More Depraved Halloween Racism

Three flight attendants dressed up as Asiana Airlines Flight 214 victims who were also flight attendants

Early this week, I told you all about the three white fucksters who decided it was a load of laughs to turn the saga of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman into a Halloween cosplay meme. I found out from some of the comments that the ditz of the group Caitlin Cimero was wearing a ‘Robin Da Hood’ costume. I guess in her little world, black culture is the same as crime culture. I’m sure many trolls agree with that like they agree that Ted Cruz should be our next President.

Still, the shitstorm continues as more white people see fit to turn another tragedy faced by people of color into Halloween costume entertainment for internet viewership.

The Angry Asian Man reports that a group of white males, all with plastic smiles and douchebag poses, dressed up as wounded flight attendants of Asiana Airlines with tattered and torn clothes and fake wounds. It’s rumored that these males are flight attendants themselves.

For those who don’t know, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 from Incheon, South Korea crashed in its final approach in the San Francisco International Airport on July 6, 2013. Two passengers died at the scene. 181 were injured. Among them were three flight attendants.

News station KTVU incorrectly, and for cheap laughs, named the crew of the doomed 777 as Captain Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk and Bang Ding Ow.

Official screen cap of the infamous “prank”

Ladies and gentlemen, something is very, very wrong with these white folks. They see tragedies happening to nonwhites as jokes and entertainment, something to mock for shits and giggles. They really are morally inferior to ever think that it’s harmless and innocent fun. Man, it must be blissful to be white (sarcasm).

Call me a racist all you want (and some of you already have), but white people are sick as fuck. One person in another blog that reported this called it black comedy and that we should just ‘lighten up’ and laugh along with them.

Human beings, those with hearts and souls, doesn’t see any humor with any disaster. They don’t spend their time making cruel jokes about it, and they use more than 0.001 percent of their brain power to know that it’s not a good idea to use it to play dress-up on Halloween or any other occasion.

To those who plan to go out in costumes this Halloween – and yes, this message is for you peeps of color as well, nonwhites are not costumes, and our misfortunes are never to be used satisfy your sick humor. I know this declaration with go over the soft heads of some of you reading. I understand that you have your “rights”, but so do we. We have the right to curse anyone the fuck out if they offend us, and we don’t give a shit if it hurts your fee-fees. You offend us, get ready to get your feelings jumped.

Since some people think it’s a joke to poke fun of tribulations where people of color are victims, how about we get in on the act? This Halloween, let’s get dressed as O.J. Simpson wearing bloodstained clothes or as white victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing. That sounds cool, right?

An injured man at the Boston Marathon Bombing

Didn’t think so.


35 thoughts on “More Depraved Halloween Racism

  1. crazy, they certainly don’t like to treat others the way they’d want to be treated, we don’t stoop to their level because we know better, when u know better u do better. All they are doing is making more enemies. They could’ve dressed as zombies but they chose this smh. It’s bad enough they made up names and now this. They dam sure wouldn’t like it if ppl dressed up as any white person that was killed and nobody wants to. Who in their right mind makes fun of the dead, where are the voodoo ppl when u need them.

      1. yes it sure is insane we don’t have to be happy about it just pretend until we can get our own things, everybody else pretends to get what they want and then they show their true intentions. It is part of the reason arabs and Asians are succeeding. reminds me of the song backstabber by the ojays, they smile in ur face all the time they wanna take ur place their backstabbers. that is what we gotta do smile in their face and get what we need then once we have that we can do what we gotta do.

  2. Wow, I find it sick the way they think that they can get away with such mean and horrible imitations! What is wrong with these people? What is their obsession and hatred of us? That I will never understand.

      1. They’re genetically recessive. Due to evolving in caves in the Caucas mountains they had to fight each other over food just to survive. Evolving in such cold climate they developed a very anti-social demeanor and hyper aggressive personality. Maybe this is why they don’t get along with others very well. And seem to lack empathy for the suffering of those that don’t look like them. Oh well…just a theory. I could be wrong.

  3. “You guys misunderstand. It is just a children’s party.”
    Hmmm. All of a sudden I wonder. When the Neanderlanders call us “exotic”… does that mean that they want to EAT us?

  4. I sthere something about Halloween, that turns them into idiots? That is just tasteless. But at least we get to see how ignorant some of them are.

  5. Oh and some fashion designer had an African themed party. All those crazy Europeans looking offensive. And you know in the Netherlands, during Christmas, they do that Black Pete crap. They don’t care that they offend us. Blackface is not going anywhere.

  6. Brotherwolf,

    It was not my intent to troll on Truthbetold or Kushite Prince’s blog. I talk too much because I like talking. I’ll just read the articles from now on.

      1. None of that stuff that those (white?) commenters said was true. I do not have a crush on Adeen. I am not stalking any Queens on any blog. I see how some my statements could be misinterpreted by people.

      2. I think something’s up because Kushite says you seem cool. I think something’s up. You can still comment here like always. I’ll have to talk to Truth about what’s going on because she sent me the email.

      3. Brothawolf

        What did you find out about Imhotep? I wonder. I don’t ever put my picture up on your site or Truthbetold’s either so how would he have a crush on me. I respond to his posts because his posts tell the truth most of the time.

      4. Just that he was trolling TruthbeTold’s old blog and Kushite’s blog. He hasn’t been trolling on my site, but I got the email from Truth that he did it on her blog. I dunno what’s going on. I hope Truth and Kushite would tell me more.

  7. @BW
    I also got a similar email as well. He comes to my blog from time to time. He makes some good points but sometimes But he honestly hasn’t gone overboard with his comments. Or said anything disrespectful to me or my followers. He hasn’t given me a reason to block him. So far he’s been alright with me. But I understand your concern. There are way too many people trolling blogs. You can never be too careful. Just stay on your toes and be alert.

  8. He’s just a hack. What can you expect?
    It’s not safe to walk on the street with all those weird punkers out there.
    We are lost in grief,
    Those guys should be fired

  9. All I can say is that this insensitive photo exposes sickness and depravity, such emotional vampires. My heart goes out to the victims families. I could be wrong, but the man on the far left appears to be of Asian descent, but then again it exposes the depth of sickness in many conquered people, including our own…think youtube sensation in his own mind,… Mr. Tommy Sotomayor. Without a doubt the Asian man desensitized himself putting on his model minority face by telling himself he was one of the boys, and this was all done the name of humor. He allowed himself to feel like one of the boys, a part of the team, and disregarded that the face of the victims looked very much like him, and if he was on the flight….

  10. Sorry, I didn’t proof read. If he was on the flight, he too would be mocked by his fellow comrades simply because mutilated black, brown, so called red, and yellow bodies are to be mocked, disregarded, and disrespected. So, sad indeed.

  11. Is it me or the guy on the left doesn’t look white? He looks like he is latino or maybe Southeast Asian (perhaps he has one white parent). If that’s the case, that’s pretty sad that he is making fun of other non-white people.

  12. I saw a piece about twins in blackface, who on their social media page, quote “I’m a n-word of Halloween, All the blacks complaining need to find their fathers” WTF? Then I saw on someone’s facebook yesterday. “We should be able to be who we want to be on Halloween, too much political correctness, black people way too sensitive” That righter, is fucking “WHITE PRIVILEDGE” They just don’t care. They don’t fucking care about how offensive they are being.

  13. Sick and heartless is how I describe these losers.

    At one point, I celebrated Halloween until the age of 12. My mom would call it the Devil’s B-day ..which was the predominate reason I stopped doing it. With racists like them,it wasn’t a lie.

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