ASU’s Frat Woes

Arizona State University

Just cause you’re in a Greek organization, doesn’t mean you have to act wild and crazy. Thankfully, not all Greeks are like that. Some of us (I’m an Alpha, by the way) are quite sane, respectable and – dare I say it – cool. Too bad the same can’t be said with the fraternities over at Arizona State University (ASU).

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s ASU chapter had its chapter closed until 2017 due to a string of publicized incidents. One member, Aidan Mohr, almost literally drunk himself to death in a drinking competition. His alcohol level was five-times the legal limit. But even though the frat, evidently took the young man to the hospital, it wasn’t reported that any of them stuck around. Instead, they left a post-it note alerting the doctors of the situation.

At first, the frat members was reported to considering taking Mohr to one of their houses. Why? Because they were scared of getting in trouble. So, they ended up with the sticky-note idea. How’s that for brotherhood?

But I guess, brotherhood is still in effect for some fraternities, especially when it comes to gang mentality.

In late 2012, the fraternity of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) was in hot water over video footage of an attack by over a dozen members on this one dude from a different frat, Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE). So far, no one knows what the deal is due to a lack of updates. The only thing certain is that a person of color, Lyle Blumears, was the victim. No one at TKE has yet to make an apology.

There’s speculation that the attack was a result of the elimination of “fraternity row”, frat houses. So, fraternities set their sights on apartment complexes and large houses near by. Since their invasion, police reports surged.

I know TKE and DKE are predominately white fraternities. And if most of the fraternities that moved to form their own ‘houses” off campus are white and are causing this much chaos, maybe it’s time for ASU to rap about white violence.

The last story is one we’re all too familiar with. Around this time of year, we reflect on the memory of a great African American leader the American way, by throwing racist minstrel parties with black face and twerking contests. And that’s exactly how TKE, apparently the same chapter at ASU in trouble for that beatdown, did it. 

An image from a racist frat party hosted by Tau Kappa Epsilon

TKE threw a typical MLK minstrel party that only dumbass white kids could not only come up with, but proudly recorded in Instagram glory. Seriously, it’s like they’re crying and begging to get kicked out of college, not to mention getting not-so-politically correct responses from certain people on and offline.

It’s a sad time to be a member of DKE and TKE at ASU. White fraternities there have gotten out of control. It’s time the university and the city discuss the alcoholism, mob mentality and racism those young white frat boys have.


13 thoughts on “ASU’s Frat Woes

  1. Why do these fucking white Yanks begrudge others their heroes? What’s in the food? At least white Canadians are polite when being racist for the most part, except for this fool mimicking a Jamaican accent:

  2. ..OmgawsH! As a traveling Airforce brat (who’s sister asked her to move to stankin’ azz Arizona a few years back), I must say that not only is this type of Bullshizz a sad, stupid reality but also a way of life for the morons who live in certain areas that think its “cool” to be act in this outdated manner, but have also had the pleasure of personally gettin’ bitchez like them fired for the stupid, ignorant things that were said either (behind a piece of bulletproof glass at work, or a speeding truck, etc.) to me and/or a relative of mine-so even though certain areas of Phoenix and Scottsdale have really embraced the “melting pot” (and truly enjoy) the blending of cultures in the ole’ U.S.A. the small-minded bigots’ along with their kids still tend to unfortunately “pop uP” waaay too often for my personal taste! Thus, the much-deserved nickname of “Western Florida” certainly fits the bill in cases like this! ! !

    1. I honestly don’t know why people would use social media to snitch on themselves. I mean, is it really cool to get yourself caught? And what’s even more crazy is hearing them cry and moan about it like they didn’t expect any backlash. SMH.

  3. P.P.S. Dear Herneith, did I mention that my offer of Chris-py Crème donuts would be on the house this week (courtesy of me, to you for the hard times you as a Torontonian and fellow member of the international “Struggle” faces) for dealing with the Embarrassing (and literal) Elephant in the room that is “Mayor” Rob/Slob Ford!? Keep lookin’ uP!!! ; D

  4. Not shocked. Another year in this racist, sexist, homophobic society and country. Nothing much has changed since the 1960s, we only have our rights and technology. That is it.

  5. Thanks for adding more to this story, great work. I had heard about their stupid party, didn’t know about the other stuff. In my town it was pretty typical for the TKE’s to be drunk and disorderly. Maybe other frats too, but I know they were at least notorious about it.

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