Too Rich For Prison

Self explanatory

On December 14 on a cold rainy day, I saw three police cars descend on a vehicle full of four people, all black, outside of one of my neighbors homes. I went to see what was up. It turns out the driver had a suspended license. He and another passenger were handcuffed and sent to jail. The other two passengers went home.

The neighbors knew the people in the car. Hopefully, everything will be straightened out as this is a minor case of joyriding under suspension. Why the driver’s license was suspended is another story which is the family’s business.

Even though it wasn’t anything major, and no one got hurt, looking at the scene would make you think those people robbed someone at gunpoint. The officer searched the car at least four times from front to back. One cop walked up the street looking for any suspicious object as if the people threw something incriminating out of the vehicle like a gun. Thank goodness there was none. Still, seeing black folks cuffed and arrested is unnerving and unsettling.

Anyone who’s a regular here knows that when I get agitated or miserable when it comes to the subject where race is in the equation, I will blog about it. What I saw that rainy Saturday juxtaposed a recent story that’s gotten a lot of people ticked off.

In Keller Texas, a 16 year-old was arrested for killing four people while drunk driving. Ethan Couch stole some beer from Walmart, and wanted to go to another store. Along the way, he ran through a number of pedestrians killing four of them and injuring nine.

Ethan Couch

Couch was speeding until cops caught up to him. According to the arrest report, he was belligerent and uncooperative at the scene.

Now, you would think that a teen who stole beer, got drunk, sped and plowed through several people, killing four would have the book thrown at him. You would think that he would tried as an adult and get a hefty sentence. Yes, you would think that, and any regular person would agree that he needs to be punished in a way that fits the crime.

Lamentably, that was not the case. Couch was only slapped with a decade of probation and is required to go to rehab.

I dunno what punishment the people from yesterday got. My only hope that they get the appropriate punishment. Yet, there are cases where the so-called justice system was not so kind to poor people and people of color.

Marissa Alexander is a black woman facing 20 years for firing a warning shot to protect herself from her abusive husband. No one got hurt and the woman was standing her ground. Yet, she could get a prison sentence while her husband is free to do goodness knows what to goodness knows who.

Troy Davis was a black man tried and convicted for the murder of Georgia police officer Mark MacPhail. Davis, up until the last minutes of his life before he was executed, maintained his innocence. Despite witnesses recanting their stories that implicated Davis as the murderer, the evidence was proven insufficient and that someone else could’ve been more likely responsible for the officer’s death. Davis was never given a second trial. Instead, the state went ahead and sent Davis to his final moments on Earth.

Troy Davis

Meanwhile, Ethan Couch, a white teen male from a rich family, will walk away. Why? According to a psychologist, he suffers from a case of “affluenza“. In other words, the kid is spoiled due to being overprivilege. And the judge Jean Boyd ultimately brought it.

Call me crazy, but wouldn’t giving him just ten years of probation only exacerbates it? It’s like saying you shot a couple and your punishment is not playing video games for one week.

What if Ethan had been black and poor. He would’ve been tried as an adult in a heartbeat. He would be considered as a juvenile delinquent who’s a menace to society. And he would be tried and convicted, possible facing the rest of his life in prison.

How many other cases are similar to Ethan’s where wealth and privilege play important roles in their sentencing? How many rich kids commit crimes and not get sentenced at all? Those are legitimate questions in a society where race and class determine what justice is in a system that severely lacks justice.


24 thoughts on “Too Rich For Prison

  1. Affluenza, that right there shows you what white priviledge is, If that was a black or brown kid, they would be under the prison for the rest of their natural lives. That judge needs to be removed. I just can’t get past this. But, I shouldn’t be surprised.

  2. smh. that boy looks bad. he should be locked up somewhere, but no he gets rehab and probation. this kinda reminds me of the cops that speed while not responding to a call and crash into cars and kill ppl but get off. I can’t believe they used the excuse of oh his parents did a bad job raising him and it worked that would never work for a person of color. black person:”well ur honor I grew up in dysfunctional family and I killed this person i’m sorry.” Judge: oh idc what ur home life was like u killed this person and u will be sentenced ur parents did not kill this person u did, ur parents were not in the car with u. I hearby sentence u to 20 yrs in prison get him out of my sight.
    rich white boy: ur honor my parents are so rich and I didn’t know right from wrong I wanted to have fun and get drunk. u see my parents are to blame because they raised me and they made me the person I am today.
    judge: ” oh u poor child, its ok I think u have a bright future ahead of u no sense to mess it up go to an expensive rehab that ur parents will pay for and u will be on probation for a while but u will get to stay out of prison. ur parents failed u and for that I am sorry”

    to the non rich white ppl now u see that life isn’t worth anything unless u are a rich white person. Even rich white people have priority over yall. white privilege only works for yall when its a person that isn’t white and rich.

    To the people that were complaining about renisha McBride and trayvon well what do u have to say about this, this boy is really under the age for drinking and he killed 4 people 4 white ppl at that. where yall at. go ahead try to rationalize it. the cops why don’t yall try to check the dead victims alcohol level and see if they had weed in their system I mean its always somebodies fault for their own death right. surely the person that kills people is not to blame oh that’s right only when they are black are they to be blamed for their own death. This boy needs to be locked up people don’t deserve to die because of somebody texting while driving or being drunk while driving. now yall see what black ppl have been saying for years that the just his system is for rich white people, lady justice is not blind she sees the green and the scales tip in their favor. don’t be fooled.

  3. The same judge of this case threw the book at a black man for killing one person. Don’t know the specifics but where was his rehab & reintroduction to society. Just by calling it ‘affluenza’ is a kick in the nuts, spit in your face.

    “I got affluenza, you n#$%^$ can’t catch this but as a runner up prize and my genocide package roll-out I will issue you drugs, various forms of cancer & aids. On me. Be easy, peasants.”

    1. The young black man you reference very soberly and with malice purposefully punched a man in the face intending to cause grievous bodily harm. The guy died. People shrieked and screamed that the judge was too lenient in that case also. Intent and negligence are too different things.

      1. Again, there will always be exceptions to the rule. It doesn’t cancel out the harsh reality that racism and classism dominate the court system. Some judges are fair, but many allow race and class to influence their judgments.

  4. Michael Douglas’s son got five years in prison for drug trafficking large amounts of drugs. Had he been black he most likely would have gotten a much larger sentence, perhaps life. Google his son ‘Cameron Douglas.

  5. I’m sorry but it’s not race. It’s weatlh. I’m not rich and it’s seems like I got more strict ruling for a refusal. Let’s face it was a poor person no matter the color they would’ve got the book thrown at them and then some but if you have enough money you can buy your way out of all kinds of stuff. And I by me means saying we don’t issues with race in country but weatlh is the issue here. We the common working class people should be outraged together about this and not divide ourselves.

      1. There will always be exceptions to the rule. OJ was one of them, but there is still overwhelming that race AND class still plays a factor in arrests, trials and sentencing.

  6. ..I just really got the Full (and better explained) story about Mr. Troy Davis (R.I.P. good sir), so thank yoU again for being one of the top Realest, honest bloggers out there Brothawolf! It is just beyond disgusting the “color lines”, assumptions, and all-out Deliberate disgusting tactics that are used against POC (especially Black people of the U.S.A.)!!! And that Ethan needs to definitely get more than just a proverbial “slap on the wrist” for the treacherous mayhem that he caused, not only to get through that thick, dense, privileged skull of his but also to ensure that what is left of this decent society has the Right, and Opportunity to uP their chances of living in a (well-deserved) safer environment, as well! SMH!!! : ((

    1. I always do my best 🙂

      What kills me about the whole thing is that by giving him a punishment lighter than helium, it will likely encourage him. And then, what will happen if he goes crazy again injuring more people and taking more lives?

      It’s like I always say, in this country, the more money you have, the more freedoms you have.

  7. Yes, you do! 😉 You called it correctly on this over-privileged jackazz-it’s so scary how many times they keep turnin’ a (purposeful) blind eye towards this type of misconduct, in an effort to “save their own sorry butts if, and/or when they happen to find themselves in a somewhat similar (or maybe exact) type of situation!

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