Notable Links: 1-17/14


You cannot always tell if a person is cis just by looking at them. Cis people spend time and money trying to look more like their gender identity, sometimes going so far as to take medicine or undergo surgery. Meanwhile some trans people try to live as cis for family or religious reasons or out of transphobic shame.

Policing Black and Asian Femininity, a Guest Post

Submissiveness can only be attractive to some really pathetic folks. They have such a hard time dealing with women that they want us to look, smell, and act like marshmallows. From projecting Black women’s bodies as ‘trashy’, all because of the biological feat that is breasts, butt and body, to stating Asian women ‘perfectness’ because of… the same thing in reverse. Simpleminded, much? It’s just their Puritanism showing. Fear of sexuality. Like I said, there is no subtlety. Westerners will treat Asian peoples endlessly like pre-pubescent children, and our bodies better match up to that expectation too. On the flip side, Black peoples are universally treated by Westerners as grown-ups, again regardless of real ages and bodies, and minus the respect. Add females to these mixes and it only gets worse. Say tampon out loud. Blood moon. Menstruation. It doesn’t fit the marshmallow narrative, isn’t decent enough for public conversation.

Hip Hop Loses a Pioneer…We Remember Pete DJ Jones

Today January 15 2014, word has just come to me from writer and historian Mark Skillz that we lost Pete DJ Jones.. For many reading this his name is unknown. He’s not often associated with the pioneering days of Hip Hop because he was older and many saw him as part of the emerging disco/club era when turn tables started to replace live bands.

Any black man will do

If you happen to be a black man living in West Virginia these days, bad water isn’t all you have to worry about. Apparently there is an APB out on you. No black man in particular; any black man will do.

They want you for participating in some “suspicious activity”.

More Similarities than Differences in Study of Race and Fatherhood

The Centers for Disease Control have released new data comparing the involvement of black, white, and Latino fathers.  The study found more similarities than differences.  Men of all races were more likely to be living with their children than not.  Defying stereotypes, black fathers were, on average, more involved in their children’s daily care than white and Latino fathers.


11 thoughts on “Notable Links: 1-17/14

  1. Oh, and R.I.P. (Rock In Peace) DJ Pete Jones, PiL (Public Image, Limited) was and shall always be one the greatest memories of futuristic rock/new age lovers for 80’s kids like me throughout the passages of time!!! 😀

  2. P.P.S. Look at all those jealous-azz haters on that article about how Black men are just as involved (if not more) than fathers of other ethnicities, suck it uP whiners and lame excuse makers!! ; D

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