High Level Twitter Stupidity

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Overprivileged, sheltered white people with money, power and Twitter can be a dangerous combination, especially if they have warped senses of humor, racist, sexist attitudes and a sick sense of freedom of speech. We all know white folks love to claim how they’re exercising their right to be verbal assholes. Yet, they speciously think that right is reserved for exclusively for them, and they have autonomy from any realistic reactions, including being cursed out.

This year has saw two such examples of what happens when you use social media to speak your junk pile of a mind while you’re in a high position at a large company. People saw it, responded to it and in no time, they suffered the consequence of termination.

The first example is a recent one. It involves a Tweet from the communications director of the large media company InterActive Corp Justine Sacco. Before boarding a plane to Cape Town, South Africa, she tweeted:

Justine Sacco and her infamous damming tweet

Twitter blew up over this offensive tweet. #HasJustineLandedYet was trending heavily. Sacco was in hot water. She not only deleted her tweet, she deleted her whole account. But it was too late. Her ass was fired.

Sacco issued an apology for her “needless and careless” tweet. Still, the damage was done. And don’t expect a lot of people to comfort her, at least those who can see past her white woman tears.

The second example may be a lot worse than Sacco. The next piece of shit is racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic and classist. And they may be his best qualities.

Pax Dickinson

Meet Pax Dickinson. (His last name is appropriate as you come to realize.) He was once a chief technology officer at Business Insider, and has been for a while. Yet, while gaining access to the internet and having a Twitter account has allowed this fool to gleefully exposed his Archie Bunker maturity in 140 characters or less.

One of his numerous infamous tweets.

Needless to say, Dickinson’s ass was fired as well, but when a fellow employee tweeted a response to his account, he made fired back with a threat.

A tweet sent to Dicksinson with a response sent back.

What have I learned from these two examples alone?

1. What you put out on the internet will remain even if you delete it.

2. Being in a high position doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a genius or a mature adult.

3. The many isms and phobias society has is not just personal, but can exist in from dimwitted executives which can trickle down to employees and average people.

21 thoughts on “High Level Twitter Stupidity

  1. Thank you for the information Brotha Wolf the Anglo/Saxons that have their heads on right will win out in future equality. Changing minds is difficult when their hearts do not change as well. Still here still following Brotha.

  2. Sacco had already tweeted some pretty heinous stuff previously, as lifted from her history prior to her deleting her twitter account. Any number of those tweets could (should?) have gotten her the axe.

    Nobody said anything, I guess, or she was getting back slapping encouragement to keep on with her “witty” tirades – who knows.

    Only a matter of time before she tweeted the wrong thing about the wrong people at the wrong time. So no boohoo and she can stuff her nopology. And really, why bother? The whole world already has a pretty good idea about what she thinks about certain peoples and certain subjects including expressing her pedo dream via tweet.

    Her company called her “a decent person at core” in their farewell message. It IS a PR firm after all, but that was a bit much. Decent people don’t spew vileness all over the internet IMO.

    But she’s a blonde blue eyed WW so therefore defaulted to decent no matter how high the pile of evidence to the contrary.

    And also she and her defenders have no idea how the internet works. Maybe gone learn now? I doubt it. Just like I doubt she’ll stay unemployed/income-less for long.

    Great post, Brotha James!

  3. Well I heard the silly cow was fired. And then she came up with a fake ass apology, like they always do when they get caught. I swear this year has been the year of stupid stuff coming out of white people’s mouth’s.

  4. I like that junk pile of a mind. That explains those jackhole trolls on that come to black blogs and spew their feces all over the comments section here on your blog and other black blogs.

  5. I often wonder if people are conscious. And by conscious I mean eyes open, inhaling and exhaling, thought process intact. Or is it that they are so encased in their world that they forget that there’s more to the world than just their’s. Or maybe you they just don’t care, and they move full speed ahead. Or maybe even they have Asperger’s and can’t help theirselves.

    I’m known for saying slick shit to people, but nothing that’s gonna cause me my livelihood. Look, we know how these people feel, we know how they talk, we know they don’t care for us so we should never be surprised what comes outta their mouths. It just shocks me that people are still truly shocked. It’s what they do.

    1. I don’t think it’s so much as shocked as they are taken aback at how they’ve allowed their mouths to act before they think on a social network where their messages will catch up to them. I dunno if they’re too obtuse not to know that what they put out there will get responses and, depending on the message, consequences. In their cases, they got what was coming to them.

      1. steve martin has tweeted some racist comments recently too.

        Throwing stones hiding hands.

        Don’t support these people or they businesses. They only listen when the money missing.

  6. Why-te men do not like owning up to their actions. They claim that Black Women in Afrika got AIDS from making love to monkeys. Other WN say that we created AIDS. I think we’re always on their mind. The wm does not want the BM to have the BW. The ww does not want the BM to have the BW. That explains why Rosewood was burned down. The wm wants our sisters working for him only.

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