Notable Links: 1-31/14

The end of “revenge porn”: Legal challenges mean consequences for creeps In case the name doesn’t make the concept pretty clear, revenge porn is photos or videos distributed without the consent – or often even knowledge – of one or more of the participants. In the past several years, it has become a big business […]

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Vern’s Venting: Blue-Eyed Soul

by Lavern Merriweather Lately, white crooner Robin Thicke, son of Alan, has found himself in the midst of controversy over his smash hit “Blurred Lines”, the song he collaborated on with überproducer Pharrell Williams and rapper T.I. Despite the fact that some have accused Mr. Thicke and his collaborators of blatantly stealing a rift from […]

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Respectability Politics BS

Please note that there’s nothing I can add to the subject highlighted in this article that hasn’t been already stated. But, I feel I need to speak on the latest issue of “black men are thugs” diatribe against the black community. Respectability Politics (RP) is an argument made by some people, white and people of […]

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Notable Links: 1-24/14

Richard Sherman: ‘Thug’ Is the Accepted Way of Saying the N-Word Sherman isn’t going to let a little bit of adversity get in his way now that’s heading to the Super Bowl. “I come from a place of adversity,” the Compton native told reporters on Wednesday. In the video that’s above, he also astutely pointed […]

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ASU’s Frat Woes

Just cause you’re in a Greek organization, doesn’t mean you have to act wild and crazy. Thankfully, not all Greeks are like that. Some of us (I’m an Alpha, by the way) are quite sane, respectable and – dare I say it – cool. Too bad the same can’t be said with the fraternities over […]

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Assaulting MLK’s Legacy

I’m torn between saying that so many people don’t know shit about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and what he TRULY stood for and against and believing that they do know, but just don’t give two fucks. Either way, MLK’s memory, or rather a manipulated, dumb-down version, is being pimped and sold for chump change. […]

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Notable Links: 1-17/14

cisgender You cannot always tell if a person is cis just by looking at them. Cis people spend time and money trying to look more like their gender identity, sometimes going so far as to take medicine or undergo surgery. Meanwhile some trans people try to live as cis for family or religious reasons or […]

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