R.I.P. James Avery

James Avery

He was best known for his role as Phil Banks in US television series The Fresh Prince of Bel Air with Will Smith.

His fellow cast member in the show Alfonso Ribeiro, who played his son Carlton, tweeted: “I’m deeply saddened to say that James Avery has passed away.

“He was a second father to me. I will miss him greatly.”

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17 thoughts on “R.I.P. James Avery

  1. I used to watch The Prince of Bel Air. I am sorry to read about James Averys death (sorry — my quotation marks don’t work on my keyboard, as you can see). I missed most of the national news tonight, so I did not learn of his death (and Juanita Moores) until I got on here just now. Both of them were great actors and I am sorry to learn of their deaths. I liked Fresh Prince and The Imitation of Life. It seems like at the end of one year and at the very beginning of the next year, a lot of famous people pass away. May they rest in peace.

  2. I am so sad to hear about James Avery’s death. I loved him watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air when I was growing up. He will truly be missed. RIP James Avery

  3. aw no. I loved the fresh prince my mom told me how when I was little I would get up and dance when it came on. uncle phil was a great character on the fresh prince. will would always pick on him and it was a funny episode when they had another baby. rip. all my fave actors from childhood are dying so sad

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