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Mother claims Hough High teacher made racist joke about son’s skin color

Suzette Henderson said she was shocked to hear her ninth-grade son’s brown skin was the target of a joke by a teacher at the high school.

Henderson said the incident happened last month, but she just learned about it last Thursday during a meeting at the school with her son, an administrator and his physical education teacher, Meghan Beltz. Henderson said during the meeting her son claimed Beltz made a hurtful comment about his skin color during class.

“That’s when the PE teacher, Miss Beltz, spoke up and said, ‘Yeah, we were having a discussion in class about different types of cancer and being in the sun and I told Daron dark as he is if he stays in the sun a lot he’s going be nothing but a shadow,'” Henderson said.

The mother said her son told her that after the joke, he laughed along with the teacher and his classmates to hide the fact that he was upset. Henderson said the school administrator knew about the comment before their meeting last Thursday and told her that Beltz offered her son an apology.

A Story For R. Kelly Defenders

Right before midnight, the grown-ups got rowdy. Their eyes were wild, I was still invisible, but now they seemed to stop seeing each other. Someone turned on the TV so they wouldn’t miss the countdown. Someone else almost knocked it over. I went into our dark living room to sit by myself for a while. I leaned against the patio door, trying to leave handprints on the cold glass.

“What you doing in here by yourself?” He was so nice, his voice didn’t even startle me. I didn’t answer, but started making more handprints all over the glass. I looked back at him and raised my eyebrows.

#NotYourAsianSidekick Unites Thousands To Discuss Asian-American Feminism and Stereotypes

In Asian American spaces, particularly in the non-profit sector, I have been disappointed by the narrow ways in which we define Asian American and who we leave behind by way of those narrow definitions. #NotYourAsianSidekick is a new space, in which voices of those of us marginalized and silenced within Asian American circles get to tell our stories…

My dear friends and I have had growing critiques of how patriarchy in Asian American spaces hurts, while white feminism leaves much to be desired, so we created this space instead. We talked about queerness, disability, immigration, multiracial/biracial issues, compulsory coalitions, challenging anti-blackness, mental health, body image, and all things feminism. It was all of the things we were told to never talk about.

A Jewel in a Tarnished Crown

A whirlwind of over a million racists and hateful remarks flooded twitter last week after a woman of color was crowned as the new Miss France. The radiant mocha toned Flora Conquerel was excited to be crowned and represent her country even admits the backlash against the multiracial beauty queen. Conquerel represents an ever-changing world where racial homogeneity is not the norm. She is not the first public figure of color to receive racist taunts and jabs at her beauty.

European or Aryan physical attributes have ruled supreme as the definition of beauty for women in western culture. This has led to not generations of identity crisis and self hate among women of color but has developed disorders in non-colored women who do not portray the hallmarks of European “beauty”.