32 Mugshots & Knockout Games

Nothing spoils my marginally okay mood than a message that something’s wrong with you because of what you are. Although the message isn’t directed at me as a singular person, the message usually encompasses everyone in the group to which I share physical similarities. And even though, most messages do not implicitly say that I […]

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Trolls & Prerogatives

Why don’t they just let me live…I don’t need permission…Make my own decisions…That’s my prerogative. These are the lyrics from a famous song by Bobby Brown. And it’s the subject for today’s article. Lately, this weekend actually, I’ve been hearing news about something called the knockout games. News reports explain how wayward youths seek out […]

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Notable Links: 11-22/13

Boy who witnessed JFK assassination recalls the day When the shooting started, Franzen thought the popping sounds were firecrackers. “Unfortunately, the shot that killed the president, it looked like confetti just coming out of the car, and you just assumed that’s what it was,” he told CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live.” Franzen spoke Wednesday night, just […]

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WARNING: The following contains disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised.  President John F. Kennedy traveled across the country preparing for the next Presidential collection in 1964. His last stop would be in Texas in November 1963. JFK spoke at a hotel in Fort Worth before departing to Dallas on Air Force One. The president and […]

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Black Crime & Watermelons

The following is a response to an article entitled “On Watermelons and Black Criminality” by Prison Culture. I’m black, and I hate watermelons..Sure, this is a strange way to start off a topic, but considering how the racial climate is experiencing global warming, maybe this will help give a lesson on the pollution causing it. […]

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