Quick Thoughts: White History Month

“Why isn’t there a White History Month?”

That’s the question that white folks ask whenever February rolls around. They believe that a month observed for Black history is unfair and racist. After all, many argue that this country has come a long way. Some believe that it’s truly post-racial. And of course, not mentioning race is seen as fighting racism. Yawn!

White privilege makes it extremely hard to see that White history is taught, celebrated and even manipulated to create idols and heroes that are overwhelmingly white. White history is part of our education curriculum, a course requirement in order to (at least) graduate high school and even college. White history has been used as plots in Hollywood stories, some of them are even fixed to make larger-than-life White protagonists and devious villains…of color. And White history in the hands of White-minded people can turn history’s greatest assholes into America’s greatest heroes.

White history, pushed and shoved into the hearts and minds of all people as the only history that matters, is racist. Considering that ethnic studies will likely form a deep resentment towards White people is White people’s fear of retribution of their past deeds. And preventing the stories of Nonwhites from being taught or told in general is White supremacy at work.

Crying that there should be a White History Month is the sibling of other Whiteminded arguments such as having a White Entertainment Television (WET) or the National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP). Neither of those are based on realistic truths that most broadcast media are owned by whites, white males to be exact or that white people are still gaining most of the social, economic and political privileges by a White supremacist design.

In short, Whiteness is all around. It’s still celebrated. It’s history, rewritten to censor certain events, is still being pushed. There’s no need to set aside a month to celebrate it. It’s celebrated all year around, even during Black History Month.


22 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: White History Month

  1. Everyday is White history month in America. We don’t need White history month. They already own the media outlets, judicial and prison systems and education institutions that puts out White supremacist propaganda to influence people to think White is right. History books are written in the point of view of Europeans. TV shows show mostly Whites. Books distributed at the library are centered around White characters written by White authors. The prison and judicial system works in favor of Whites and gives them more privileges.

    I can go forever about this but I don’t have the time. This society is based on White dominance and White supremacy.

  2. IDK about whm being celebrated but I’m definitely discriminated by it.
    Targeted to be eliminated by it.
    Horrified and terrorized by it.
    Called a coon, made to look the buffoon on TV, BET by it.
    Human rights, an education, gainful employment, a mortgage, I’m redlined and denied by it.
    Walking While Black, beat the fuck up by it.
    Falsely accused and Criminalized by it.
    Whether I sell or inhale I’m supplied by it.
    Lied on, tried by it.
    Several times a day I die by it.
    Live at 5.
    whm is genocide.

  3. bwhahw white history month, I remember when I was in 5th grade a white girl asked why there was no white history month and the white teacher ignored her it was funny.

    Even with black history month we learn pretty much about the same black figures. it is up to black parents to teach black youth about our history, then it is up to the youth to continue to learn about their history.

    now we need to come up with counter arguments whenever they complain about there not being a white history “month”.

    1. well why do we celebrate Columbus day, u do know he was a murderous, thieving, slave trader? (if they say well because he “discovered” America, say no he stole it and walk away)

    2. we wouldn’t need black history month if it was being taught year round along with the rest of American history. we’ll trade not having a history month for having our history be taught along with all the other history but nobody has taken that offer, admit it yall would rather learn about black history for one month than a whole year.

    3. what part of black history month makes u so uncomfortable, is it the name or learning about black people? Black history month was created to counter the history that was being taught to black people and because we were not being taught our history. Anytime the word black is in something it is supposed to be bad and wrong nobody says anything about it, but when the word black is connected to a rich history and great inventors it is something wrong with it?

      1. I heard about that, so it’s wrong to do a report on Malcolm and they said he was “violent’ and “bad” yet these same mofos would have no issue with the kids writing a report on Christopher Columbus or the founding fathers who really was “violent” and “bad”. But a black man that speaks of self defense and a self sustaining black community is bad, he killed no one, enslaved no one.

        They had people segregated, then when blacks said u know what let’s build our own things and make the best of it (black wall street) they destroyed it. Now with black history month they want us to only learn about the “acceptable” blacks. it’s ok for them to force segregation and inferior schools on us, but the moment we say ok fine we are going to take this and turn it around and have it compete on the same level as the white owned whatever, then we get attacked. They are fine with us having substandard black things, but the moment we turn that substandard thing into a higher quality it becomes a major problem.

        Parents should teach their kids black history not depend on the school to do it because they won’t. and these kids will just hear about these great black people in ignorant rap songs disrespecting their legacy.

      2. “Ok, class, I only want you to report on the ones we’ve killed or silenced their revolutionary activity.”

  4. I couldn’t stand hearing about these so-called “noble, upstanding founding fathers” of this nation and their arrogant motto of “Manifest Destiny” through an equally racist teacher I had in elementary school-it wasn’t until I became a lil older that I finally understood why I never really liked her, or that Bullshizz she spouted during class!

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