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I don’t have a topic for Monday. So, here is where you can come in and chat about whatever you want. Enjoy.


39 thoughts on “Your Thoughts

  1. Brotha Wolf,

    “In regards to how far we’ve come as a nation” is really troglodyte speak for “As a white individual I’ve she’d some more of my prejudices since the 17th century.”

    Why is there so much black face being worn/julianne hough? The Help, The Butler, 12 YAS, ameriKKKlan horror: the coven on fx, eastbound & downs’ current season with such lines like “I’m a white christian male,” “I’m your white jesus in the flesh (told to a group of black kids).

    Either I’m an extra in bamboozle or I’ve quantum leaped to when gone w/the wind, birth of a nation are current movie classics.

    It doesn’t help that lynching black males is more fashionable now than actual jim/jane crow.

    I know my question/comment is redundant.

    I know what my watch, what my cell phone say…

    I’m asking MY People what time is it?

  2. I’ve noticed that Kanye has taken the symbol of the confederate flag and claimed it as his own by using it on his attire and to promote his tour. The media has alleged that this has caused criticism and I know that Kanye isn’t one to shy away from controversy, however, I haven’t heard anything. I’ve seen the flag displayed quite often in the south, and it’s usually adorned or displayed by southerners who are willfully pretentious that it merely represents southern pride, and then there are others who use it to blatantly show where they stand. The more the flag is fought against, the stronger the white pride movements seek to hold onto it singing Dixie all the way.

    So, I am humored that Kanye can take this flag and literally diffuse the intended meaning behind it.

    1. The racism in this country just proves that Amerikkka isn’t “one nation for all”. It is one country for why-tes only to be happy in. Obama being in office just kills wm for so many reasons. They believe that most sisters voted for Obama because he was a black man. To look like good guys in the eyes of a Black Woman, many of them voted for Obama. They worked against themselves when they did that. Of course, they hate that Obama is married to a Queen, himself.

      The hate in Amerikkka would not go away unless it were split into two different locations for “women only” and “men only”. You would still have Mexican, Cuban, white, arabian, Asian and Brazilian men fighting over who gets learn something from and be closer to the black man. People would not be satisfied with that setup. People do not want to stay in the continents made for them by the Creator.
      Certain people are definately getting angrier nowadays while we are in this Great Recession. The why-te men who want slavery back are thinking of how to remove the other POC from Amerikkka (and possibly, the world). They are coming out against the Asians and Chinese first. That is hard for them to do because so many yts are in relationships with Asian and Chinese people. Although it does not really effect us, we must keep our eyes open. We may be closer to the end of the world than we think.

  3. Unfortunately, the racial climate in this country will not lessen because the demographic shift, social, and political changes that are occurring and are making others feel threatened.

  4. Sorry, I didn’t proof read above^..sigh. I did want to mention that the young lady who dressed up for Halloween as the bloodied Boston Marathon Runner has been terminated from her job. If only those sickly individuals who mocked the Martin/Zimmerman incident received the same type of repercussions.

    1. Actually, I just read that Caitlin Cimeno, the White woman who is friends with the 2 guys that mocked the Martin/Zimmerman incident & criticized the little Black girl for the “Black girls Rock” t-shirt, was fired from her job.

  5. Brothawolf, I would REALLY love to see POC communities back together again. If you look at documentaries, biographies, ect we were so ingrained with each other. Especially African Americans and Native Americans(which I ,like a healthy portion of black people, are the combination of both). But here comes white people! Despising us yet demanding our love and admiration only for them, they played the rumor/blame game(i.e telling black people natives killed their family members by dumping the people they killed on their property, telling natives black people stole their land, when they illegally sold it to black people, ect, ect, it gets worse). You know what I’ve noticed and maybe you have too. We(as black people) are a refinery and sanctuary. It’s like others stay with us until they become “acceptable” enough for the white gates paradise to creak open. And a sanctuary by the fact that since we experience so much hatred and oppression, we are empathetic to everyone’s plight and welcome them open arms(though there needs to be more wariness when it come to whites entering). I wanted to ask how you felt.

    1. I think Lavern mentioned something like this in a past article she did. And there are those who are nonblacks but are marginalized who piggyback on our struggles until they get a piece of the white pie. Then, they jump off and side with them against us. Only if and when white people remind them that they are still beneath them that they run back and ask for help. And some of us gladly help.

      I think we need to concentrate more on our own selves and healing ourselves more. It’s okay to have allies, but at the same time we can’t be too trusting, not even with those within our communities.

  6. Fact — blacks kill 7 times more than whites kill. Fact — blacks kill whites 20 times more than whites kill blacks. Fact — blacks mug or commit group crime against whites 50 times more than whites commit against blacks. Fact — blacks rape white women 2000 (yes 2000) times more than whites rape black women. Blacks today are disproportionately perpetrators of violent crimes against whites and against other blacks. According to data from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, in 2009, “whites” — a category that includes Hispanics — were known to be responsible for 5,286 murders. Blacks, a mere 13% of the population, were known to be responsible for 5,980 murders. In 2005, the New Century Foundation’s “Color of Crime” report found that “Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.” Also in 2005, the Department of Justice reported that one-third of rapes committed against white women (approximately 37,000) were perpetrated by blacks, while less than ten — statistically zero — rapes of black women were committed by whites.

    1. Ladies and gentlemen,

      Meet Jovent. This is a guy who sent me an email in 2010 (I believe) similar to the comment above. He made a comment with the same premise in my old blog post about this email implying that he’s my “worst nightmare” as if he was Batman or some shit. Then, he sent another email about a year later, and behold it contains more white supremacist shit. And now, he’s back repeating himself once again. For what? I dunno.

      Jovent, it’s safe to say that you have no life. You need to stop stalking my blog and move on. You need to join a site like Stormfront or Chimpout and play there. I know websites like those are like carnivals to you. You’re better off there. You’ll only get humiliated when you step into my den, white man.

    2. I almost forgot. I see you changed your username to “Brothawolf’s nightmare”. I’m humbled. You must really have me on your mind. But I don’t swing that way, pal. Sorry.

    3. Fact: Blacks will never do “colonial/imperial” numbers. These numbers are in the millions, double, triple digits even, in the slaughter of people of color.

      Fact: I have no idea who did your recent eye exam or If your nerd goggles cracked but you Troglodytes near sighted view of events prevents you from seeing past your pussy.

      Hundreds of millions of indigenous Turtle Islanders, Caribbeans, died from your hands making you wealthy land owners.

      Hundreds of millions of Africans died from your hands making Amurr’klan the wealthiest nation. Blacks made you rich. White people put it in debt.

      Troglodytes murdered all original people of Australia.

      It kills me when they start popping bonk statistics they never acknowledge that those stats like the declaration of indepence, the CONstitution is made by wp for wp.

      Please don’t tell me you believe everything you grew up hearing caucanderthals say? That’s the easiest way to spot a lie.

      Brotha Wolf, thanks for this light snack.

      “always daydreaming bout brotha wolf” Stay The Fuck Off The Site.

      1. And he’s known for trolling on another blogger’s site as well, spewing the same shit. She responded with her own truths, and he cursed her out in a racist, misogynist douchebaggery way and told her he hopes her child dies. This must be one reputable human being in a trailer park somewhere.

  7. These facts must have came from the “truth” of his mind because last I checked the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the white murder rate is twice blacks and robbery violent crimes,especially rape, they made up at least 50% of the offenders. And put this along with those that aren’t formally charged and walk? Sad.

  8. Hey BrothaWolf, here is Australia for you,lol!

    “In a significant majority of cases, bus drivers showed preferential treatment toward white Caucasians over black or Indian passengers.”

    Four groups of students boarded a bus at various Brisbane locations with a faulty Go Card and asked if they could travel for free.

    One group was defined as “black,” including Indigenous Australians, Africans, African Americans and Pacific Islanders; the second group was Indians; the third fair-skinned Asians; and the final group fair-skinned Caucasians.

    “In 72 per cent of the encounters, white Caucasian test subjects were given a free ride, versus 36 per cent of black test subjects,” Professor Frijters said.

  9. Broths Wolf
    Sorry I’m late to the party, but some people shouldn’t drink and blog. I truly feel for you. One thing every first year Criminal Justice students are taught about is how crime stats are manipulated. I have lived in numerous White communities, and it is interesting how crime is under reported and not sensationalized. As for rape, I have talked to an inordinate amount of white women who have been raped by White men.

      1. Living in one area, there were a number of cars broken into over the holidays, and also some past break ins of tenants housing. Didn’t hear about it on the six o’clock news, but the Black community, things that are not of any great consequence are sensationalized, and presented to the community at large in a way that demonizes Black people.

        Small college town,rapes, vandalism, drug over dose, drug dealing, not a word in the mass media. I could go on, and on, and on, about things like this. Trust me when I say, that crime is under reported, reported differently, and criminals processed differently than in the Black community. So your so called worse nightmare, has definitely got it twisted.

        I would say, just do an experiment, there is an app on Google play that is a police scanner. You can also adjust it to any location in the U.S. Pick a white community that you are aware of and just listen, then check what you are hearing against the local media in that area. You will get a pretty good indication of what I mean.


        Exactly, you just summed up Intro to Criminal Justice 101.

    1. As far as I am concerned, damn near ALL crime statistics are wrong partly due to crimes being unreported as well as manipulated.

  10. White supremacy at its’ best. This fool refuses to step down! He claims he was in a ‘drunken stupour when he tried ‘crack’. The cops had been trailing him for months and surveiled him in the company of convicted drug dealers and other assorted criminals. I personally think that something big is coming down the ‘pipe’ that will involve this gear box getting charged with serious crimes. There is racism at play here as he was smoking crack as opposed to cocaine of marijuans or some high end drug that rrich white assholes take. This turd comes from a wealthy family but a fucked up one nonetheless. Anyhow this is a sit back with a bag of popcorn saga. They released another video of this asshole threatening to kill someone in ten minutes. As I said, white supremacy at its’ best. They are calling for him to go to rehab as opposed to stepping down.

  11. From what I’ve observed, the underreporting of crimes and offenses (committed by white people) occurs in all facets of this society (workplace, neighborhood, schools etc.). I work at a school and one student has been expelled four or five times. He just turned seven a few months back. When school began, he punched one student during recess and kicked another student in the throat. He was suspended from school for ONE day. A few weeks later he was suspended from his afterschool program for hitting another student, YET he was readmitted back into the program and back to school. Is he ever going to be expelled? I doubt it. The school said that he would after that first incident of this year, mind you he has done these same things beating up other students when he was a kindergartener last year. Seeing this BS go down makes me doubt the veracity in any of these statistics these punks spew to try and defend their lie of racial superiority. What’s even worst is that it is at the expense of us, black people.

      1. From what I’ve heard him say, I suspect he comes from a dysfunctional and abusive home environment. For the past two weeks, he hasn’t given me problems; although he doesn’t listen to the other adults at school. After they try to talk to him, I’ll ask him to do it and frame things in a positive way and he’ll listen to me. Also talking to him in a firm, but NOT condescending way, being as positive as possible with him, believing in him, and setting reachable yet high expectations has worked well. He doesn’t seem to get that from the other adults at the school. He easily gets frustrated because he may not understand things, so I try to explain things to him and help him see the bigger picture.

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