then who is left.


  4. ..This really just hurts my heart to see a fellow member of our POC community taken from this earth way, way too soon.. Indeed she was known for being kind, beautiful, and certainly a positive woman as well-and I pray that both she and her friends, family and loved ones finds the peace that this young lady so obviously needed (and deserves). R.I.P. Ms. Karyn!!! : (

  5. P.S. It is such a shame that during a tragic and sad time such this that the douche-nozzle b.k.a. “uncle tom sotomayer” felt the disgusting need to try and capitalize on this woman’s passing by critiquing her on his vlog-if there ever was a grosser, hateful and disturbing jerk on YT, I have yet to ever find them!!!!

    1. Sotomayer and pratoriass should get together, go to Castro and have a good time with each other! That sotomayer is a first class piece of shit kerchief head for speaking ill of someone who passed recently! Sotomayer sounds like he has a case of internalized racism at its’ most rabid level. I have never gone to sotomayer’s site and have no wish to based upon the dumbfuckery he espouses(what people have written of him). It would be akin to going to stormfront. Stormfront and sotomayer should do a tag team blog!

  6. ..Yeah, I couldn’t sit through the whole video because well, he is vomit-inducing, and I wasn’t in the mood to throw up-but he pretty much insinuated that she was wrong for calling her website “For Brown Girls” because she must not have wanted to call herself “Black”, and accused her of making herself look lighter in her pictures (which is not true, it was just a regular-azz photo flash), and that dark girls like her don’t really love themselves, etc. he doesn’t even know this girl’s life story, what a piece of pond scum!!!

  7. P.S. A commenter on his website claiming to be one of Karyn Washington’s parents also reprimanded him for using her death as platform for his show, and called him an azzhole, which of course he is!

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