Renisha McBride

Another black life was taken way before her time, and as usual, there are people who will scream at the top of their lungs justifying her death.

Renisha McBride was a 19 year-old black female who was a victim of a car accident late at night. She survived, and went out seeking for help in Dearborn Heights, a suburb in Detroit. She came to one house and moments later was shot to death by the homeowner who is white.

This is strikingly similar to what happened to Jonathan Ferrell, a then-24 year-old Florida A&M football player who himself was a victim of a car accident. He survived the crash, injured, and was seeking for help at night. He came upon a house in the suburbs where the homeowner called the police, not to help the young man but out of shear fear. She thought that someone was trying to break into her home.

Moments later, the responding officer Randall Kerrick shot Ferrell ten times, killing him.

Jonathan Ferrell

Already, there are several stories surrounding Renisha’s case, notably behind the reason for her shooting, what happened during the shooting and the events that occurred thereafter.

The shooter, who has yet to be identified, says that the gun went off accidentally. According to police, the man thought McBride was an intruder. Why he didn’t call 911 remains unanswered.

The family of McBride says that she was shot in the back of the head while Dearborn Heights detective Lt. James Serwatowski says that she was shot in the face. The shooter has yet to be arrested, likely due the fact that Michigan has its own Stand Your Ground law, the same law in Florida were Trayvon Martin was killed.

The murders of both Renisha McBride and Jonathan Ferrell are still unraveling and unsettling to the victims families and the black communities. This points out that respectability politics is a load of boloney. Neither victims had criminal records and neither had any intentions of robbing anyone, especially whites.

Jonathan Ferrell was engaged to be married. He owned a dog and cat. And he was a chemistry major with a 3.7 GPA.

Renisha McBride was a soft-spoken woman who kept to herself and had gotten a job at the Ford Motor Company.

Yet, that is not enough to be respected in society. Nothing is ever enough to earn respect in a white dominated society if you’re not white. Let’s not mince words here.

They were shot because of stereotype threat vigilantism. Both homeowners felt threaten when they saw young blacks outside their doors. They suspected them of trying to commit to break into their homes. However, one called the police. Both the police and the homeowner didn’t see a man in trouble, but a thug nigger causing trouble. The other didn’t see a woman in distress but a loud, angry black bitch causing distress.

Society has placed the lives of young blacks into the category of troublemakers. It doesn’t matter if most of them aren’t. They’re black. That’s all the reason society needs to fear and dislike them. The end, unfortunately for the black youth.

A quote by Malcolm X

13 thoughts on “Renisha

  1. I have commented about this on Abagond, We will not know what really happened, not the truth anyway, the cops are covering this up, they are just as complicit in this as well, the killer will walk away, just like Zimmerman for Trayvon Martin, What if she had waited for the cops to help her, the cops can’t be trusted to help you, they might have killed her, It’s damn if you do damn if you don’t. It is open season on black people.

  2. great post brothawolf. It seems black life isn’t worth anything and if ppl survive a crash don’t matter might still end up dead anyways rem,inds me of a twisted version of final destination. It seems it is always on us to be as non threatening as possible but how non threatening can u get than a woman or child and even then they shoot or electrocute . anyways I appreciate that u did a post on her. I know it will get worse as imo first they kill black men to test the waters then black women and the elderly and then black children, they are trying to take out as many of us as they can since they will be the minority they are trying to make us more of a minority. I think we all knew it would come to this truthbetold warned us. this young sister will more than likely not get justice, before trayvons killer got off deep down we knew it was going to happen and then when It did we knew for sure it was going to get worse and it opened the flood gates for ppl to see that not just black male life is not valued but black children as well. Children are a people’s future and it takes a village to raise them. if black adults and the wise elders are dying or being killed off nobody will be left for them our future and our legacy will be almost gone.

  3. Excellent post. I am glad you made a post about Renisha because her case hits close to home. I am around her age and I fear for my life everything I walk out that door, wondering what will happen to me. I always have to deal with the racism and stereotypes from Whites and even from my own people. I am scared for my life and these days, always stay inside my home.

    You don’t know what those people can do to you!

      1. Brothawolf,

        I wish they could see themselves. The men are bullies. They always claim that we are “thugs” just to kill off black men. The women are accessories. That’s all they are.

  4. This is my favorite quote from Malcolm X,” Its time to stop singing and start swinging.”

    That seems like that’s the only way we get our point across, slavery wasn’t “ended” over night because that false hero Lincoln all of a sudden grew a conscience. The 1800’s were the most turbulent time in America due to mass slave revolts and industrialization and the Civil War. Same can be lined up with the Civil Rights movement.

    We can’t sit around and follow the illusion “media Martin Luther King”, trying to hug and love our oppressors while they trample on our humanity and kills us both spiritually and mentally. To sum up,”We are a loving people, we are a kind people. We are nonviolent with those who are nonviolent.”

  5. After reading this article and thinking and surfing the web for a bit, there’s more that we can do as a group than saying how much white people want us killed. Those types of comments are not helping our situation to change.

    First we can learn that we can’t depend on white people for help. Did Renisha and Jonathan have emergency kits for their cars? A cell phone or roadside assistance number on hand? I was reading when black people had to suffer from Jim Crow segregation with lodging etc that they would use the Green Book. It served as a solution to the discrimination that AAA put on black people like refusing roadside assistance. Also there is a Ham Radio Organization, OMIK, that was initially used to help travelers because of lodging and discrimination in the South as well. OMIK is still in existence!

    I’m assuming things are going to get worse, so we’d better start brainstorming some solutions and then implementing. Oh, and I’m not saying that this will stop people from killing us. We can’t change other people, only ourselves! Being self-reliant and interdependent may be key!

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