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Have you ever been slammed with so much negativity at one period in time that it drives you into depression? I have, more times than I care to count. Although, my personal life is running smooth, negativity from outside creeps up to attack you. This form of negativity is something – I think – comes from being part of the ‘other’ in this nation. And the bad vibes coming in are due to the echo chamber of mainstream society.

As I’ve said before in one article, I am not the most cheerful blogger. So, I understand completely if you want to discontinue following me. That notice will always stand. As a side note, I hate using the word ‘following’. It makes me sound like a cult leader or something, but you know what I mean. Anyway, if you want to leave, it’s cool. But if you want to stay, please know that this won’t be the last time you see this wolf extraordinarily depressed.

I usually get into depression mode whenever so much bad press sweeps in. I shouldn’t feel this way, I know. I understand that it’s a trick to lure you into a false since of insecurity, not to mention that it internalizes society’s hatred of what you are. Yet, I still can’t prevent such a reaction to occur, nor can I figure out why I allow it to happen.

Those of you who follow me (Ugh!) on Twitter know some of my tweets have been, shall we say, dismal. Let’s just say that I do that to cope and vent my colossal frustrations. Also, if you choose not to follow me there as well, it’s still okay. But like here, if you want to continue, prepare yourself for some tweets that are melancholy, to say the least.

As always, I will be okay. This will pass, until something or several things happen. This wolf will carry on like he always do, even with a 2,000 ton load on his mind.