R.I.P. Bob Hoskins

From the New York Times: Bob Hoskins, the bullet-shaped British film star who brought a singular mix of charm, menace and Cockney accent to a variety of roles, including the bemused live-action hero of the largely animated “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” has died at 71. His publicist Clair Dobbs released a statement by his family […]

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R.I.P. DJ E-Z Rock

From Billboard: Rodney “Skip” Bryce, the hip hop artist who as DJ E-Z Rock enjoyed a breakout in the late ‘80s with “It Takes Two”, has died at 46. At time of writing, there was no verifiable information on the cause of his death. DJ E-Z Rock had the biggest hit of his career alongside […]

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Donald Sterling: Racism in a Suit

So, Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, has been revealed as an undeniable racist douchebag due to a taped conversation he had with his girlfriend V. Stiviano. The recording was obtained by – of all websites – TMZ, and the rest of the news world followed suit. Sterling evidently has a problem with black people […]

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Notable Links: 4-25/14

F.C.C., in a Shift, Backs Fast Lanes for Web Traffic Tom Wheeler, the F.C.C. chairman, defended the agency’s plans late Wednesday, saying speculation that the F.C.C. was “gutting the open Internet rule” is “flat out wrong.” Rather, he said, the new rules will provide for net neutrality along the lines of the appeals court’s decision. […]

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The Pickaninny Shirt

Mz. Nikita gave me the lowdown on a t-shirt made by a woman from Russia. The name of the t-shirt is the ‘Funny Pickaninny T-Shirt” as it appears on the spreadshirt.com website. The image on the t-shirt appears to be a caricature of a someone with apparent African features, with a sign at the bottom […]

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