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Poster for the White Man March

I told myself I wasn’t going to bother dealing with this. I saw it as a non-issue. I saw it as a tired-ass joke. And besides, many people have already weighed in on the laughing stock known as the White Man March.

In case you haven’t heard, and no one would blame you, a white guy named Kyle Hunt who started this “movement” on behalf of the white male, presumably a burdened group in today’s world where diversity is threatening their existence. I’m not making this up, ya’ll! Hunt organized a march for all white men to (I guess) fight against the oppression and genocide on March 15.

From what I’ve heard, only tens of people participated. I dunno which is funnier: the fact there are actually white people who believed and marched along with this clown or that it only attracted a mere handful. Either way, people around the world have split their sides hearing about this nonexistent movement. The punchline is more than obvious as illustrated by Twitter’s humorous reactions under the hashtag #whitemanmarchprotestsigns.

White people feeling they are now under the boot of subservience is not news. A recent study reveals they believe they are experiencing racism more than blacks. It makes ya wonder what they consider as “racism”.

Some white people think that if you work as a waiter and a black customer doesn’t leave you a tip, that’s racist. Some whites think that not being accepted into that one college they desperately want to get in is racist. I’ll go even further. You have rich white men equate being criticized about their ever-expanding wealth is the same about getting lynched. Really!

Kyle Hunt, organizer behind the White Man March

As for Kyle Hunt, his 83 followers worldwide and their alternate reality view of the world, nice try. Some obvious racists think that the movement succeeded. Although, they never fully explained how exactly. Then again, white supremacists hate being wrong, even though 99% of the time, they are.

Ladies and gentlemen, I see white racists, race realists and all other white haters crying and whining about being collectively downtrodden as douchebags who are begging to be oppressed, not because they want to know how it feels to be the “other”, but because they are rebels without a legitimate cause or a clue. After all, they think Jews are a race, not those who practice a religion.

They hate anyone who’s not straight, white, male and Christian, and I use the last category loosely. They want people to feel sorry for them, because their lives suck. They believe the rest of the world is after the extinction of white genes. That’s why they’re obsessed with crime stats. They are their so-called “causes”. They give them an excuse to consider themselves and their people as victims.

This dude Kyle Hunt was probably a victim of something in the past. And like so many with the same reasoning, have transformed his victimization into a global calamity against the white race which ended up creating jokes and memes by those who are members of groups who are actually struggling from a little known problem we like to call ‘systematic white racism’.

Just a few tweets in response to the White Man March