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Three white friends on Facebook, with two mocking Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

The following is based on a Tumblr page by Alien Babe from planet Zargon.

Ah yes. Halloween, the time of year when kids and adults dress up in costumes, get candy, go to fun parties and turn in to cable TV to see Linus miss the Great Pumpkin for the billionth time.

It is also a time when people of color are further detached from their humanity in the name of costume sales. White folks will dress up as Geisha girls, pimps, rappers, video girls with stuffed backsides wearing black face, Mexican, Indian and Native American stereotypes, and whatever else costume companies will come up with that reduces nonwhites into cartoony outfits.

With Halloween, liberal hipster racism comes out to play. It is anything but harmless fun, and the white people are not clueless as to not know. Their closet racism comes out in full force, even if it hits below the belt. Such is the case with three douchebags and their extreme anti-black sentiment they were more than happy to share with the world.

Meet Caitlin (Kt) Cimero, Greg Cimero and William Filene, three average young white people in the Halloween spirit, or so it seems. They also are strongly opinionated regarding a certain murder of a certain black teen by a certain overzealous neighborhood watch leader as seen in their Facebook picture.

Their now-infamous picture features one man in black face wearing a hoodie sweater with a fake blood stain indicating a gunshot wound. On his opposite side is another man with his hand pointed by a gun wearing a black shirt that reads “Neighborhood watch” in white letters. Both men were smiling.

In the middle is Caitlin wearing what appears to be costume of a gangster’s mall. Whether that’s connected with the two men’s costumes is unknown. But it seems unrelated. Still, all three appeared happy as hell, and their friends thought the photo was appealing.

But as expected, it gets worse.

Caitlin also has a Facebook picture of a little black girl wearing a “Black Girls Rock” t-shirt. Caitlin had this to say about it:

First of all, sorry hun, but mommy lied to you and secondly, if I was wearing a shirt that said something like the truth “white girls rock” I would be stared at and called a racist cracker.

At least 11 people liked her statement at the time. (Sighs!)

Where to start? Where should I begin in dismantling these dipshits? Let’s start slow and work our way to the core of this bullshitery.

I know everyone has opinions, but they also have assholes too. I expected George Zimmerman to be let off for his murder of Trayvon Martin, and I know many people see that as triumph. But, to mock it as a Halloween costume is one of the most vile ways to express your opinion.

An unarmed child’s life was murdered by a man who thought he was trouble simply because he looked like trouble to a delusional man. I know to someone like Caitlin and her boys, that’s hard to understand for someone with a severe conscience deficiency.

These three stooges see the saga as the perfect way to kick off the Halloween spirit because they don’t care about the moral and inhuman infractions it would cause. To suggest that they didn’t know or meant to do it, one would assume they have a trace of love for nonwhites. This is absolutely not the case as Caitlin makes her sentiment even more clear with another picture.

I’m not sure if the picture of the little black girl is hers or that she found it from another account and posted it in her own. But to attack a little girl’s self-esteem online is not only cowardly but straight up cruel and sinister.

Black women have it rough in this white racist environment. They are constantly told that they are not part of the beauty enclave that is virtually exclusive to white females only. Those messages of black female hatred are sounded off all the time, everywhere, even from the black community itself.

For this air head to say that the message “Black Girls Rock” is a lie and using a picture of a black child to illustrate it is part of the problem. She’s taking part in an insidious crusade to crush the self-esteem of black women and further please white female supremacy.

White females have been praised for being the the apex of beauty for ages, and there are white women who are unapologetic about knowing and flaunting it. And so, when black women access their self-confidence, they get agitated and threatened. “How dare black women claim that they rock!?! That’s racist!”

No, stupid. That’s standing up against racism, the kind exhibited by this “woman”, her two schmucks and their Facebook friends. It’s a strong opinion to counter a racist mainstream opinion. To strike down such opposition shows a fragile, delicate ego.

So yes, Caitlin. You are a racist cracker. Those two males in the picture with you are also racist crackers. You all are a group of racist crackers, and you make me sick. Just like you have a right to your opinion, others have rights to their opinions as well, and my opinion is that you all are miserable life forms who are not as “good” as you probably think you are.

Let this be a lesson to you whack-asses out there. If you don’t want trouble from people of color because you felt it’s your God-given right to parade around in stereotypes that dehumanizes them, dress up as something else or stay the fuck home and watch Charlie Brown.