Quick Thoughts: Privileged Satire

Salon reports that Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, put up a defense when asked about his racist humor a few years ago. So, what does he do? Used the ‘It’s funny’ excuse with an f-bomb on the side.

Reading this, and Lavern Merriweather’s article about satire made it more clear and evident that white liberals in the entertainment biz see society’s ills as punchlines to get a cheap laugh or two from privileged audiences. Some think that simply being nonwhite, non-straight, non-male and non-anything-else is a joke in itself. Usually, they’re the types that can barely think of any other way to make the audience laugh.

But privileged satire, as I call it, is entertainment for the privileged, those who think that being the other living and struggling in this lopsided world is funny, because it’s true. The purpose seems less about thinking and more about being stimulated. The gist of privileged satire is to get people to laugh at the struggles of others for anything that is not their fault. As a result, it doesn’t question their privileged mindset; it merely tickles it.

9 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Privileged Satire

  1. I just heard that Stephen Colbert is replacing Lettermen so the lily white all night train of privilege just keeps rollin along.

  2. It sure would be nice to see a talented, POC that’s also a woman have the opportunity to host a successful late-night talk show as well. John Stewart is majorly privileged to have gone from being the host of “You Wrote It, You Watch It”, the coolest t.v. show he’s ever hosted in the 90’s-and that was thanks in huge part to the comedy troupe “The State” which performed skits throughout the show! Methinks someone should thankful for their humble television career’s beginnings..no(?)

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