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Stop the Violence movement in Chicago

It’s no surprise that when black people behave violently, it’s newsworthy. It can even be trendy if you’re name is Sharkeisha and you star in a video where you beat the living hell out of another girl over a boy. The media will try to turn it into a sensational panic sweeping across the nation as we’ve seen with the so-called knockout games. And if the victims are white, you can best believe racism will be a strong counter-reaction.

Let’s make one thing clear. Violence of this nature is wrong. I hope the young fools are taken off the streets and learn something from this. I hope the parents of these young people do something to help them learn the error of their ways.

Now, you’ve read that I see violence as a wrongful act. I am only one person. However, there are many more who also condemn violent behavior of any kind, and believe it or not, a lot of them are negroes. How about that?

This may not seem like a big deal to denounce crime. However, to many people, it seems like black folks have to speak up and speak out of our disgust in violent crimes committed by other blacks. If we don’t or if they don’t hear us, then the closure is that we must be ignoring crime or worst, excusing it!

Whenever a news report is made about a violent crime where the suspect is black, people always wonder where the outrage is. White folks will lose their minds wondering out load to black people where our “leaders” of the black people, i.e. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are located to speak on behalf of all 35 million of us and look into the problem. They will especially do this if the victim is white.

Then, you have the cultural blamists, those who consider themselves smarter than the average racist who cast down the failures of black civility squarely on their culture of violence. They will use anything from genetics to rap music. Anything chosen as “black” about black people will be cited as the cause for criminal behavior.

I don’t want to speak for the entire black race, even though I may inadvertently do so. But just this once, I think I will speak for the majority of us when I say in capitalized letters: WE HATE VIOLENCE!

Soon after the reports of the games, “King of the black people”, Al Sharpton publicly condemned the violence. So, before any of you mention his name in an absurd racist comment, stop. Sharpton already made his comments known, and you can check them out at the Washington Post.

Rev. Al Sharpton

The residents in Brooklyn, New York are also up in arms over the knockout games. They even held a rally, taking a stand against it. And guess what, most of them are black! Check out it at Deadline Live.

There are many, many black folks across the country that doesn’t see anything cool about the knockout games. This may come as a shock to the knuckle-dragging racists. Either that, or they’ll dispel it to keep their habit. But what’s really shocking is that the knockout games scare is nothing more than the myth of the superpredator reincarnated for the 2010’s.

Despite what you see or hear on the news, the knockout game is a lot less than what is normally seen as a trend. It is a media-hyped crime wave that only exist on TV screens, not real life.

Yet, society depends heavily on the news media as an objective source. Law enforcement officials have upped their vigilance in case a threat of roving black youth is present. But unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few decades, you would know that black youth has always – ALWAYS been under the radar of cops as a ravenous group of thugs looking to prey upon the innocent (white) for sick amusement.

Let it be known that I am not saying that there haven’t been any incidents. Sadly, there have been a few. Yet, I and several sources call bullshit on the ones who say that it’s epidemic, that it’s a recent thing and that only black youth participate in it. It is just another round of scaring the public that the fear of young blacks are invading their space. And after the media’s through, they will look for more crimes with similar patterns, give it another name and scare the public once again.

Why not ask yourselves why? Why do young people engage in such behavior? What can be done to prevent anymore attacks? Those who only see the color of the suspects, are in no interest of finding solutions, and are only in the business of stroking their high-and-mighty egos thanking God they are “not like them” or that they live in the safety and tranquility of their secure neighborhoods. 

The black community does not support nor avert away from violence whenever and wherever it happens. Regardless of what some racist says about what some mainstream rapper sung about, black folks don’t glorify violence any more than America does. So, if we really want to have a conversation about how to stop violence in this country, don’t cite black people as the cause.