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Kim Kardashian with fiance, rapper Kanye West

by Lavern Merriweather

Not long ago, reality star and fame whore Kim Kardashian was entering a building, for some reason, while she was being followed by the paparazzi. Some young punk there shouted obscenities at the photographers. When Kim told him to not be so mean and cool it, he then snapped at her saying, and I quote, “Shut the fuck up, n*gger lover!”

This led to Kim calling her baby’s daddy Kanye who arrived; then punched that asshole in the face. The media of course made Kanye the evil one, not the little snot who said something racist and offensive.

Then, while at a party in Vienna where she was paid $500,000 to be the host’s personal guest and greet fans, some loser approached her wearing blackface. He claimed to be a Kanye impersonator, threw up stupid hood signs and made racially offensive comments. It seems that for Kim, sharing your live and love with a black man will send the haters out in full force.

Not to plug myself (yeah, right), but this goes right back to my post about the Cheerios interracial family commercial and all the controversy that it created. Obviously, it’s okay if Kim bangs a couple of African-American up and coming rappers, even a major league rap star like Mr. West. However, taking it to the ultimate step of babies and marriage is more than some of these jag-offs can bear. So, now they have to teach Ms. Kardashian a lesson like in the old days. Only instead of crosses on the lawn, she is peppered with hateful language.

The little biracial girl from the infamous Cheerios commercial that generated racist responses.

I notice how none of these raggedy little creeps have the balls to say anything when Kanye is around. No, they wait until Kim is by herself and therefore a much more vulnerable target. Then again, that is the earmark of a coward and a bully; only in this case, their aggression is being fueled by racism, one of the many reasons pissants like these trolls chooses to justify their bully behavior.

For the record, I have no dislike of Kim. Sure, her family is annoying as all get out. Yes, she is famous for being famous with no real talent or anything of interest about her, save her love life which looks to be coming under fire from the roaches under the woodwork. Many of them probably have the mindset that a beautiful, young, non-black woman should not be hooking up with a black man, particularly when she doesn’t have to, and especially a Negro who is so damn mouthy that has completely forgotten his place.

It’s bad enough when regular white or non-black women who are pretty make themselves available sexually to Negro men, but a female celebrity should know better. Judging from the comments most white males made about Kim before she started shacking up with the darkie, she was seen by them as an object of desire. So, why did she have to go and sully herself with a you-know-what forever making her tainted, damaged goods.

They can’t boink Kim K. after she has been with his nasty African ass. She can’t rely on the whole purity mentality to magically make herself lusted for again because she’s not, or no longer considered, white. Once you go black, white men won’t take your ass back.

The purpose of this post is not to criticize Kim. In fact, I am actually defending her. It’s a rare thing indeed to see a non-black woman openly flaunting her relationship with a black man. Granted, he’s not some poor broke bum she found wandering the streets of LA. He is still rich, but so is she. He probably needs her money wise more than she would ever need him to be honest. So, we know her motivation isn’t wealth and since I haven’t seen Kanye naked, I can’t say if it’s that whole Mandingo stereotype motivating Kim either.

What I will say is good for you girl, and tell the haters to kiss your big ass, which they are likely wishing that they could get their grubby hands on. Yet, this goes beyond mere jealousy. This is about superiority, namely who has it, who doesn’t, who should have it and who shouldn’t.

I have seen many talk shows where family members or supposed friends will whine and bitch about loved ones dating outside their race, more specifically black men. It amazes me that they never just say to those nosy little bleeps to mind their own fucking business and stay out of their life.

Judging from the way Kim Kardashian is getting treated, I realize that it’s not always that simple. Certain people don’t want other people to be happier than them, have more than them or have what it is that they want. And in this case, it’s a very good-looking wealthy Armenian woman with a very questionable celebrity.

Not to say that black women haven’t given Kanye and other famous black males their fair share of grief about dating someone besides a sistah. But unlike the yahoos I mentioned, they aren’t rushing to shower either one of them with outright harassment. If they don’t like whom Kim is romancing, then tough shit. She, in all likelihood, wouldn’t want their sorry asses anyway, leading me to believe that is the whole point of their resentment. She won’t pick them, but she will choose a black man. OH HELL NO!

I have mentioned in posts before how our sexuality is not respected because it’s not recognized by the dominant society. Unless, it’s how they see fit. So, when you have two people who in their eyes should not be cavorting together for anything other than a one night stand, well, that just tears it.

I wish all the best to Kim and Kanye despite how others feel about him or her. And I hope their marriage can last past the 72 hour mark like her last one. However, if it doesn’t, then I hope it’s not because of stupid, hateful racist drones that need to worry more about what’s going on in their own backyard.

Marriage, love and relationships are hard enough without angry, bitter, insecure little pricks meddling in your affair because they don’t approve of who you love. That is their problem, and if they try to make it Kim and Kanye’s well I’m sure he wouldn’t mind having another stupid ass to punch in the face.