Vern’s Venting: Big Bad Wolf

by Lavern Merriweather

Brotha’s moniker name notwithstanding, I titled this post that because of a very disturbing trend I am seeing in the media, painting black males as scary, dangerous brutes even when they aren’t doing shit wrong.

When it comes to black folks, white people love to blow shit right out of proportion, and they have a good time doing it. I previously wrote a post about the racist fueled outrage from a lot of white folks after Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman gave an angry pre-Superbowl rant. Now, another black male is coming under fire for nothing more than exercising his right to express himself.

Recently, during an interview with Entertainment reporter Sam Rubin, actor Samuel Jackson gave him grief for confusing him with fellow actor Laurence Fishburne. Rubin had referred to the Superbowl commercial that Fishburne did, believing that Jackson was the actual star. Jackson took him to task saying that all black male movie stars don’t look alike, which is true. However, according to tabloid crap show “Inside Edition” Jackson went ‘ballistic’.

Although I have a few daggers for Jackson, all he did was correct Sam Rubin, which he had every right to do. And for those rushing to defend Rubin he should have done his homework better if he didn’t want to get criticized, even going so far as to complain that he wasn’t sure what Mr. Jackson expected of him. How about getting his name right stupid ass!

It seems that we are in an era where it has become perfectly acceptable to judge black males as harbingers of danger. A while back Kanye’s baby momma Kim Kardashian had a nasty run-in with some punk who called her a ni**er lover. She phoned Kanye and told him about it. He then proceeded to go where she was to confront that idiot and wound up punching him in the face.

The media, of course, tried to spin the story making Kanye look like the villain, despite this little pissant being racist and insulting him. That tells me that regardless of age or economic status, black males are always seen as threatening, even when they are not the ones at fault.

I watched with bated breath the verdict in the so-called ‘Loud Music’ trial. I was disgusted and sadden to see that once again the morons and fools of the Florida judicial system let another lowlife thug get away with taking the life of a young black male, with the notion from many in the media that even though Michael Dunn was the one who precipitated an altercation with Jordan Davis and his friends, he somehow had a right to feel in fear for his life. This is the same load of horseshit rhetoric that freed asshole and murderer George Zimmerman. It obviously doesn’t matter to the self-defense folks that the shooters in both cases were the only ones carrying firearms. (They were also the only ones starting trouble in the first fucking place!) When you are the one holding the gun, then you pose a much greater menace than the person you are supposedly so damn afraid of, especially if the other person is unarmed.

And how in the hell was this asshole defending himself when Dunn verbally challenge the young men in the car. If that jag-off was so terrified, then why he did mouth off to those kids? Because he heard them calling him derogatory names. People who create conflicts, verbal or otherwise, are not at all in fear. It’s like a commenter on CNN said, if he was so worried about his safety, he should have rolled up his damn windows and shut the hell up. Instead, he was being a shit starter who apparently was very confident that because of the apathy this country has toward young black males, he would get the exact same end result that Zimmerman got.

There has been an outcry for the head of the Florida’s district attorney’s office to be fired. But the problem with that is this disgraceful outcome isn’t relegated to Florida alone. This type of travesty has existed for a very long time. Only now, we sit on our asses with our heads up it thinking that analyzing the problem and discussing it to death will change anything.

I find it cruelly ironic that some of the very same high-minded Negroes who whine excessively about rap music, themselves, are the main ones decrying this verdict. To me, they are no better than Dunn is, because they help set a precedent that says that if we don’t agree with those thug Negroes and their lifestyle, music or pretty much anything thing about them, then we have a right to react. And if that means violence, then so be it.

We already have wealthy black males being criticized for practicing the very right that white people in America pretend to hold so fucking dear, the right to say whatever the hell is on your mind and damn anybody who doesn’t like it. Well, it looks like that if some white people don’t like it. They can warp the mentality of this country back to 1932, a time when white males could put a black male in his place, by any means necessary.

The really messed up thing about this whole matter is being a black parent and having to explain to your child why he seems to have a target on his back. Young black males should not have to walk around looking over their shoulder, nor should they have to apologize because stuffy ass, old fart white males in the sports media get offended whenever they look at somebody cock-eyed. I for one am done trying to make sense of the behavior of those who already have a predisposed mindset of who is or isn’t a terrifying person up to no good.

They try and rationalize or justify their thuggery while bemoaning someone else’s, whether or not it even truly existed to begin with. That is the power of privilege. I can claim concern for my person being potentially assaulted, even as I provoke trouble, when I had no business doing so.

Now, that I think of it, that isn’t just privilege; it’s upholding a longstanding tradition of making it perfectly clear who holds all the power. Dunn had the nerve to piss and moan that having a black person on the jury would make it bias while he uses every ounce of racial bias to defend his crime. He has done everything he could to make himself more palpable to the Fake Noise Sarah Palin crowd, while bitching about how his rights have been infringed upon.

The only person who didn’t have any rights that night was Jordan Davis, and apparently, he still doesn’t. That’s because of people like Dunn. Spare me the poor-white-guy-doesn’t-have-any-say-anymore crap. You obviously do when it comes to blatantly getting away with cold-blooded murder.


13 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Big Bad Wolf

  1. Psychologist Dr. Johnson once said that wheter a Black male is 3 and in a stroller, 17 and in high school, 35 on the job, or 50 in a wheelchair, ther are no distinctions. All Black males are looked upon with scorn and fear.

  2. Good post. Social conditioning and racism makes people think all Black men are threatening and dangerous even when the Black male wasn’t doing anything wrong. The stereotypes and fears led to Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis’ deaths and their murderers to walk free.

    This country sure has a lot to atone for

  3. Yeah, let those racist a***holes tell it, every black man is a monster and all black women are angry, So they have to have their guns blazing and stand their ground. Because we black people are so scary. They just want an excuse to kill a black person. That’s why all those racist tea party a**hole want to lobby for having guns, all those doomsday prepper fools want a race riot,.

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