Notable Links: 11-15/13

The white racist guide to black pathologies

Black pathologies are those things that hold Black Americans back, like crime, drugs, illegitimacy and dropping out of high school. These are things they are doing to themselves. Racism is dead. They need to stop whining about white people and face up to the problems in their own communities.

One Asian-American Mom Breaks the Silence About Postpartum Depression

Asian Americans, as human beings, deal just like other people with the gamut of mental illness, including postpartum depression and anxiety. But that doesn’t mean it’s openly acknowledged, let alone discussed. In fact, while 14 percent of women in the U.S. report postpartum depressive symptoms, women of Asian descent were least likely of all races to report having been told about postpartum depression by a health care provider, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Cultural perceptions about mental illness, by both patients and providers, may have something to do with that.

3 Gay Black Male Rappers Everyone Should Check Out

Straight black men dominate the rap industry. Surprise! But to what extent does this male-dominated field marginalize other groups from entering into this lucrative industry? While the industry has made some room for empowered, tough black women- Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, Angel Haze, to name a few- one group has been marginalized almost entirely: gay black men. Considering the uncontestable fact that the black community and larger society view black sexuality (especially black male sexuality) under a strict, precarious lens, this marginalization should come as no surprise. Nonetheless, regardless of any underlying political views on queerness, I would like to showcase 3 gay black male rappers that everyone should listen to and support because of their refined talent; talent that arguably supersedes that of more popular, straight male rappers.

SAY WHAT: Things You Should Never Say To a Single Mother

I’ve learned from my friends who are single mothers that they face a lot of criticism and personal questions. When I think back, I’ve been guilty of “feeling bad” for single mothers too or celebrating them like they’re heroes. Let’s avoid more awkward moments in the line at the grocery store when you notice a single mother. Keep your mind on the delicious meal at your next big family gathering, instead of asking your niece with three kids when she’s going to “find a father” for her kids and get married. Here are some things you should never say to a single mother regarding parenting, their child’s father and whether marriage is in her future.

5 thoughts on “Notable Links: 11-15/13

  1. it’s crazy how people assume Asian women don’t suffer from post partum, I guess the model minority stereotype has a lot to do with that. As for the gay rappers, um I think there are gay rappers in the mainstream they just try to hide it.

  2. Why would anybody Black listen to what a white racist has to say on what ails Black people? Please. The only way I could even listen to what a racist has to say, is if he’s begging me not to hit his ass again with my cricket bat.

    I really don’t listen to hip hop anymore so I don’t have much to say about some MORE gay rappers. I will say this; In some of my circles this ASAP Rocky is talked about so before I knock I go and investigate. They have turned that dude into a woman with a penis. He’s all into this new fashion and hanging around all these white women. He looks turned out.

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