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Gov. Chris Christie

Who would’ve thought that several traffic jams would lead to a political scandal? I didn’t. But closing roads would sure enough cast light in what would be 2014’s first popular political issue.

What happened was two lanes on Fort Lee that lead to the George Washington Bridge from Manhattan closed down by Port Authority in New York and New Jersey. For days, massive traffic jams halted everything in that area. The question everyone’s been asking is why?

This could be a political beef. Democrats believed that it was payback for the election of Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich. The source behind the closings was Deputy Chief of Staff member, Bridget Anne Kelly, who worked for New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie. It was carried out by Port Authority’s Christie appointees David Wildstein and Bill Baroni.

Kelly got fired, and Wildstein and Baroni resigned when the whole mess revealed itself in thousands of documents, angry ones. And the scandal continues to dig a deeper grave for the governor’s Presidential possbility with each new discovery and theory.

Christie maintains his innocence, claiming that he was ignorant of the kind of people in his staff. Yet, some people beg to differ. They think Christie knew exactly what went down, and he’s just playing dumb. Either way, this could seriously screw up his political career.

Political scandals break politicians. But some people still have hopes for the embattled governor. Will he come out on top above this fiasco, or is this the beginning of the end?