Notable Links: 11-22/13

Boy who witnessed JFK assassination recalls the day

When the shooting started, Franzen thought the popping sounds were firecrackers.

“Unfortunately, the shot that killed the president, it looked like confetti just coming out of the car, and you just assumed that’s what it was,” he told CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live.”

Franzen spoke Wednesday night, just two days before the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination.

The former president was fatally shot in Dallas on November 22, 1963, while traveling in a motorcade with his wife.

“Fortunately, because I was so young, I think I couldn’t even begin to comprehend that somebody was being killed in front of me,” Franzen said.

‘Catch an Illegal’ Game Thwarted, Becomes Immigration Reform Rally

The proposed “Catch an Illegal” game, which was organized by a conservative student group at UT Austin to “spark debate about illegal immigration,” was instead replaced by an immigration reform rally. It appears their plans backfired after college administrators cancelled the event, and approximately 500 students joined a large demonstration on Wednesday.

Among the attendees was actress American Ferrera, whose husband is a UT Austin alum. She says she was horrified by the intent behind the game, where immigrants were supposed to be hunted down and turned in for a $25 giftcard bounty, and came out to support students who she said were being intimidated by fear tactics.

James McBride, Cynthia Kodahata Among National Book Awards Winners

James McBride was the surprise winner of the National Book Award in fiction. The writer, who’s black and grew up in Brooklyn’s Red Hook Houses, won the award for his novel “The Good Lord Bird,” which chronicles the experiences of a teenage runaway slave.

Japanese-American writer Cynthia Kadohata won the award for young people’s literature with her book, “The Thing About Luck.”

Man ordered to sing and dance like chimp by police

A Detroit man says that he was ordered to sing and dance by police while an officer video-taped the incident. 55-year-old Scipio lives in a boarding house in the city, and often wanders into Grosse Pointe Park collecting cans.

Scipio, unaware that he was being filmed by the officers, felt humiliated. Activists in the city are accusing officers in the department of filming blacks in humiliating situations, and then sharing the videos with family and friends.


7 thoughts on “Notable Links: 11-22/13

  1. Did you hear about George Zimmerman assaulting his girlfriend? Man, that man is a hypocrite and the reason why I will never fully trust White AmeriKlans ever again. They excuse his behavior of Trayvon yet let him get away with assaulting his girlfriend. Trayvon had to follow the laws, why not Zimmerman?

    1. Why-te males see who they want to be in George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman took a black woman to his High School Prom. He murdered a brotha like they all want to. So, wm have Zimmerman to thank for there being one less brotha in Amerikkka. Sean Hannity claimed that Zimmerman was not racist because he “took one to prom”. Wp use the term “racist” so loosely. Why-tes are the only racists in Amerikkka. They do not want to hear it because they are the ones doing the oppressing.

      They copy everything we do because we resemble the first people. We become our greatest ancestors in their eyes because they do not have the first people (first ever parents) to learn from. There is something inside of them that points them in our direction every time. They probably say we are all human because we come from two humans. Men, in general, tend to fall for someone who is like their mother. Since all of civilization came from the womb of a black woman, all men want a black woman. The first man was a black man. This is a proven fact because sisters, why-te women, and women of color go for any kind of black man just to have a brother. That explains why people of other races do not like seeing black people together. I would much rather stay single than date out of my race. These other races have treated us so bad. None of them have any respect for us. If they did, we would still be in Afrika. They would stay in their continents. Why-tes are the worst out of all of them.

      Why-tes do not like us calling them racists, so they throw it back at us whenever they can. They are wrong in all of this. They do not want to hear what we are saying because they are the ones doing what feels right to them.They paint themselves as invisible in our struggle when they talk to us.

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