Trolls & Prerogatives

Drawing of a troll.

Why don’t they just let me live…I don’t need permission…Make my own decisions…That’s my prerogative.

These are the lyrics from a famous song by Bobby Brown. And it’s the subject for today’s article.

Lately, this weekend actually, I’ve been hearing news about something called the knockout games. News reports explain how wayward youths seek out an individual, attempt to knock him, or her out, and then run. Needless to say, most of the youth involved are black.

Already, I’m seeing white-minded comments appear on black blogs urging the bloggers to write articles or stories about what they perceive is a widespread violent trend. As far as news reports themselves go, such incidents are not enough to be considered epidemic. Unless, if you’re a Fox News disciple. And it certainly not a case of a criminal culture if the perps were white.

Some white commenters who venture into anti-racist blogs and websites know what they’re getting into and do not attempt to troll topics for reasons that don’t add up. However, there are certain ones who deliberate troll their way in to remind the blogger and the regulars that black people are the real problems, not white racism.

Racist trolls seem pissed off that anti-racist blogs don’t discuss the topics they think are more imperative. Usually, those topics consist of white victimization by black savages which – in their minds – are true examples of racism. When they don’t get what they want, they get agitated and continue trolling. The familiar tactics of black crime stats and links to articles of black-on-white crime are sure to get feeding time started.

A South Park version of an internet troll

So, why do they do it? Why go to a blog you know wasn’t made for you and bitch and moan that it doesn’t talk about what you want to discuss. Why don’t they just move the fuck on and find a website that satisfies them? Needless to say, common sense is as foreign to them as courtesy and humility.

My only theory is that it’s white entitlement, white paternalism, or white maternalism is the trolls are females, and – of course – white privilege talking. They feel entitled to invade anti-racist blogs they feel are anti-white, because they see the two as being one and the same.

It’s not unlike European imperialism and colonization. Trolls want to establish colonies in those websites in an attempt to disrupt forums for self-serving reasons the same way European nations invade nations disrupting their ways of life for their own gain.

White paternalism kicks in when white racist trolls feel the need to tell the blogger and the regulars what they should talk about. The blogger has no freedom of choice. The blogger needs to be lectured on what to discuss. So, he or she needs to be schooled on what’s important. To the troll, the blogger is always wrong when it comes to anti-black racism. The real issue is anti-white racism by – you guessed it – blacks.

This is similar with enforcing Europeanism and Americanism into different cultures all over the world. The people must submit or suffer the consequences for the supposed purpose of establishing “civility”.

Trolls never see the blogger or moderator of a website that challenges ways of thinking that are considered dangerous as being capable of making choices on his(her) own. They consider that as a problem and will go out of their way to let them know, even at the risk of ultimately getting banned, if the website doesn’t have a filter.

The privileged are paranoid of losing their place in the world due to the empowerment of the outside groups. Any incident where a privileged person is attack, or felt they were attacked, sends off a signal telling them that oppression against them has now begun, which gives them an excuse to go on the offensive by being offensive.

Michael Brutsch, a 49-year old software engineer better known online as “Violentacrez” a notorious troll from Reddit known for posting racist and misogynist photos.

Sexist and misogynist trolls hate anti-sexist and anti-misogynist activists. They feel that men are the real oppressed group, and women are taking over. Women are standing up against a male dominated world. And certain men think it’s the fall of civilization.

Homophobic trolls detest LGBTQ activists. They feel that heterosexual people are disappearing and – especially for the bible thumping fanatics – are sending this world to hell. As you know, they believe God hates many people, but gays are somehow at the top of His hit list.

And white racist trolls see anti-racism as being anti-white. They are scared as hell of being losing their whiteness. It makes me wonder why they think being white is so damn important, especially if they deny having privileges over other groups.

Anyway, the blogger has the right to discuss whatever he or she feels is important. And those who visit do so on their their own free will. If they stay, cool. If they go, cool.

It’s futile to whine that a blog you chose to visit doesn’t talk about issues you think are more important. It’s sad and almost hilarious to see them cry on and on about it not knowing when to quit. Leaving is always an option, if your ass isn’t banned first. And starting your own blog is possible, free of charge.

To assume that trolls have the mental capacity of a gnat would likely excuse them for their bad behavior. Many of them know what they’re doing, because they still see black folks as beneath them, their slaves who need to behave more civilized (white-like) in order for society to tolerate them.

Sure. By being “respectable”, we will get respect from a group of people who’ve never learned how to respect us in the first place. It’s funny, because for years they want us to change, while they’ve maintained the same white supremacist mentality as their parents, grandparents, great grandparents and ancestors held dear for hundreds of years. Talk about projection.

Bloggers and moderators do what they want to do and discuss what they want to discuss on their own sites, because (duh!) they own and moderate their sites. They, including racist bloggers, don’t have to cater to whoever their blog is not geared towards if they don’t want to. They have the freedom to do so. It’s their prerogative.

Besides, just like trolls like to scream how they have the freedom of speech to say and(or) show the most asshole things imaginable, the blogger has also has the freedom to silence them.


7 thoughts on “Trolls & Prerogatives

  1. Great post! I think we all get frustrated with trolls from time to time. They really do seem like pesky little roaches at times. I mean no disrespect towards roaches by the way. Even those insects serve a purpose on Gods planets. I haven’t figured out the purpose of trolls though. Let me know if you know of any.

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