Vern’s Venting: Do as I Say, Not as I Do

Image from Sports Illustrated’s 50th Anniversary Swimsuit Cover

The 50th anniversary issue of Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit edition has arrived, and I for one couldn’t be more thrilled. Just kidding. I am actually pretty pissed off about the whole thing, and I’ll tell you why.

Honestly, there has never been a swimsuit issue that hasn’t made me seethe, and that’s because of the outright hypocrisy and racism behind it. There are three models on the heralded cover this year. Don’t ask me their names because I completely forgot them. I do know one of them is the chick married to soulful crooner and cutie John Legend. I call it racist because many of the white male media members drooling over these three barely clad women are the very same folks up in arms about Janet Jackson and her ten second peekaboo boob almost ten years ago at the Superbowl.

For the longest time, I have been giving grief to both black and white people, especially on the blogs for the blatant, rampant racist ideology that fuels the morality debate in America. Those exact same people who stand on the highest soapbox when it comes to any expression of sexuality from Negroes, sing a very different tune when it comes to white women. Even Macon Davis of the now defunct “Stuff White People Do” website wrote a post about how white women are the only ones thought of as ‘hot’ in this country. And I couldn’t agree more.

What bugs the hell out of me, though, is that white people are very damn bold about their double standard with black people not only never criticizing them, but jumping on a bandwagon that they know is utter bullshit. There was a man in the Hughes brothers’ cult classic “American Pimp” by the name of Andre Taylor who put it best when he said that people will say that all of something is wrong, except over here. He further commented that if it’s wrong, then it’s wrong no matter who is doing it. White folks certainly aren’t the least bit shy when it comes to showcasing themselves in a seductive fashion, or rather sleazy one.

Recently, the just-turned-18 Kendall Jenner was doing a runway catwalk wearing a shear top with nothing underneath it. Excuse me! Where is all the outrage and bitching from the white male moral brigade? Once again, when it’s someone they want to jerk off to, they are nowhere to be found. As usual if they approve of the sleaze and perversion, then everything is cool as a cucumber.

Kendall Jenner

This ain’t new people. Just the other night, I was watching the exceptional documentary by Ken Burns about legendary black boxer Jack Johnson called “Unforgivable Blackness”. There was a historian on the show who remarked that all the traits exhibited by white fighters at the time that were seen as positive in them were viewed as negative if Mr. Johnson did anything similar. While they were being tough, strong and knowledgeable of their sport Johnson was just a born brute with no intelligence, just animalistic strength. Times damn sure haven’t change in that regard at all as far as 90 percent of white males in the media are concerned and for those who try and justify their fake-as-hell rhetoric by mentioning Janet’s age like perennial dumbass Chris Rock did.

Might I remind you that several white females who are famous and over 40 have bared their breasts with nary a peep from anyone, including him. Hell, he’d be so terrified of white folks’ repercussion that he would have to tell all his stupid insulting jokes by telephone.

I, for years, have been getting into heated debates with oh so righteous Negroes constantly whining about the treachery coming from today’s rap music. When I point out that you can see that exact type of entertainment in what white people produce and distribute, they get defensive. I say as before, if you don’t want anybody going there on your hypocrisy, then stop bringing up that tired-ass played out debate.

I understand fully that even if race were not a factor in the morality blather in America, most people would still be very inconsistent about it. However, once race enters the picture, you can’t ignore for one minute the impact that has on a conversation any conversation, especially when white men have such glaringly obvious half-assed feelings and sentiments on the subject where women are concerned.

This is why it pisses me off to all get out every time some arrogant, selfish, stupid white woman calling herself “fighting the good fight” makes comparisons between white woman being exploited sexually and offensive caricatures of black people. The two have no relevance whatsoever, but privilege seems to cloud what is supposed to be a mind of rational thought, apparently not when white males need objects for their latest spank bank. Then, all of that supposed ‘Peter Pureheart’ crap flies right out the nearest fucking window.

See, many white males, particularly those in the media, believe that as long as they agree with something or are excited by it, then it’s perfectly acceptable. But if it’s something they don’t approve of, then they will attack it with every fiber of their being despite enjoying that very thing days earlier. Privilege is obviously something that affords one the opportunity to never have to answer for why it is that they change their attitude when the race does. The problem is that most of the time, the main people who should be screaming to high heaven how full of shit they are either stay silent or go along like spineless lemmings heading for the cliff edge.

I would have no qualms about white women shoving their tits or ass in everyone’s face and making themselves targets of desire, if there was some attempt at an honest response from white men. But when you continuously preach your holier-than ramblings to black folks while you in engage in that very practice, your damn self be prepared to face my wrath.

Unlike other Negroes, I will neither go quietly into that night, nor will I defend a position that I know without a doubt comes from a place of hateful racism. You can parade all the white women in front of me that you like, but when you insult me as a woman as well as my insight as a human being, then I will go out of my way verbally to make myself your worst nightmare.


39 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Do as I Say, Not as I Do

  1. Lavern, I am sick of the hypocrisy too. I remembered back in 2002, when Maxim magazine trimmed Beyonce’s hips and behind on its cover, while having JLO’s body in full glory during that same time period. That’s was blatant racism. It’s OK to show the fullness of White and Latina women, while demonizing Black women’s bodies. I hate America’s hypocritical double standard when it comes to Black and non-Black women.

    1. The thing is that JLO most likely has African ancestry, but most White people do not know this. Black women’s bodies are demonized and copied at the same time. Like Paul Mooney once said, “Why is what is on Black people ugly, but when it’s on White people, it’s cute?”

    2. It stems from slavery it’s ok to bang one of the native girls but don’t ever admit to your buddies that you find a lowly negro woman desirable enough to have sex with some things never change.

      1. That’s not exactly true. Black women were always viewed as good enough for sex and nothing more. It wasn’t even considered a crime to rape Black women during and after slavery. And the n***** whore stereotype is alive and well even today.

  2. White America doesn’t want to acknowledge Black beauty so they hype up White or non Black women with Black features such as Kim Kardashian. Jennifer Lopez, Coco, Ice T’s wife etc. That way they can admire Black features yet not admit that Black is beautiful.

    Example but it is true: I read many people calling Beyoncé fat all the time for her hips and thighs online praising Kim Kardashian for her big ass, tits and hips

    Thus the double standards in Black and White women’s bodies.


    1. Actually, Kim Kardashian has been called fat as well & she has gained and lost weight several times. I’ve seen Beyoncé’s body praised when she lost weight for certain roles (Dreamgirls, Austin Powers). Only one time I saw her and she was heavier than normal, but she usually maintained her weight.

  3. Say it again Vern, hypocrisy is most certainly rampant and long-running in the ole’ “United States of Kray-Kray”! I saw that pix of Kendall Jenner the other day, and I was like “Well, I shouldn’t be surprised I guess, because that Kardashian exploitation-train ain’t never late”! lol As for J-Low, I cannot stand hearing or seeing anything about her (for the obvious reasons), as she has been so over-hyped for her Average Azz for ages now-and if that’s all it takes for her to receive that much coverage (pun intended) then I have some Black home-girls that the paparazzi needs to start chasing around town and snappin’ photos of, Pronto! P.S. Did anyone notice how J-low was on that “L’Oreal True Match” (make up) commercial, and she stated that her ethnicity was 100% Puerto Rican(?) Like, what in the world does that even mean(?) Though she may have African ancestry (way back), I highly suspect that she is just a Mestizo (Native American/Euro), thus why she didn’t really “break down” her true ethnicity on the t.v. ad, unlike Bey who always, always makes it an (annoying) point to talk about her “French” ancestry (and Indian, Black)-as though she is such a novelty (snort). To me, she looks just a ton of other sistahs around the way who happens to have a brown complexion-big whoop! lol

    1. As a fellow Creole of color, I thought that the L’Oreal True Match commercials & ads that featured Beyonce & the others were cute, but slightly misleading. It makes the viewer assume that a person’s complexion is due to their racial background and/or mixture. Although there is some truth in that, not everyone of a particular background will be the same color. But that’s another story.

    2. I can’t blame Beyoncé she is just playing the game and even when you are seen as pretty in their eyes they will still find a reason to hate you.

    3. As white(Devil)women rise in power “the Image of Black Women” gose down in flames and becomes more Trashed by the white female devil’s!!!
      Just look at all the white (pale skinned devil) women in high power in Holly(Anti-Black)Wood.

  4. P.P.S. My point about J-Low is that I believe that she may be wary of alienating her white and Latino (mestizo) audience, so she doesn’t right out and state what the ethnic make up of what her background exactly is..also I think that she does not want to lose what so-called “street cred’ she formerly had with Black folks during her early “dating Puffy (aka Diddy) days”.

    1. funny how she is so ‘proud’ to be Latino but always has white men playing her fathers in movies. There are at least 3 films were a white man is her father

  5. As much as we want to believe it or not, Latino or Hispanic is not a race. Sure these people are mostly Eurocentric due to the strong grasp of Western Imperialism over the planet. I don’t think that could change any time soon. The Spanish and Portuguese made a deal with these people. How many very Mestizo or Amerindian Hispanics walking around claiming to be Spanish? And how many black people walk around claiming to be English? You get my point.

  6. Black sexuality scares them always has always will, black sexuality has always been something to either exploited, degraded, and stereotyped. There can never be a balance when it comes to us it’s always cover up the black woman and put her away or use her body and exploit her. They don’t want black women loving our bodies, that is why they constantly allow other women to express their sexuality and flaunt their bodies, but they don’t want black women to flaunt our bodies and be proud of it, they want us wishing we had a body and features like the women on these mags. Just like the white yoga article they want us to feel insecure compared to a “skinny white girl”. they want us to be pitied, oh poor black women they don’t have my body so it must suck to live as them how do we accommodate them. When that is not the case, we love ourselves and our bodies we just don’t get to publicly do it the way these other women can. The best way to “accommodate” us is to allow us to be ourselves not just “accommodate” us so we can be like u and do things the way u do it, we want our own identity.

    I’m not saying black women should disrespect our bodies and try to be like them, I just want to see a balance of black women being seen as the girls next door, the beautiful woman, the sexy and sensual woman, but instead we are seen as the homegirl never the girl next door, and we are seen as a jezebel video vixen that needs sex instead of a sexy, beautiful, intelligent woman that needs love.

    1. And let’s not forget, most White women do not fit the White standard of body image as well (i.e., skinny with big breasts). And the ones that do fit that ideal, they need to alter themselves with plastic surgery to obtain it.

    2. @ mstoogood,thats because blackwomen are the “True Power of the Earth”. in ancient times blackwomen we’re the real deal, they had every men from all over the world wanting them…i mean all men!! from Ancient Greece,Rome,Egypt,china and ancient Persia. so ask yourself whats really going on when it comes to black women? want true answers? study history on how they all worshiped us.

  7. I just have to say that I love your site. As a black woman, I cannot tell you how refreshing and inspirational it is to see a man take to the keyboard to show solidarity with black women. I’m just discovered your site and I have been perusing the articles and can’t seem to tear myself away.

  8. Regarding the above post, I feel that white men do in fact find black women incredibly beautiful and sexy and always have. And the kicker is white women fully know this. And how could they not? They see our beautiful skin in every shade, sexy curves, athleticism, confidence, strength and intelligence. But they (white ladies) comfort themselves with the knowledge that while white men are completely turned on by black women, society somehow deems them superior to black women simply because they are white. Though I do believe this idea that skinny blonde white women are at the top of the female food chain is changing rapidly. The whole Janet Jackson super bowl outrage was lead by white women not white men. And it was done under the guise that a quick peek of a black bosom will somehow ruin the children.

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