Notable Links: 11-8/13

Shrugging Away Our Shock: The Killing of Renisha McBride

Another irreplaceable young black life was violently interrupted. And I couldn’t bring myself to feel… anything. I joined the others on social media who shrugged away our shock.

As word about Renisha’s death traveled across the internet yesterday, the whispers got a bit louder but the outrage was still muted; tempered by the fact that she’s a black girl and therefore the most disposable body on the planet.

I’m worried today because I know that some of the young women in my life (goddaughters, nieces, mentees, clients) are going to ask me about Renisha and I won’t have the words to describe what this type of killing is about. I don’t have the language to describe any of this so I’ll rely on Pearl Cleage’s words until I can find my own again…

Slave Catcher Alert: Don Lemon Endorses NYPD’s Stop and Frisk

Several months ago, in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict, Lemon stirred up a hornets nest of shade with some pretty fucked up, albeit right-wing-leaning projection of comments made by Bill O’Reilly. And Don Lemon was drug through the mud by just about everyone for it.

Apparently, Don Lemon didn’t learn anything from the backlash (and, I seriously doubt whether he ever will). Because this week, once again, he’s back at it again with what he sees as him schooling the black community with an endorsement of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy.

Offering his commentary on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Don Lemon said that tampering with the “formula that has reduced crime in New York City,” could have dangerous consequences. It’s not a new argument, really. However, hearing it advanced by a person of color makes me sick.

Super Typhoon Haiyan strikes Philippines, among strongest storms ever

9:45 p.m. update (EST): Haiyan made landfall in the central Philippines earlier this evening (early morning in the Philippines). With estimated maximum sustained winds of 195 mph, it is thought to be the strongest storm to ever make landfall anywhere in the world in modern records.

Butt-grouping, bachelorette parties and rape threats: Rob Ford’s non-crack scandals!

In 2007, he was ejected from a Toronto Maple Leafs game for drunkenly yelling at a fan who asked him to be quiet, “Who the fuck do you think you are? Are you a fucking teacher? Do you want your little wife to go over to Iran and get raped and shot?” On St. Patrick’s Day last year, he was seen stumbling down the street “inebriated and sweaty but in a jovial way,” before being ejected from a private party later that night for, according to the Toronto Star, “fighting and carrying on ‘like an idiot,’ [… and] ‘storming the dance floor.’”

He’s been photographed seemingly drunk with a bachelorette party, and spotted at Wal-Mart late at night wearing pajama pants and a hoodie. In February, he arrived late to the ball honoring Canadian soldiers, where he was described as “rambling” and “incoherent” — he was once again asked to leave. At a party for the Canadian Jewish Political Action Committee in March, former mayoral rival Sarah Thomson alleged that he groped her buttocks while the two posed for a picture together and told her, she “should have been [on his recent vacation] in Florida with him because his wife wasn’t there”; she said at the time that his behavior was consistent with someone on cocaine.


12 thoughts on “Notable Links: 11-8/13

  1. Brothawolf,

    As Tyrone said on Agabond’s blog, “White people hate being white”. I believe this is true. Because they are our albinos, they wish they were us. Yt male police officers used stop and frisk against many of us and the Latinos because Black Men and Latino Men are the top choices for the Black Woman. Yts see themselves in the mirror everyday and realize they are nothing special compared to Black and Latino men. So, they stole, killed, raped, and lied for power. Here we are today.
    Their neighborhoods are so over the top. They have white picket fences, all of these decorations for each holiday, and the Amerikkkan flag (of course). They do all of that to associate white with being powerful to themselves. It is the only way they can live with their self portrait everyday. During different times of the day, they have the local policemen they know in the area.
    It’s ironic that Amerikkka is labelled “the land of the free”. Our people cannot step foot on their land without being reminded of the criminal stereotype. We built this land and we deserve to walk on it. It makes no sense. Everytime our race tries to get organized, there is three or four why-tes there. We cannot show up when they get organized; they would have every slur and joke ready for us to drive us away.
    I wonder how our people will react to the shooting of Renisha McBride. Unfortunately, we are a loving people in a hateful world. I believe that many of us are afraid of standing up to yts. We are outnumbered and outgunned. We do not want to be sitting ducks. By being non-violent, we show the world how much more mature we are as people. We cannot win because we look like fools to outside races who believe in an eye for an eye. I think our people see many peckerwoods as people who are sick in the head. The story of Hana Williams come to me as I write this. We just do not want to deal with them.
    It seems like some why-tes in same race couples want us all dead or enslaved. They do not care that we suffer enough as a people in Amerikkka, right now. Then, there are the other why-tes in same race couples who oppress us and try to make us feel as if we are “sub-human”. As you know, we experience it everywhere. Some of us believe that yt men in relationships with Sistas do not hate black men. Most of those men are always putting Brothas down on-line. So, it is safe to assume that we can count them in with the other why-tes that want us dead. They want the men gone and not our Sistas. Many why-tes in these interracial mingles are aware of the fact that Black Man and Woman usually go for each other first. If we go steady with each other, that leaves the yt man to the yt woman. One way or another, they notice that they are why-te. It seems like why-te people who take pride in being wt cannot be truly happy until we are gone. That would hurt them for awhile because they are our albinos. They can walk away from the damage like they did in the past and smile.

    They like believing that they are the majority because they must do everything in their power to love themselves. They hate us because we can tell them of how they really look on the inside and out. It was our sister’s natural reaction to them that set them off to rape her during slavery. They do not like being told that they look dead, pale, are boring and undesirable. If it wasn’t for their power, many POC would not be in relationships with them. Whether they love themselves or not, they have to hold on their power.

  2. It is sad what happened to Renisha McBride. Our lives are valued in in this country. And Don Lemon is nothing more than an Uncle Tom sellout. We should never listen to what he has to say

  3. I’m saddened by what happened to Renisha McBride, but to our black community… I can’t help but wonder what’s next as the result of tragedy? Some of us will blog about our frustrations, while others like myself will post on how upset we are over another innocent black person losing their lives simply because they’re black, and the obvious gross lack of apathy expressed toward people of color.

    Will the outcome of this be a repeat of Jenna Six where Reverend Al ended up being called upon, then radio talk show host fought publicly with activist and decent bloggers who were really out there trying to make a difference, but there were others amongst us with a sole desire to burn any form of structure down if they weren’t going to be the head negro in charge?. In the end will this too be another display of greed, egos, and will it all take precedent over justice? Will it only show how truly wounded we as a people have become?

    Will we throw our hands up at the end of the trial, await for the next storm around the corner and become enraged all over again so we can repeat the cycle?. How many other black boys in America did we leave behind to live their own form of Jena Six? How many have we failed by simply giving up, moving onto the next story after one chapter closes, and not doing our part since it takes a village? I can remember the stories of Emmit Till, Yusuf Hawkins, Michael Griffith, Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, the children left to drown during storm Sandy because of this depraved indifference, and the list goes on. I remember seeing Rodney King beaten and reading how the racist police officers glorified their actions. I will never forget the powerlessness I felt during Katrina upon realizing that not only did my life not matter as a person of color, but now I’ve brought children into the world to also not matter.

    So, what now? Will we wear black in solidarity? Will some of our youth bus out together, will we march, type in the words RIP on face-book or twitter, will we adorn our heads with hoodies in order to convey a message, and etc.? Will we talk about boycotting, but then forget about it months if not weeks down the line? . Will we blame wealthy African Americans that are well known figures for not doing enough to save the black community, even though we ourselves haven’t figured out how to use the proper tools so that we as a people swim and not sink? I don’t know….

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