A Knockout Hoax

Ashley DePew

The news has been in a frenzy over what is coined as the knockout games, assaults carried by young people, most of them in their teens, where they attempt to knock out their victims with one punch before disappearing. It’s nothing new, nor is it “trending” in a usual sense. Yet, people are on edge watching the news, never bothering to think, ask questions or research to confirm anything let alone make sense of it. “The TV told them so. So, it must be true.”

But enough about all of that, it’s been proven that the knockout games are another dose of media hype right along with the East Coast-West Coast beef and the superpredator myth. So, I want to discuss another reused trope related to the shock with its roots deep in history.

Coming out of St. Louis, a woman by the name of Ashley DePew reported that she was attacked by a trio of black males. She said that she and her boyfriend Justin Simms were picking up a friend from a bar called the Trophy Room, when she was punched square in the face by three black males. She required reconstructive surgery to repair her injuries.

The story made headlines (big surprise) last month days before the Thanksgiving holiday. She said she believed she was a victim of the knockout game. Since the panic of the game was trending in the news, it proven that the game was not only real but catching on.

So, what is this reused trope I mentioned earlier? The habit of white people covering up their crimes by blaming nonexistent phantom negroes.

There were no black males involved in DePew’s assault. However, her injuries were inflicted by someone else, her boyfriend. Turns out she was covering up for him when the two argued and things got violent. They both claimed Simms “inadvertently hit DePew in the eye after she placed her hand on his and he ‘flung it back violently”.

So, Ashley Depew was a not a victim of black brutality. She was a victim of domestic violence.

As unfortunate as it is, I can not overlook the fact that this is another edition of passing the blame onto the black community, further criminalizing black people.

As black people, we are the first race that conjures up in the minds of people when crime is an issue. In fact, whites have turned it into a image protection policy when the time is needed to shield the police and public from their own dirt. Today, it’s big business to blame black people and it’s necessary to maintain the over-hyped, myth-laden innocence labeled as almost as a biological trait that comes with white skin.

The current uproar of black youth out of control is not too surprising. It is one constant in this “post-racial melting pot” known as America where a number of its citizens insist they are colorblind. Yet, it is still effective in promoting more fear of black bodies in society.  It is so potent that even exaggerated or outright false, it is still believable.

Still think blacks have it made in America?


26 thoughts on “A Knockout Hoax

  1. Any black person who thinks they have it ‘made’ needs to have their heads read. They need psychiatric aid! Even here in Canada they think they got it made until they get their Negro wake up calls. It’s almost comical when that happens even when you have been telling them for years. Keep up the good work baby Brotha!

  2. Brothawolf:

    Earlier this week, I listened to Tariq Nasheeds podcast (www.tariqradio.com) and he was talking about this very thing. Go to YouTube and type The Knockout Game is a Myth, and there is a video where he goes into more detail about this so-called phenomenon. He really opened my eyes about this, because like most people, I thought that this was for real. Nasheed also emphasizes the fact that more laws are going to be passed due to this so-called game to put more Black people into prison. Check out the video!

  3. I don’t see why people are falling for this colorblind, multiculturalism utopia crap. We will never be a society where people judge others on the content of their character. Racism and stereotypes will always exist until we, as a country, addresses the issue of racism and get rid of it. We need to get rid of racism and bigotry from our society for good to limit incidents like Trayvon’s shooting death and what happened to Renisha McBride. For now, we must never fall for the colorblind, multiculturalism crap the media pushes down our throat. We aren’t living in a postracial society or in postracial America.

    1. No one in their right minds believe that this is a post-racial nation. Something must be done about the racism in this nation on all levels, but a lot of people who benefit from it, don’t want the conversation to start because they fear it would ruin them.

  4. I put this hoax right up there with that crazy idiot who said a black woman threw lye in her face and disfigured her. Was’nt it later discovered it was self inflicted? This is just like that other crazy bitch Susan Smith who drowned her kids and said a black man did it. Only to be discovered the bitch killed her babies.

    1. Yep. This woman did it to herself. Then, she made up that story. And now, she wrote a book about it. I dunno what happened to Susan Smith. Last I heard, she got pregnant while in prison.

  5. I wish I could feel bad for her domestic violence situation, it’s unfortunate, but I stop feeling sorry for her when she lied and said a black person did it. That pisses me off, all these lies play into negative stereotypes about black people being violent. She is a liar.

    1. I feel sorry that she got punched by her asswipe boyfriend. I don’t feel sorry that she tried to cover it up with the old “blame the black man” story just to protect a man who’s not worth it.

  6. reminds me of that lying b@ch that said a black woman threw acid in her face when she did it to herself smh. and the countless stories of white women saying a black man took their kids bahwhaa, really one minute they say black men don’t take care of their kids then the next its omg they took my white child. smh. now this woman saying black teens did the knockout game on her, I wonder if she got any donations, because we know all they have to do is cry and lie and money flows in. if she wanted to lie about her boyfriend hitting her why not say I fell or ran into something, but no she wants to bring in the phantom negro attackers. it shows that even the victims non black crime know to blame blacks. imagine if she released a fake description of the teens and lord knows we all look alike to them, just imagine what could’ve happened.

  7. This has been going on since forever. These non-black men beat their girlfriends and their women accuse us of doing it. They secretly wish they had black men over non-black men. These non-black men do not like being reminded that they are not black. They beat their women because they do not like seeing themselves.

  8. On a side note; anyone notice that this woman appears to be of Asian (descent, and I have read accounts that she indeed is), this is a double travesty, not only for those of domestic violence but also that POC would place one another in (extremely potential) harm’s way just to protect the Real sicko(s) in their life-at this level of thinking, neither “ethnic” tribes will get out of the sinking boat of Racist inequality if we all keep pushing each other down in the water!! SMH

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