Vern’s Venting: Escalating the Situation

A frame from the infamous video of cops assaulting a van filled with a mom and her children.

by Lavern Merriweather

Several weeks ago on the ABC tabloid show “Inside Edition”, I was watching a story about a mom who was driving with her kids when she got pulled over for speeding. During the traffic stop, things got out of hand to the point where not only did she argue with the cops, but so did her teen son. Then she tried to flee the sheriffs not once or twice, but three times. The last time she put her car into gear and took off, one of the deputies opened fire on her minivan. Keep in mind this woman has 5 kids all of whom were with her that could have easily been either hit or killed by a flying bullet.

It came as no shock to me whatsoever that the woman involved was black while the arresting officers were white. That’s not to say that cops don’t do horrible shit to white people. Just recently in my hometown of Chicago, a cop got suspended, and a lady is now suing because he shoved her so hard into a metal bench that her face got busted up, with a really ugly picture to go along with her assault proving what a punkass that cop truly is. However, more times than not, in cases of police brutality on the message boards, there will be the requisite folks who claim that she brought this all on herself by trying to run and that she is just some pathetic hoodrat crackhead who put her own children in harm’s way.

To those people I say, wait just a minute! I can’t fully attack this woman’s actions, because I wasn’t there. However, I am aware that when cops are dealing with black folks, they have a tendency to react as if they just caught the world’s most notorious serial killer, which is ironic considering that most of them turn out to be white males who will never have to expect even half that kind of treatment.

We have seen this pattern play out before. So, let’s not be so quick to make this mom the bad guy in this scenario. Sure she bolted, but maybe that’s because she was worried about becoming another statistic, shot in the back Sopranos style, shot while holding nothing more than a harmless cell phone and shot while sleeping on grandma’s couch shot while walking her dog or shot while enjoying a family barbecue at her house. Those incidents, and more, have all befallen black people with little or absolutely NO jail time or reprimand for the cops responsible. Those assholes don’t even get so much as a damn fine for talking the life of an innocent black person. It has gotten to the point where if I see a news story about a cop’s life being taken I say, congrats to the shooter.

Sound harsh right? Well guess what, I don’t give a fuck. Cops see black life, as well as black skin, as the enemy. Therefore, if the enemy is looked at as expendable, then so be it, a mentality that is obviously shared with many white people in the greater public. Even a lowlife prick that is not a cop and has no authority whatsoever can take a young black life and get away with it while having many in the dominant society calling it self-defense.

Whenever I ask those people, how the hell is it self-defense when you start a conflict in the first place and use violent force, because you are getting your ass handed to you, they say nothing. That’s because it’s a bullshit point, and they know it. But because they still believe it is 1842 and that the darkies had better be kept in their place by any means necessary, they will justify it. So, who cares if some bleep-bleep takes several shots at a car full of minors right, right? He was the one in real danger.

They justify a thug with a badge harassing and attacking a then-9 year-old boy because he wasn’t wearing a helmet while riding his bike. Apparently to this asswipe, just asking the boy where his mom was and taking the matter up with her was way too taxing for this sonofabitch. So he, instead, chose to tangle with a child as if he weren’t expecting to control the entire altercation. And for those who try and defend that punk, I tell them it is a cop’s responsibility, not the civilian’s, to maintain a level head and keep control of things without letting it go that far. Still, try as I might, the cop crusaders will always find some bullshit excuse to rationalize or justify bad cop behavior that, if it were anyone else, would get them arrested and rightfully so.

By now, I’m sure that everyone has seen the video of the two cop scumbags putting handcuffs on a 5 year-old, supposedly because her teacher was frustrated with the way she kept acting out. Somebody seriously needs to remind Miss Thang that if handling people under the age of ten is too damn difficult for her, then she should look for employment elsewhere pronto. That also goes for the female cop who felt the incessant desire to body slam a 80 year-old woman into the pavement causing a head injury, because she was in a parking lot threatening store shoppers, completely oblivious to the fact that this woman had a cane and Alzheimer’s. Well, that shit don’t matter if she’s black then. She’s a criminal who needs a can of whoop ass opened on her.

There are even some black folks who will speak out for cops, like when a teen girl was getting arrested for of all things jaywalking. The girl’s cousin, who was there, also attempted to physically interfere with what the cop was doing. So, he punched her in the face. Now, I admit Negroes who don’t look where they are going and just walk out into the street devil may care irk the hell out of me. But to not only try and arrest somebody for something so petty, but allow the moment to get so ridiculously out of hand is nobody’s fault but the cop himself. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is with a lot of cops, including black cops, who actually believe that their blue covers their black.

Guess again, stupid ass. It won’t protect you anymore than it protects the rest of us, which is not at all. Cops don’t serve and protect black people; they protect the interest of many whites and many white politicians. The mantra is, “I don’t care how you do it but keep those Negroes firmly at the gate.” Same as the barbarians, because to them that’s all we are. It should stand to reason that if a child is treated like a criminal for nothing, then an adult will certainly get zero respect.

I can’t rightly speculate whether or not what this woman did was the right thing. I do feel, however, that what the cop did wasn’t the right thing at all. He did it solely because he understands that in a country where certain people have no value, he can fire on them at will and not face any consequences. That is why it saddens me so much that the people who reciprocate against the cops do.


11 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Escalating the Situation

  1. Great post Brotha Wolf! I’ve heard about a number of the stories you mentioned.

    Police brutality against Blacks is a huge issue (and not just in America, although it might be worse there).

    Sadly, this is nothing new. They’ve been harassing us for decades.

    Look at how many times circa Civil Rights Movement, where Blacks were bitten by police dogs, pepper sprayed, hosed down and arrested for peaceful protesting.

    Look at how they treated that little 14-year old Black boy, George Stinney, executing him based on a cockamamie story about him raping some white girls, because he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Any excuse to brutalize Blacks, and eliminate us one way or another.

    If we consider these facts, as well as the fact that the police force was born out of slavery’s Slave Patrol brigade, where Blacks were “kept in their place” to assist slave masters’ dominance over slaves, the modern day ramifications are really not that surprising.

    The question should be: How as a community can we stop it?

    I’ll tell you this much, expecting non-blacks, especially whites, to give a damn won’t help.

    How many times have we cried out to them protesting our cruel treatment and begging for humane treatment to no avail?

    It’s hopeless expecting them to ever do the right thing by us, because they both envy and despise us, and seek our destruction.

    We have to start taking matters into our own hands more often in a meaningful way (although I love social media social commentary, complaining on Twitter or Facebook ain’t gonna solve a damn thing) instead of waiting for someone else to save us.

  2. I am sooo glad that the woman and her children survived that potentially fatal police chase, because as we know not everyone gets that chance to live to tell about it! That being said, until the police department heads check their unruly staff members when it becomes apparent that they are engaging in horrific misdeeds, the state of affairs in the ole’ U.S. (and to a certain extent, worldwide) will only get worse before they get better!

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