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So, right wing conservatives are losing their minds over this little thing called welfare. In a nutshell, they think those on welfare are abusing the system. They see those on assistance as lazy, good-for-nothings who use food stamps to buy everything from the kind of food they (conservatives) deem as unnecessary to non-edible items. Somehow or another they believe food stamps can buy them ipods and cigarettes. What the hell?

The right is seriously going all out on a class war against the poor. Their battle cry is to stomp on the lower classes of society as if they are terrorists, and they use networks like Fox News to scream to the heavens to destroy the bottom caste of America, in God’s name no less.

It’s no surprise that the opposite happens. They consider the wealthy as the most needy. The rich and powerful, not to mention the greedy and corrupt, are held up as role models, shining examples for the poor to learn from, because you know, they all “worked hard” to get to the top. So, it makes sense that they should get as much help as they can afford to get.

It’s no wonder why there’s hardly a question as to why the crooked, greedy elite that ran this world’s economy into the ground get bailouts, but when helping the poor, who are victims of the economic crisis, it is considered undeserved handouts. To put it simply, the wealthy is seen as good while the poor is seen as bad. Furthermore, the wealthy is seen as victims while the poor is seen as villains.

As long as this bizarro vision of the world continues, the class war will likely intensify. What are your thoughts on the right’s war on the poor?