Notable Links: 1-24/14

Richard Sherman: ‘Thug’ Is the Accepted Way of Saying the N-Word

Sherman isn’t going to let a little bit of adversity get in his way now that’s heading to the Super Bowl. “I come from a place of adversity,” the Compton native told reporters on Wednesday. In the video that’s above, he also astutely pointed out the racial coding in a lot of the commentary surrounding his post-game interview after last weekend’s NFC Championship game by saying that lots of white folks are using the word “thug” as a substitute for the n-word these days.

Iranian-American Actress Gets Fed Up With Hollywood’s Racism

Kathreen Khavari is a public-health-professional-turned actress who was fed up with Hollywood’s racism, so she decided to do something about it. In this six-minute short — in which Khavari plays 11 different characters — a woman goes through a serious identity crisis wondering if she’s a terrorist after watching an episode of “Homeland.”

Infamous Toddler Video Sparks Dialogue in Northeast Omaha

From the 50,000 foot view it’s easy to lose important details—but not on the ground in Northeast Omaha where this family lived. How a 19-year-old came be the head of a household of minors is one that some residents are currently wondering about. Still others are awakening to the fact that the police union’s public relations effort resulted in the public shaming of an African-American child and his family, as well as racist conversation and broadsides. None of the aforementioned, residents say, was worth it.

Dumb Racists Outraged That Richard Sherman Has Something To Say

One of my all-time favorite post-game shit talks will forever be from former UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar after he won his first fight. In the final minutes of the fight, he mounts his opponent and pretends he’s riding a bull, complete with ‘air-lasso.’ After the bell, ge takes the mic, says something about going home to have sex with his wife, points down at the giant Bud Light logo on the Octagon mat and says “I’m going home to drink Coors Light because Bud Light don’t pay me.”

UFC was not happy. MMA fans said he “disrespected the sport.” And perhaps he did. But damn was it ENTERTAINING. In the world of professional sports, where people with million dollar salaries take themselves way too seriously doing the job of playing a game, it’s a breathe of fresh air watching an athlete in any sport have true, unabashed fun. This can take the form as a display of raw passion, a snarky comment, or straight-up shit talk.


26 thoughts on “Notable Links: 1-24/14

  1. ..All great links, thanks Brothawolf! Kathreen is just the type of addition that I’d to do improve with at my local comedy club-and Sherman is a breath of fresh air in what has become a country (ole’ U.S.) that has practically made it a crime to be a Man anymore! I mean really, when he so passionately (and eloquently) spoke from his heart after the game and during the press conference aftermath of it.. all I could say was “Sherman, Sherman, Sherman!!!” (in my “Nutty Professor” voice). LOL

  2. I had to comment about my future husband *cough*Richard Sherman.

    I’m just soooo sick of these perfect racists telling folks who/who don’t class. Not to long ago, I read an article on a Stanford University sports blog where the title article asks did he embarrass the school (something like that). Some of those perfect people felt like he embarrassed their perfect school and they were just as unclassy with their words.

    I just love this man. Richard is so unpretentious, educated (book sense and commonsense.. Oh my!) and just a humble guy.. something that is needed in sports. I will agree with him about being called a thug. Its funny…as some people Chris Christie,Richie Incognito or Bobby Knight we’re bullies but they weren’t thugs yet he and Trayvon Martin didn’t do anything to anybody but are called that? Richard couldn’t be no more right with his assessment. It really is a veiled version of the N words. He also brought up another point about his actions. The way he talked with Erin Andrews, football players of the past did the same thing. I grew up on Mean Joe Greene, Franco Harris.. those guys. Many of those football players weren’t exactly talking quietly as with many other athletes from the 70s and 80s. I didn’t recall anybody complaining about it because people loved it back then. These days, nobody play for fun .As Deion said ,sport is a business. The fun isn’t other like it once was.

    BTW…I will be rooting for Seattle.

      1. Brothawolf:

        I just read the Salon article, and it is excellent! It brought up a lot of stuff that people choose to ignore.

  3. When that racist asshole Incognito was doing his fuckery nobody got mad at him, there should have been all kinds of outrage about him using the N-word. Now everybody is up in arms about Richard Sherman, there is a double standard at play here.

  4. I don’t follow football that often, but, when I initially heard about the Sherman controversy, I was hesitant to even look into it, but, I’m glad that I have because I can see that this is such a non story. All I witnessed was a confident man elated about his play and he called out his opponent; wow… big deal! I’ve witnessed this done so many times in sports, politics, and etc… The double standard in media and society never ceases to amaze me. I agree with one of the writers who wrote about the biasness and how Sherman’s mere enthusiasm earns him the label of a thug, but someone like Richie Incognito gets a pass.

  5. I don’t really watch sports but Mr Richard Sherman has my respect. He went in, I did see the vid of him calling out crabtree but I didn’t know what led up to that. Anyway it is sports who cares if people talk smack, so its ok for hockey players to get into fights and people root and hope it happens but a black man talking smack about somebody is a thug? wtf. They are mad that he stood up and said something, they do this anytime a black man says something or feels confident, oh he’s being cocky oh he needs to be knocked down a few pegs. F them, just because these men play sports and get paid don’t mean they are all paid off and won’t say what’s on their mind. These people just want these black men to work and play their sports and not say anything all the while they get richer, hmmm now what does that sound like.

    The link about Kathreen was hilarious that vid was too funny. she should be on a comedy show or something.

    Now the link about the cursing toddler was on point, they posted that mess to point fingers at black people and not to have a serious conversation. when he said this:

    “When the public truly understands what we see and do, it becomes much easier to debate the benefit topics,” Wells writes to union members, according to KETV. ”

    This is very telling, so he says they posted it to show the public what they see and do, hmmm so I guess they deal with toddlers a lot and not say idk, criminals that are killing, robbing, raping,etc. The only thing that should’ve happened was child protective services getting involved. Would they repost a vid of a white child smoking a joint? and say this is the cycle of stoners. The people in the child’s life as well as the environment are to blame, since the child has been taken out of that house hopefully he will learn right from wrong and will have good behavior encouraged and that cursing and bad behavior discouraged. Kids can turn around I hope he does great.

    1. Yep. Bad kids today doesn’t mean they’ll be killers tomorrow. Yet, I find it very telling how much the police wanted to “thugify” a toddler just for political purposes and probably to cover up their own crap.

  6. Thug is code word for uppity n@!r. They called trayvon a thug and their reasoning was because he didn’t answer the questions Zimmerman asked and ran away. now Sherman is called a thug because he was being “uppity” aka confident. everybody is allowed to be feeling themselves and saying they are the best but a black person does it and all hell breaks loose. How dare that negro have confidence and speak up or be feeling himself. They should be humble and not say anything the only acceptable thing for them to say is I thank god, I thank my coach, I thank my momma if they say anything where they praise themselves omg how dare he. He must be put in his place and we must wish ill on him to knock him down and into his place.

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