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2013: The year in sexism

Let’s not even go into the attacks on reproductive freedom or all the violence against women, or even the Aaron Sorkin characters who set your teeth on edge. Let’s just talk about the ways pop culture can chip away at the soul, the ways a jokey demonstration of a game or an imaginary Twitter fight or yet another celebrity explaining that she believes in equality but don’t call her a feminist or the sound of that song that just wouldn’t go away can make a person realize how far we still have to go. There were truly far too many contenders to choose from this year, but these were the sexist lowlights that raised our blood pressure most.

The Most Clueless Racists of 2013

It’s been a hard year for racists, because racists seem to be really, really confused about what racism actually is. (Direct racists in your life to 1, 2 and 3 on this list.)

Enter Twitter’s famous journalist Logan James, who, since October 2012, has worked to expose people who tweet the most disgusting, vile, misinformed racist statements but preface said statements with some variety of “I’m not racist, though.” James’ simple response? @YesYoureRacist.

Black Girls Who Won 2013

Saturday Night Live has done a terrible job of casting black women. After receiving some backlash, SNL hosted a secret audition for black female comedians. Luckily, though, black girls aren’t waiting around for SNL to recognize their talents. Women like The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams are paving their own way. For the last time, black women are funny.