Vern’s Venting: Keep Them Barefoot and Pregnant

Richard Sherman

by Lavern Merriweather

*NOTE* This article was written prior to Super Bowl 2014.

I wasn’t surprised when Brotha decided to give his two cents about the whole Richard Sherman issue. In fact, I would have been very disappointed in him had he not said something about it. Why? Because a situation such as this represents the very problem both he and I have with the ongoing and often times blatant arrogant and self-righteous hypocrisy of white supremacy. This is a classic example of not practicing what you preach.

Mr. Sherman is a football player for the Seattle Seahawks who are headed for this year’s Superbowl against the Denver Broncos. After a playoff game where they soundly beat the San Francisco 49ers, due in large part to a great play by Mr. Sherman, he then was interviewed by ESPN reporter Erin Andrews. Apparently, Richard Sherman was ticked off about what he thought was a disrespectful move by a player from the 49ers and gave a very angry post game rant to Erin. This created a firestorm of outrage where Mr. Sherman was repeatedly called a ‘thug’, among other things, by holier-than-thou fans.

A small collection of the stream of racist tweets concerning Sherman’s now-infamous post-game interview.

As always, the extremely racist high and mighty media could be counted on to blow a rather petty expression of momentary rage totally out of proportion as if Mr. Sherman, a black man, isn’t allowed to vent his frustrations any time and as much as he damn well pleases. Lest, the pious Jesus Juniors of the major media outlets think otherwise, because according to them, it is still 1838, and we are still beholden to them for the very air that we breathe.

Interesting how the very same white folks who seem to believe that Negroes are keeping racism alive and that they are the only ones concerned with progress, do every fucking thing humanly possible to dispel their own rhetoric. The title of my post refers to a comment I once made to a really, snotty, white male sports commentator.

In a story about Terrell Owens, another favorite black male whipping boy over worthless bullshit, I emailed him that obviously white males in the sports media believe that black males should be kept barefoot and pregnant. Then some knucklehead commented that it’s impossible for a man to be pregnant. I had to remind that moron that the term doesn’t mean literally. That phrase means that women have to be kept in line just like showy, confident, attractive, talented young black male athletes. Bottom line; they will go out of their way to whine like 3 year-olds over the most ridiculous nonsense to remind Negroes that we shouldn’t get too mouthy.

Contrast the way Richard Sherman is being treated with that of a member of congress named Michael Grimm, a white male who recently threatened a cable access news reporter with bodily harm. Grimm was being interviewed on his feelings about President Obama’s State of the Union speech. When the reporter questioned him about his impending allegations over misuse of state funds, Grimm became furious and approached one man in a taunting manner. The congressman said that he would toss the much smaller man over the f**king balcony of the building they were in if he ever did that to him again. Considering how high up they were that didn’t seem at all like an empty threat. It was one he could have easily carried out.

Michael Grimm

Mr. Grimm has since apologized for his outburst as he should have. That doesn’t stop me, however, from noticing the glaringly different way people have reacted to Richard Sherman’s and Michael Grimm’s behavior. Granted, there were some who took Mr. Grimm to task and rightfully so. Still, he has had to face far less scrutiny and criticism than Mr. Sherman. He certainly hasn’t had one person refer to him as a thug.

Even if what he did was a lot worse than what Richard Sherman did, he’s a clean-cut white male in a suit who works for the government and has a college education. That gives many people reason to quickly forgive that he got a little hot under the collar.

This leads me to wonder why is it that so many sanctimonious folks in America got all bent out of shape over what Richard Sherman said. Remember, he didn’t threaten to hurt anyone unlike Grimm, nor did he use foul language or step right in Erin Andrews face and make her feel uncomfortable. There wasn’t one F-bomb dropped, nor did he make an obscene gesture on live TV.

Former Indiana Hoosier coach Bobby Knight was notorious for being the world’s biggest fool. Several times, he got way too damn physical with his players, assistant coaches and whoever else happened to be in the path of his multiple rampages. Knight once injured a secretary when he tossed a plant at her and a few shards from the busted pot hit her in the neck, all because that a**hole was pissed that some man he had a beef with wasn’t there at the time. I didn’t hear one person ever call Knight a thug after that incident or when he choked a player named Neil Reed who subsequently quit the team.

Come to think of it, there are numerous acts of stupidity and violence from white male athletes, coaches, fans and even some folks in the media themselves. Yet, very rarely, if ever, are they chastised for stepping out of pocket, while black males are held to the very highest of standards over the most trivial of things. I’m not saying that Mr. Sherman is some type of angel. I don’t know him personally, nor do I even care about his team the Seahawks. What I do care about, however, is seeing outright racist pathology being displayed in full force with no recourse, especially from other black folks.

No, I’m not talking about black people in the media because I have long since given up on them and their ability to have any kind of backbone. They are firmly in their white bosses’ hip pocket, and it’s clear that they thoroughly enjoy the view from where they sit. I, on the other hand, would rather be out there letting my voice be heard and moving out of my comfort zone than just standing in line like I’m supposed to. I want to step out of place in the face of racism, and hopefully, step on a few morally grandstanding toes while I’m at it.


12 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Keep Them Barefoot and Pregnant

  1. Grimm threatened bodily injury to a reporter and gets off the hook while Sherman was stating an opinion concerning a term directed at particulars of his own race. I want “Western Imperialism” or “White Supremacy” not just here but its grasp of the entire world can’t end soon enough. To live by their rules eats away at the mind and soul….

  2. wow I never heard of the grimm guy I just looked up the vid and smh. He threatened to throw the guy off the balcony and break him in half. Richard Sherman just said keep his name outta his mouth and he’s the best. He’s a thug for trash talking but this guy makes threats of bodily harm and he’s not a thug? What do u call a black man in sports that is confident? a thug and n@2r. what do u call a white man in a suit threatening somebody? a politician.

  3. To me, Grimm sounded like a mafia hitman engaging in a shakedown. Yes, the double standard exist. Grimm suffered no repercussions for his actions. I’m quite certain that he didn’t sign on to twitter and face a myriad of offensive tweets that somehow aligned his lack of couth and threatening behavior to his whiteness. He wasn’t called to the podium at news conferences and expected to apologize or explain his behavior, and nor was he called upon to resign from his position.

    In this twisted racially complex society in which we live, Grimm will get a pass for showing the world the depth of his emotional immaturity, and how unqualified he may well be for his position; (scary..when you think about how many Grimm’s we have making decisions for us) while Sherman is persecuted for expressing his passion for the game and calling out an opponent who displayed poor sportsmanship behavior toward him.

    I’m still not certain of Sherman’s offense, nor what warranted that type of backlash. I don’t see the story, because as I said before, it wasn’t there. Sherman’s enthusiasm after his win, his tone, and the response was no different than any other Super bowl winner who looks into the camera and shouts to the top of his lungs “I’m going to Disney World!”

  4. 2 snaps for this post, Vern! ..Not to mention that the pix of Sherman is quite easy on the eyes as well. ; )

    “I want “Western Imperialism” or “White Supremacy” not just here but its grasp of the entire world can’t end soon enough. To live by their rules eats away at the mind and soul”… @ Teddy Bear THIS!!!

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