Comic: Silouette Man Wonders WTF Is Wrong With Americans

Originally posted at Daily Kos.

In a nutshell

20 thoughts on “Comic: Silouette Man Wonders WTF Is Wrong With Americans

  1. Brothawolf:

    I have blogger friends and pen pals from other countries and if i may be blunt, AmeriKlans are considered to be the scourge of all countries. I heard it all from the rudeness, the sense of entitlement, the laziness, the morbid gluttony and of course the crippling xenophobia.

    When, not if but WHEN, AmeriKlan falls, not one country will shed a tear.

    1. It’s so nice to hear from you again, DOAN!

      This graphic is excellent! Deep down, everyone knows that this is right, but choose not to believe it.

  2. You have to take into account that it works in these “Nordic” countries because of their population. If America gets rid of the prison complex and reduces military expenditures, it might be feasible to do what these people are doing. You have to keep in mind that just slightly south of them in Britainy, they probably have a same system similar to the U S of A…

  3. When I would travel abroad and meet people from different countries, they would ask me why is it that American students decided to go to college even though they end up with large amounts of debt. I really wasn’t able to answer the question because it is counter intuitive for us to take out huge amounts of loans and not have a guaranteed job after graduation.

    While living in France, a master’s degree was somewhere in the ballpark of 400 or 500 Euros for a year! They even had loans provided from the banks that were 0% interest, but you’d have to pay it back right away I think usually within a year. In the UK, they used to have universal free higher education (which was discontinued in 1998), after that students were required to pay 1,000 pounds towards their education which could be gained back as a graduate tax credit. Since then the tuition rates in the UK have risen, if you recall a couple of years ago students were protesting the tuition hikes.

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