Banned: xPraetorius (UPDATE)

xPraetorius uses a guitar like this one as an avatar.

xPrae, you are no longer welcomed on my blog. You have proven that you have a disrespectful attitude, a detached view of the world and an inflated ego to boot.

Let’s break down why xPrae has been kicked out of this den and why everyone else who’s an anti-racist should beware of him:

1. xPrae considers white racism as a non-issue or too insignificant for us people of color to care. In particular, he considers both me and Abagond to be part of – or rather ringleaders – of something he calls the Race Grievance Industry (RGI). Somehow our blogs are part of a huge insane plot against white people, whom he believes are generally not out to get us, but to help us, by merely discussing racism. Like a typical conservative, he considers us as race baiters, focusing on a problem he declares as insufficient to us. And we should simply shut the hell up and leave white people alone. As far as xPrae is concerned, we and all of our guests who cosign with our articles are the real racists.

2. xPrae’s focus on me and my blog as a proprietor of the RGI, as evidenced in his blog, is disturbing enough. He goes out of his way to write lengthy articles, including screenshots of my posts, just to write extensively how ‘stupid’ they are to him. To that end, they are objectively stupid. He would even post screenshots of exchanges to prove his hollow point.

3. xPrae suffers from a horrible case of white male paternalism. He will see you as a child, ignorant of the “real” world. And seeing as how his ego is bigger than his articles, he sees himself as a white savior swooping down from the sky to rescue you from your anti-racism.

xPrae considers your stories of racism as nonsense, especially if you tie it to the system of white racism. Again, he doesn’t believe that white racism is a big problem. And whatever happened to you is isolated. Nevermind the mounds of research to prove him wrong. They are not as credible as him and his ‘group’.

4. xPrae says that he is part of a “think tank” of writers. In my opinion, I’ve never heard of a think tank worry so much about bloggers, especially an average one such as myself. You would think such a group be more concerned about those with more power and influence, and seeing as how he is an avid racism denier, that would be someone like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. I consider his fascination with me as nothing short of annoying and, at most, creepy.

5. Conservatives, for the most part, love to argue about personal responsibility for others. Not so much for them. xPrae is one of those people. He made a choice to comment on my article about the Paula Deen scandal with his usual she’s-not-racist-and-you-sound-stupid responses. To this day, he claims that it was a member of his group, a black woman, not he, a white man. And to this day, I call him a liar.

Nevertheless, he refuses to take any responsibility for it. Yet, xPrae is the kind of guy that would slap you in the face and blame you for having cheeks. I should be held accountable for writing the articles, and it’s not his fault that he has the audacity to troll into the comment section and leave piles of insults he sees as criticisms.

6. xPrae loves to call your opinions on racism ‘crying’ and ‘stupid’ if they point to its existence. In fact, he called me “Brotha Cryin’ Wolf” in one of his posts. So, when he turns on his jerk mode and insults you and your comments, naturally you tell him off. Makes sense. But xPrae would consider that as hostile, abusive and – you guessed it – racist. So, he expects an apology from you, even though it’s like him hitting you, you hit back and he demands that you apologize to him while he avoids any liability.

7. And speaking of apologies, and this is the kicker folks, xPrae is demented enough to want you to give in, say you’re sorry and accept that his point of view is the correct point of view! I’m not kiddin’. Look at the exchange I had with him in this article, and you will see how far his white male paternalism goes! It’s almost as if he’s trying to brainwash me without any detergent.

If you’ve checked out his last blog post dealing with his battle with me, you will see he declared himself a winner. (LOL) But xPrae has shown how well educated in the real world he is – or isn’t. He can enjoy being a legend, or rather an influential think tank of writers, in his own mind, but he’s actually no different than a troll looking for attention. For some reason he wants my attention. But the buck stops here.

xPrae, your borrowed time here is over. Now, stay away from my den!

(He will likely respond on his blog with a long winded article.)

UPDATE: Just as I thought, xPrae isn’t taking his ban too well, as he still felt the need to lash out as seen here:


I’m not sure if you can read this, but if you click on it, it becomes larger and clearer. Obviously, he’s upset that I refuse to allow him any more attention. And he will make it known sooner or later in text.

Also, on xPrae’s blog, one of his recent articles is where he bids me adieu. To me, it seemed like he’s moved on too. But I doubt that. He will continue to show you that I’m still in his crosshairs. But I’m not worried about him. What can he do; spam me to death?

Just so xPrae is reading this, let me say that there IS proof to white racism. But you, like a typical troll, would reject it. A lot of info is found in this blog and in the blog links on the left alone. But he sees me as his servant, ready and willing to look for the material he is too lazy to do himself. I will not do for him what he is more than capable of doing himself, but made the choice not to. And like a spoiled brat, he will throw it away because it hates the taste of it. Besides, it was provided in the post about Paula Deen. And what did he do? Exactly. So he can shove that claim right back up his ass.


33 thoughts on “Banned: xPraetorius (UPDATE)

  1. That guy Praetorius really sounds like an idiot. Yeah, racism is no problem because he doesn’t experience it himself. The spider on my wall has more empathy than that bloke.
    Good riddance.

      1. This is harrassment. And there are laws against this sort of thing. Is there a way to bring a case against him? Or does freedom of speech shield him from any prosecution?

    1. Yeah, but he’s small potatoes. There’s nothing he can do that would so much as leave a mark. He’s a true racist wimp who acts high and mighty behind the screen.

  2. Trolls like XPraetorius and DaJokah on Abagond really piss me off. I am glad you banned XPraetorius because I read his blog and I was so sicken by how parochial his worldview was and he thought you and Abagond are racists because he can’t owe up to his own racism. People like him come on here to cause trouble and division in anti racist blogs because they don’t want to owe up to their own racism because breaking down this system would mean they would have to give up their privileges. And we both know that White Americans don’t want to give up the privileges and benefits it comes with being White.

    P.S. I wish that Abagond had as much guts as you have to get rid of XPraetorius from this blog. I wish Abagond could get rid of DaJokah, Riverside Rob and other racists who comment on his site. But he wants White approval so badly………this is one of the reasons why I don’t comment on Abagond as much as I used to.

    1. I think Abagond did get rid of xPrae, either that or xPrae left on his own. Jokah hasn’t pushed the right buttons yet. Even though he’s full of it, he’s sly. Riverside_Rob is a fly-by-night troll who comes and goes. He’s a straight up racist, but like Jokah, he hasn’t slipped up yet.

      1. A loon is a loon is a loon! Praetoriass, if you are reading this, fuck off.


        A dumb negress!

        Seriously, this man appears to be mentally ill in his obsessive behaviour. He was entertaining for a while but, he started going off the rails. Funny, he has never come to my blog because he knows he will be cussed out. You can’t ‘debate’ these nutjobs as they are not on this blog or any similar one to learn or impart knowledge. They want to get their racist points across at whatever cost. Hence, shit tickets like Da Jokah, will change the goal post when proven wrong, even though the source of the other persons links are impeccable. This turd Partoriass(or whatever the fuck his moniker is), does the same thing. Pratoriass would be better served partaking of shock treatment and high doses of anti-hallucinogen medications. If those treatments don’t work, a lobotamy will.

  3. I can’t seem to post any comment @abagond but da joke & prae tell seem to have VIP status. Thank you for rejecting his deposit.

  4. Glad he’s banned. He brought absolutely nothing and just refuted anything you brought up to him with no resources or experiences.

    He said “racist” and “white supremacist” are slurs!?
    I have heard that white supremacy and racism were “inventions” of socialists and communists, but that was from a white supremacist site! Praetorius needs to check himself, what he thinks he knows and how he handles his business on the internet. He’s a clown.

  5. To me the x-praetorois and da-jokah, and that riverside rob asshats are like dogs that just come and urinate and shit in your house and especially at Abagonds he has to keep cleaning up their nasty and stinky mess, instead of just locking the dogs out of the house and not letting them come in stay outside. But i am glad you kick the dogs out when they make a nasty mess. That dog x-praetorious got to stay outside.

  6. Just saw the “X’s” retort, and the obsession, jealousy, and ignorance is stronG within this dude! Quite frankly, he reminds of that girl at school who’s always talkin’ mad shi# about the nice girl in class, knowing damn well that she really envies that person and wishes that she was just like her! X-D

  7. P.S. Though this clown’s antics are quite funny (albeit in a creepy manner), ultimately I personally think that you did the right thing by banning him from your blog-how dare he think that your den was the place to start shi#!?! Good riddance to that delusional windbag, I say!

  8. A black man walks into a high school’s administrative office. Shortly after, a black woman who is a teacher there, walks in. The secretary says to her: “Who’s that darkie, your husband”? Folks, this happened to my sister today at the school she teaches at. She reported it to the principal who as a manager is obliged to act on this incident. She initially asked my sister what she ‘wanted to do about it’. My sister threw it back into her lap. I will say I was stunned by this. Usually they are not this blatant.

    According to praetoriass, racism is a thing of the past. Uh Huh.

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