Vern’s Venting: No Eyes On the Prize

by Lavern Merriweather

There is an old saying that goes, “If you don’t stand for something, then you will fall for anything.” I have come to realize in my not-going-to-say-how-many-decades on this planet that many old sayings have such staying power, because there is so much truth in them. And that’s certainly true of that phrase, which is why I no longer visit a certain website.

There is a blog by one Jay Anderson called Average Bro that I will never read ever again for various reasons, but the main being the obnoxious statements he made about a football player by the name of Richie Icognito. He might as well be incognito now after the little stunt that he pulled.

Seems Richie got it in his big fat head that a fellow player on his team wasn’t pulling his weight. So, this asshole decides to send him a nasty, threatening and racist text because he was pissed at him.

Well, Mr. Anderson actually had the nerve to defend Icognito by claiming that this was no big deal and that people were getting all worked up for nothing. He also said the same thing recently about some other white folks, including disgraced TV personality Paula Deen. Has this moronic Negro been sniffing paint or something? Are you kidding me?

You bet your sweet ass that racist acts from white people in high places, whether big or small, need to be challenged at every turn. And I do mean every turn. The problem though is that black folks have gotten very lazy about the issue of racism. Many young and not so young Negroes have this delusion that racism, while not necessarily over, isn’t as bad as it once was. And I would agree to some extent, but not to the point that I feel some little worthless punk like Icognito should not have to face any consequences.

Richie Incognito

We already have enough white people in this country being dismissive about racism altogether, even when it’s blatantly evident. As I have stated before that if you go on the video website YouTube, you will find countless mini racist rants daily. Not one day goes by where some little shit on there doesn’t use the n-word and in the worst form imaginable.

The other day, I was watching the entertainment news show “Extra” hosted by Mario Lopez and they were talking about a new show starring Kirstie Alley. Also on the show is one-time star of “Seinfeld” Michael Richards. I was not only disgusted with the fact that this bigoted sack of crap has a new TV show but the way the interviewer was gushing over him and the other actors. Bitch please!

That asshole is a lowlife who stooped to the most disgraceful way to retaliate against some hecklers by screaming the n-word at the top of his lungs. He couldn’t handle the fact that his material was weak as hell. Yet, as usual in this day and age, many black males in his profession stayed tight lipped.

Instead of ripping that cuntbag to shreds like they should have the same goes for slimeball Mel Gibson. Gibson not only went completely out of nowhere during an argument with his baby’s momma about how she would get raped by a pack of niggers black men, but for several years has said hateful, horrific things about the Jews, even going so far as to agree with his late father that the Holocaust never really happened. Still, like Richards and several other white males, Gibson’s words, no matter how denigrating to black men, went unchallenged and disregarded by the very group he was insulting with his lousy and stupid remarks.

A lot of those Hollywhatever Negroes have either forgotten or don’t care that attitudes like Gibson’s got a tremendous amount of young African-American men lynched unfairly. Or as in the case of the late Emmitt Till, beaten to death. This is why I have such disdain for those cackling morons and fools like Rickey Smiley, Tom Joyner, Doug Banks, etc. They don’t want to acknowledge how messed up the mindset of even some worshipped white males are, because they have this ridiculous thought in their head that racism is on the way out.

I’m not denying that there hasn’t been a shitload of progress made, but any black person in America who thinks that we don’t still have a very long way to go is beyond dumb, not to mention beyond help. Then again, I really shouldn’t have to lecture grown ass people who can see and hear all the shitty things still occurring in this country. Then, turn right around and don’t say a word or jump right in and nod their heads along with everything that’s said about them or someone that looks like them.

There has been numerous times where a black person in the media will just sit there silently when some white prick makes a snide malicious comment about another black person. He or shy will say how it’s not that important to get worked up about. Oh really?

Well, I sincerely hope Mr. Anderson holds that same thought the next time he is pulled over by cops or has some lady clutch her purse when he gets a little too close. Don’t ever kid yourselves people. It’s all interconnected, and the more things change the more they stay the same.

You have a bunch of dumbass, clueless Negroes shaking their heads in amazement whenever another black person is offended by a white person’s prejudice comments and rightfully so. At that point, I feel that they don’t get it simply because they don’t want to. Out of sight means out of mind, and many Negroes seem to believe that if they aren’t a target personally or if supposedly a white person was merely speaking out of turn in a heated moment, then it’s perfectly okay, and that everybody is getting worked up for nothing.

Here’s the trouble I have with that logic. If you keep allowing someone to make you their own personal bunching bag, then they will just keep hitting you. And it will only get worse, because they will never see that they are wrong or cruel, nor will they one day have a crisis of conscience and decide to stop themselves. That’s the thing about bullies; they keep going until you clock them one in the throat.

However, since Negroes want to keep taking the abuse, while inflicting some of their own on each other, things will never get any better. So, contrary to what some black people think, it does feel just like old times.


15 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: No Eyes On the Prize

  1. Good post, I stopped listening to Tom Joyner on the radio for this particular reason. I can’t stand Tom Joyner and J. Anthony Brown, too much cooning. I can’t stand Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler on “The Talk”.

      1. Well, when massa is being “nice” to you, you’d better be a good boy/gal and buck dance. Or else, you’ll get 100 lashes for being “uppity”. Unfortunately, some things never change.

      2. Look at how nicely Barbara Walters treated Star Jones those house folks better watch the flying razor blades

  2. And Whoopi Goldberg defended Mel Gibson and I know you remember when she and Ted Danson did that blackface shit.

      1. Thank you. I would appreciate some feedback as well, because I want to know what’s right. Again, thank you.

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