Vern’s Venting: The Phantom Boogeyman of Color, Pt. 1

Amanda Know

by Lavern Merriweather

There has been a lot of talk lately about whether accused murderer and American Amanda Knox should be extradited back to Italy. For those not in the know, Knox was studying abroad in the foreign land, when she was suspected of taking part in the brutal grisly death of her roommate Meredith Kircher, a young woman who was also studying there and lived with Amanda in what most assumed were pleasant circumstances.

Apparently, that was not the case when Italian police found her lifeless battered body. I’m not exactly sure just how many suspects there were in the case, but I do know that the main ones were Amanda and her boyfriend. There was a sensational trial that eventually reached American shores. And true to form, the American media painted Amanda as a helpless, innocent white damsel under duress from an evil foreign regime hellbent on charging her because she was an American.

It obviously never crossed their gel-filled pea brains that maybe the cops were after her because they truly believed she was guilty. Or at the very least knew something about the crime. One thing Amanda DID know is that when you are white and want to get out of a criminal allegation, use the trusty old response that a black man did it.

Seems that little Ms. American Princess played the wrong hand with that one, because the Italian cops unlike here in the states weren’t buying it. Despite the fact that she tried to finger her former boss, an African male living there and working as a bartender, the courts in Italy went full speed ahead, charged her then put her sorry ass on trial anyway.

Although this post sounds like an indictment on Amanda’s guilt, it’s really not. I can’t say with any certainty that she did it or not, even though her increasingly bizarre behavior in court and extremely arrogant attitude would certainly suggest so. No, this post is an indictment on all white people who attempt to pull that it-wasn’t-me-it-was-that-darkie bullshit.

The most notorious case would have to be that of Boston businessman Charles Stuart in 1987. Stuart was married – at the time – to his wife Carol who was expecting their first child. And in order to visit their doctor they had to go through the Mission Hill neighborhood, an area that was supposedly notorious for its’ high crime rate”. Yet somehow, he didn’t mind driving his vulnerable wife and unborn baby through there.

Charles and Carol Stuart

Stuart claimed that one night while coming home from the hospital, he and his wife were stopped by a black man pretending to be a police officer. Stuart told police that he and Carol were attacked by the man leaving her dead and him severely wounded. Even when that story appeared to have holes big enough to drive a Mack truck through, cops bought it hook, line and sinker.

They proceeded to terrorize the residents of that district. It what was supposed to be an effort to find a deceased white female’s killer. But we all know damn well it was more about cops being allowed to inflict as much brutality and oppressive tactics on black folks without having to answer for it. Or anybody caring how sadistic they were being.

That’s because once news of the story broke, the media did everything possible to be cheerleaders for the Boston police department despite their horrific behavior. As usual they did everything they could to, yet again, paint young black males as the dregs of humanity and justify the cops’ actions while practically calling for a lynch mob. Their irresponsibility coupled with an outcry and bloodlust from a supposedly fed up white public gave the Boston P.D. extra added incentive not to give a shit how utterly wrong and illegal their methods of finding the so-called truth were.

As it turns out, the real truth was that Stuart actually committed the crime himself and was the only guilty party the whole time. There was even an innocent black male from the Mission Hill neighborhood named Willie Bennett who was forced to spend time in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

This probably came as no surprise to the people in that part of town. There was also no shock was that Stuart wasn’t even hurt that seriously it was a superficial wound. And true to form, when the white police department, media and greater public found out they were wrong, there was a lot less emphasis on telling the actual story than there was a rush to convict any black male face in the crowd. All the black people in Boston got was a half-assed apology from the chief at that time and zero culpability from the media who happily fanned 10,000 flames to get the nation riled up, yet sauntered away from the entire thing, wiping their shoes and whistling past the graveyard.

There was video of an angry preacher and activist demanding that the media now refer to Charles Stuart as an ‘animal’ once his misdeeds were finally discovered. No such luck. And to top it all off, Stuart himself was never prosecuted, because he took the coward’s way out by taking his own sorry-ass life.

Then, there is the story of Diane Downs, a blond blue-eyed mother of three from California who supposedly was accosted, she says, by a Native American man that flagged her down by pretending that he had car trouble. Downs claims that she stopped to help the man. Yet, when she did, he approached the car and opened fire killing her oldest daughter and wounding her two children. Her son being the most damaged as the bullet left him permanently unable to walk.

Diane Downs

Downs pulled the typical helpless-white-woman-against-scary-dark-man-of-color routine with the cops. She of course cried a mountain of tears all while lying through her crooked blackhearted teeth that this stranger was the one who hurt her babies. And typical of their agenda, the media once again chose to believe the lie of a white person when they said that a man of color hurt them and their family.

The cops on the other hand – this time – weren’t so sure. They smelled a rat from minute one which was confirmed when Downs’ surviving daughter regained consciousness and fingered her own mother as the trigger person. However, that revelation still didn’t stop some from buying her obviously bullshit tale and showing sympathy for the so-called grieving mother. Spare me!

She was only upset because she got caught, and she tried to kill her kids because her new man didn’t want them around. She chose her own selfish desires over her offspring. But that didn’t prevent many white folks in the media from painting her as the real victim in all of this every time she batted her dark blue eyes at them. She just couldn’t be a bad guy in their feeble little minds, because she was a pretty young thin pathetic white woman. Those kind need protecting not punishment don’t you know.

Even when her arrogant and egotistical attitude was on full display in court, she was still seen by some as a sympathetic figure. One man even confessed love, and she escaped from prison to be with him.

This should have outraged many. Yet, very few were pissed, because the public had been duped. However, they didn’t feel that pissed off, because they believe it’s rare that a white person, particularly a white woman, would ever do something so heinous. That’s the same load of horseshit they peddled for another murderer of her own kids, Susan Smith a mother of two from Union, North Carolina.

It seems this post is going to be too long for one part. So, I’ll just make it two, which will be coming along shortly.



23 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: The Phantom Boogeyman of Color, Pt. 1

  1. I’mma have to try that.

    “There was a mob. All white men, who attacked me.”

    Where are you now?: The Southside, Anywhere/america.

    And your name?: Nat, sir. Nat Turners’ Re…. ***dial tone***

    Nah, but seriously, Brothawolf are there any cases and or situations where black folks have identified wp for a crime of murder/assault the way those pictured above did in reference to blacks?

    1. LOL…

      I know there are – at least – a couple of famous cases like Tawana Brawley and that woman, her name escapes me right now, from the Duke Lacrosse Case some years back.

      1. Rodney King’s beating was evident on tape. It couldn’t be hidden or manipulated. The savageness of the cops was obvious. Yet, the jury found in favor of the officers.

      2. I don’t ask to shame our people. I know that is not an excuse used by black folk, on the regular, to evade capture or prosecution.

  2. Wasn’t Susan Smith from South Carolina?

    This stuff has been going on since our ancestors were enslaved in this country. Fortunately police are digging a little deeper these days.

  3. What about that cunt Susan Smith, who drowned her two sons and blamed it on a ‘black man’ highjacking her car? She had the whole state out looking for this phantom kidnapper. What is scary is that the cops believed her.

      1. The Susan Smith story was overshadowed by the OJ trial. A lot of crimes have the same outcome but are only elevated to the front page if anyone black is involved. I wonder how many murders happened in America on the same day as Ron and Nicole. Sounds like a good book doesn’t it?

      2. Yes. The OJ trial got a lot of attention partly due to him being a former athlete and appearing in movies. Susan Smith’s story was still major, because the news ran with it until, as they used to say, the jig was up. OJ trial did get unabated attention from start to finish and beyond. Susan Smith sorta faded. The last story I heard was that she got pregnant in prison.

  4. @ everyone:

    Tariq Nasheed talks about how the so-called knockout game is being used by Whites as propaganda to create laws to put more Black people in jail and that Whites are using the myth to justify violence against Black people.

    It is a little more than an hour long, so if you have the time, take a peek. It is really interesting.

  5. Even though I was a young teen during that whole Smith and OJ debacle, even then it struck a deep nerve within me as POC (and a woman) that when it comes down to proverbial, dangerous (yet false) “boogeymen” not even the women in this country stood a complete chance to be exempt of false accusations either! SMH

  6. That Susan Smith incident just made me so sick inside, That poor man that was pick up because of Smith’s false accusation, it always made me angry that the black man could have been charged and sent to prison or worse yet executed for something he didn’t do. This lets me know there are many black men in prison for crimes they didn’t commit.

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