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Pat Buchanan

You gotta hand it to the conservatives. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more hateful or ignorant, they never cease to amaze you. It’s no wonder why their attempt to bring in black supporters fell short, as if they expect most of the black U.S. population to accept their racism.

Alternet’s Janet Allon made a list of ten such right wing fools who deserve awards for another round of their perpetual dickery and existential douchery. (I will only post five.) They are so pissed off at the changing times where those who are not straight, white or male are progressing socially, they would sell their souls to the devil if they could go back to pre 1950’s America.

1. Pat Buchanan: Repeal all civil rights laws, segregate gays.

Patty over here wants to roll back any social progress for black and LGBT people. He claims since the Civil Rights Movement is over, there’s no need to keep such laws. Furthermore, he thinks that civil rights laws slander America as being racist, sexist and homophobic, a ploy devised by the left (Who else?). But of course, America is anything but, right? Good grief.

 2. Bill O’Reilly: Women have gender-deficiencies and therefore should not be president, right?

It’s no secret that Billy has a serious problem with women. After all, he was slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit in 2004. Yet, he goes all out on attacking black male rappers for their misogyny. And now, he objects the idea of women, particularly one who goes by the name of Hillary Clinton, becoming world leaders, because he says that women are naturally inferior to men. Can you say ‘hypocrite’?

3. Ted Nugent: I know I took back the whole ‘subhuman mongrel’ thing, and promised not to call people names, but Obama is a Nazi trying to start a race war… just saying.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Conservatives hate Obama more than they love America. And Teddy is another hater for the right. Despite his children having more sense than he does telling their daddy not to insult people, he still can’t shut his trap long enough not to cast President Obama as the scourge of the Oval Office. Then again, Nugent has a huge, glaring problem with black people in general, and having one in office is par for the course.

4. Paula Deen sees her struggle as very like Michael Sam’s coming out.

Wait a sec. It wasn’t Michael Sam. It was “that black football player”. It seems that after that huge scandal that broke her cooking empire, she still hasn’t learned a thing. I guess not seeing as how she’s climbing her way back up the social ladder, stepping on a few black servants along the way. But please. Think about what she went through. She doesn’t want to be like “that black football player”.

5. Pat Robertson gets to use the word sodomy a whole bunch. Praise the Lord.

Here we have Patty No. 2 who wouldn’t think twice about equating bigotry with “God’s design”. That’s why he was pissed that Arizona’s bill SB 1062, a bill that would legalize the discrimination of LGBT people, was shut down. To him, killing the bill was, itself, discrimination against the right to practice religion freely, the religion of God’s wrath.

There are five more notable mentions, which are seen on the original article. But you get the general idea. The right has apparently lost its mind. They seem morally impoverished, lost outside reality and desperate to rewind time where straight, rich white men had all the power and unlimited freedom. These guys are mad as hell, and they’re not gonna take it anymore.