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Richard Sherman: ‘Thug’ Is the Accepted Way of Saying the N-Word

Sherman isn’t going to let a little bit of adversity get in his way now that’s heading to the Super Bowl. “I come from a place of adversity,” the Compton native told reporters on Wednesday. In the video that’s above, he also astutely pointed out the racial coding in a lot of the commentary surrounding his post-game interview after last weekend’s NFC Championship game by saying that lots of white folks are using the word “thug” as a substitute for the n-word these days.

Iranian-American Actress Gets Fed Up With Hollywood’s Racism

Kathreen Khavari is a public-health-professional-turned actress who was fed up with Hollywood’s racism, so she decided to do something about it. In this six-minute short — in which Khavari plays 11 different characters — a woman goes through a serious identity crisis wondering if she’s a terrorist after watching an episode of “Homeland.”

Infamous Toddler Video Sparks Dialogue in Northeast Omaha

From the 50,000 foot view it’s easy to lose important details—but not on the ground in Northeast Omaha where this family lived. How a 19-year-old came be the head of a household of minors is one that some residents are currently wondering about. Still others are awakening to the fact that the police union’s public relations effort resulted in the public shaming of an African-American child and his family, as well as racist conversation and broadsides. None of the aforementioned, residents say, was worth it.

Dumb Racists Outraged That Richard Sherman Has Something To Say

One of my all-time favorite post-game shit talks will forever be from former UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar after he won his first fight. In the final minutes of the fight, he mounts his opponent and pretends he’s riding a bull, complete with ‘air-lasso.’ After the bell, ge takes the mic, says something about going home to have sex with his wife, points down at the giant Bud Light logo on the Octagon mat and says “I’m going home to drink Coors Light because Bud Light don’t pay me.”

UFC was not happy. MMA fans said he “disrespected the sport.” And perhaps he did. But damn was it ENTERTAINING. In the world of professional sports, where people with million dollar salaries take themselves way too seriously doing the job of playing a game, it’s a breathe of fresh air watching an athlete in any sport have true, unabashed fun. This can take the form as a display of raw passion, a snarky comment, or straight-up shit talk.