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Malcolm X

by Lavern Merriweather

Brotha once put a quote on this website from the late and very great Malcolm X. Malcolm said that if you watch and listen to enough news or media, you will come to sympathize with the oppressors and hate the oppressed. That is certainly true about many black folks. We will hate on our own in a hot minute when the powers that be tell us we should.

Brotha, in one column, gave a link for a website called Buzzfeed where a writer there did a post about R. Kelly. Ashley Ford mentioned a tragic incident of abuse in her own past. Then, used that as an opportunity to trash the embattled R&B singer. Most of the comments were negative towards Mr. Kelly. Yet, one woman, coincidentally also named Ashley, spoke out.

She complained and rightfully so that they would never attack white males who are accused or outright guilty of the same thing. She even named some famous white males who are alleged of being a pedophile. However, when she did that, a number of people on the comment section got very defensive, leading me to ask the question, what the fuck are you getting so damn upset about?

It couldn’t be because they are that concerned about the issue of a celebrity harming minors sexually. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be arguing with her and copping an attitude. It’s like people, including Negroes, have an aversion to speaking negatively in any way about white male celebrities which really gets on my fucking nerves.

When I also mentioned several white males, particularly Roman Polanski, another commenter made excuses for the hypocrisy by saying that he was convicted and vilified. She even capitalized the word ‘convicted’. I had to remind her that although Polanski was supposed to be incarcerated, he never spent one day behind jail for his crime. He was also given an Oscar, a standing ovation and had a bunch of his rich, white friends in Hollyweird create a petition to free his worthless ass after he was finally about to be extradited back to America.

Roman Polanski

On top of that, I have observed that any time on the message boards a white person is coming under fire, some asswipe has to throw a black person under the bus to protect them. You won’t ever see the reverse of that. In fact, black people will only bring up other black people when trashing a black public figure. I have never seen a white person get mentioned when the target is black, and if someone has the guts to do so, then they are immediately shot down as if they have committed some great forbidden sacrilege against humanity.

Even the president of the United States isn’t immune to this racist and arrogant practice. When former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was under indictment for trying to sell the senator seat vacated by our current President Barack Obama and taking kickbacks, the lily white local media did their damndest to toss every black face within a five-foot radius under the nearest bus for Blago’s sake.

After he chose a successor to the seat, an African-American politician named Roland Burris, the leeches came out of the woodwork in full force to put Mr. Burris on blast as if he did something wrong by accepting the now tainted slot. Little surprise that the same white folks saying how they felt sorry for the Blagojevich family didn’t hesitate to criticize Burris. He instantly became the bad guy despite the fact that it was Blagojevich who was the accused guilty party in the first place. Then again, it’s not impossible to notice a distinct disparity, especially in a racially segregated city like Chicago, in how the media treats black politicians as opposed to how they treat white politicians which is the typical ignore and stick their heads up their ass or damn any Negro foolish enough to be an acquaintance of theirs. Still the main group that many in the public and media love to attack is always going to be well-known black folks.

Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich

I once got into a heated debate with a fellow commenter who said that if Tom Brady were guilty of the same thing as Michael Vick, he would be getting the same level of animosity. He couldn’t answer for why it is then that twice accused rapist Ben Rothelisberger hasn’t gotten even half the criticism of Michael. Many will try and justify their double standards by saying that white people are treated exactly the same way when they know that’s a complete crock.

The fact that those people got so pissed off when supposedly it’s about the kids and saving them from monsters who would take advantage of them tells me right there how full of shit they are when it comes to celebrities, race and criminal behavior. But what really fries my eggs more than anything is when they start harping on someone that has nothing to do with the situation at all!

Since the OJ trial happened in 1994, a lot of stupid ass white people have used any and all excuses to bring his name up even when it has zero relevance to the topic. Worse than stupid white people are stupid ass black people who do it as well, not even recognizing how brainwashed they are by the dominant society. The media wants certain people so ingrained in our mind that we refuse to let it go, or have the balls to demonize one of them or somebody that they glorify.

After the “other” Ashley brought up white males, another black woman chastised her for saying that it wasn’t about any of them it was about R. Kelly. Yet, we never wonder why is it that we, along with white people, don’t ever write posts vilifying white males in the public eye, that we are so quick to mock or make malicious comments about each other while staying silent when it’s a white person.

Michael Jackson has been dead for almost five years, but I have yet to see the media or anyone else being snide and obnoxious towards white males still living. In fact, if you look at the track record of white males you will find a shitload more people to denigrate for extremely cringe worthy relationships with children, but it’s only Michael and R. Kelly that are ever talked shit about.

I get that racism is a serious, emotional, clusterfuck mine field that we have to navigate carefully just to maintain some semblance of sanity. However, when you happily and eagerly indulge, then engage in hateful practices that you know are meant to keep you down while championing the hierarchy of the country, then you have nobody to blame for that but your damn selves, like the high minded crowd of Negroes who will bitch and whine about how sleazy, violent and misogynist rap is but have no qualms about watching some of the foulest most disgusting garbage from white folks. Not at any time will they acknowledge that the holier-than-thou brigade led by white folks are the very same people bombarding non-white America with countless images of extremely sick brutality and immorality.

Any time I remind them about the depraved entertainment from the white majority, they protest that they don’t enjoy those things either. When I ask why is it that they aren’t attacking white folks 24/7 like they do with rappers I have yet to get a reply. Just total silence.

White supremacy notwithstanding, we have to be in charge of the part that we play in our own representation good, bad or indifferent and stop relying on what white folks say in how we choose to judge ourselves and one another. Holding ourselves to a higher standard is one thing, but we should never allow anybody to use double standards on us. If you care so much about an issue, then you should stand by it or get your fake silly ass out of the way. Because if your goal is to play games or play favorites, then you need to quit wasting everybody’s time.