Halloween Racism at its Worst

Three white friends on Facebook, with two mocking Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

The following is based on a Tumblr page by Alien Babe from planet Zargon.

Ah yes. Halloween, the time of year when kids and adults dress up in costumes, get candy, go to fun parties and turn in to cable TV to see Linus miss the Great Pumpkin for the billionth time.

It is also a time when people of color are further detached from their humanity in the name of costume sales. White folks will dress up as Geisha girls, pimps, rappers, video girls with stuffed backsides wearing black face, Mexican, Indian and Native American stereotypes, and whatever else costume companies will come up with that reduces nonwhites into cartoony outfits.

With Halloween, liberal hipster racism comes out to play. It is anything but harmless fun, and the white people are not clueless as to not know. Their closet racism comes out in full force, even if it hits below the belt. Such is the case with three douchebags and their extreme anti-black sentiment they were more than happy to share with the world.

Meet Caitlin (Kt) Cimero, Greg Cimero and William Filene, three average young white people in the Halloween spirit, or so it seems. They also are strongly opinionated regarding a certain murder of a certain black teen by a certain overzealous neighborhood watch leader as seen in their Facebook picture.

Their now-infamous picture features one man in black face wearing a hoodie sweater with a fake blood stain indicating a gunshot wound. On his opposite side is another man with his hand pointed by a gun wearing a black shirt that reads “Neighborhood watch” in white letters. Both men were smiling.

In the middle is Caitlin wearing what appears to be costume of a gangster’s mall. Whether that’s connected with the two men’s costumes is unknown. But it seems unrelated. Still, all three appeared happy as hell, and their friends thought the photo was appealing.

But as expected, it gets worse.

Caitlin also has a Facebook picture of a little black girl wearing a “Black Girls Rock” t-shirt. Caitlin had this to say about it:

First of all, sorry hun, but mommy lied to you and secondly, if I was wearing a shirt that said something like the truth “white girls rock” I would be stared at and called a racist cracker.

At least 11 people liked her statement at the time. (Sighs!)

Where to start? Where should I begin in dismantling these dipshits? Let’s start slow and work our way to the core of this bullshitery.

I know everyone has opinions, but they also have assholes too. I expected George Zimmerman to be let off for his murder of Trayvon Martin, and I know many people see that as triumph. But, to mock it as a Halloween costume is one of the most vile ways to express your opinion.

An unarmed child’s life was murdered by a man who thought he was trouble simply because he looked like trouble to a delusional man. I know to someone like Caitlin and her boys, that’s hard to understand for someone with a severe conscience deficiency.

These three stooges see the saga as the perfect way to kick off the Halloween spirit because they don’t care about the moral and inhuman infractions it would cause. To suggest that they didn’t know or meant to do it, one would assume they have a trace of love for nonwhites. This is absolutely not the case as Caitlin makes her sentiment even more clear with another picture.

I’m not sure if the picture of the little black girl is hers or that she found it from another account and posted it in her own. But to attack a little girl’s self-esteem online is not only cowardly but straight up cruel and sinister.

Black women have it rough in this white racist environment. They are constantly told that they are not part of the beauty enclave that is virtually exclusive to white females only. Those messages of black female hatred are sounded off all the time, everywhere, even from the black community itself.

For this air head to say that the message “Black Girls Rock” is a lie and using a picture of a black child to illustrate it is part of the problem. She’s taking part in an insidious crusade to crush the self-esteem of black women and further please white female supremacy.

White females have been praised for being the the apex of beauty for ages, and there are white women who are unapologetic about knowing and flaunting it. And so, when black women access their self-confidence, they get agitated and threatened. “How dare black women claim that they rock!?! That’s racist!”

No, stupid. That’s standing up against racism, the kind exhibited by this “woman”, her two schmucks and their Facebook friends. It’s a strong opinion to counter a racist mainstream opinion. To strike down such opposition shows a fragile, delicate ego.

So yes, Caitlin. You are a racist cracker. Those two males in the picture with you are also racist crackers. You all are a group of racist crackers, and you make me sick. Just like you have a right to your opinion, others have rights to their opinions as well, and my opinion is that you all are miserable life forms who are not as “good” as you probably think you are.

Let this be a lesson to you whack-asses out there. If you don’t want trouble from people of color because you felt it’s your God-given right to parade around in stereotypes that dehumanizes them, dress up as something else or stay the fuck home and watch Charlie Brown.


86 thoughts on “Halloween Racism at its Worst

  1. Make no excuses for them for they know the evil they do.

    This melanin recessive alien says the truth is wg rock. On a 10 pt. (or whatever) scale from head to toe I guarantee everything she thinks is grand about her was (Alkebulan) the Land of Kush created/european replicated. Even w/her weak ass venom she types w/black vernacular. They can’t even talk about us negatively in they own tongue. THAT’S BECAUSE NOTHING ABOUT YOU IS ORIGINAL.

    Take away a prime candidate for skin cancer pension for copy-cat, culture stealing skulduggery. I guarantee you they don’t measure up to the ‘laziest minority’ here in ameriKKKlan.

    Is there any way we can post this at Linkd in so they get a fair shake in future job interviews?

    And you wonder why I slit the bitch throat then kicked off the Southampton Insurrection…

    Any european troglodytes, sensitive types who feel my statement was too harsh; it was meant to be. Fuck you in advance.

      1. Get the FUCK off the site. You Bitches racism/hatred seeps through your pores… even in ya’ subconscious.

        You freckle-faced gingers worse than schoolgirls punching boys rather than admit you like them.

        The one thing crazier than your FaceSpace profile & your “so-called” hatred is your attraction to us.

        Pop cyanide for that headache & get some rest.

        Brotha Wolf I will try & tone down my rhetoric but today edward joseph “gon’ get this work.” ***Lux***

    1. Lol! the problem is that for the many you are talking to it will go in one ear and right out the other nothing in the way to stop it you know. and did you see that cunt Michelle Beadle whining on Access Hollywood because stupid cunt Julianne Hough was criticized and rightfully so for wearing blackface. makes me wannna holler then go beat an ass.

      1. Didn’t see it. Was beadle defending that Bitchs’ actions? That’s one show that has no nutritional value. How it remains on air has to be white magic.

  2. As we awaken to our melanin power, anti black vemon will increase. Whites fear one thing more than death itself: us having knowledge of self.

    Please do not “feed” them. They’re running out of time and are getting desperate.

    If you wish to defeat them, cut them off and ignore them.

      1. Know your enemy, Brothawolf. When they act in ways indigenous to their nature:

        Sexually predatory
        Antithetical to nature

        Just think to yourself, “This is who and what they are.” Remember that Yurugu is hated amongst ALL spiritual scriptures including the bible, quran, the Dogon, Melchizedek, the original Torah, the original Egiptian scrolls and ALL other tribes of the planet earth.

        Not one kind word has been said or written about the pale skinned beast from the land of Canaan. Evil from the beginning, their asili has no hope. That’s why the sun, our relative, will burn them alive and vanquish them from the earth.

        Know that EVERY interaction you have with Esau is one of aggression and utter hatred for your gorgeous brown skin and you’ll never be shocked/surprised/disgusted again. Hope that helps.

    1. WOW.. It is truly frightening that anyone would think like you or listen to your “insight”. You believe that anglos don’t want people of african descent to be educated or intelligent? Well there’s your real problem. You are so confused and it is YOU who perpetuates hate and evil. You say “EVERY interaction you have with Esau is one of aggression and utter hatred for your gorgeous brown skin”. Agression and Hatred? Who is agressive and full of hate? You. What you get from the world is what you give it, and clearly you are a shining example of this colloquialism.

      You say anglos are “Terroristic, Violent, Racist, Evil, Sexually predatory, Merciless, Unforgiving, Antithetical to nature” yet it is YOU who is sterotyping an entire race, it is YOU who spews unethical and unforgiving disgust for anglos. Violent? Terroristic? Do you know where the majority of violent crimes come from in America? Or terroristic crimes in the world?

      I hope God shines light into your mind, and I certainly hope people like Brothawolf or any other impressionable person sees through your strange and hypocritical toxins that you are letting out into the world.

      1. @ Lindsey

        I typically do not respond to lower ether beings like yourself. However…I feel like clearing the air and moving on. You are the one that came to a black blog to “educate” us on our “racism”.

        If you truly feel the need for change, why don’t you go to your Canis Major Peoples and educate them on the God Principles called:


        Africans were fine on this beautiful planet before your reptilian inception.

        I could go on but I know that would “feed” you.

        End Conversation.

      2. Lindsey Hudson,

        For centuries, white people have not only tried to suppress quality education from blacks, but they also punished those who suspected of learning. That was part of white people’s urge to reduce Slaves to docile humans along with stripping them of the knowledge of their heritages forcibly shoving their whiteness down their throats. Diaryofanegress’ frustration comes dealing with white racism. One would think that would be a natural and reasonable attitude to have when you’re subjected to being dehumanized one way or another on a constant basis, but for some reason, white people can’t seem to understand why. Instead, they expect us to be happy along with them while they insult us.

        Given the history of black and white relations in this country, we didn’t start this stereotype problem. Whites have negatively stereotyped blacks into inhuman lifeforms for hundreds of years, and it still continues to this day. Why? Because many whites refuse to see us the same way they see themselves – as individual humans who deserve love and respect.

        Oh, and please save the “who commit the majority of crimes and terrorism” line. We’ve heard it a million times. How can a small section of the population commit most of the crimes in a mostly white dominated nation? You’re practically implying white supremacy by using faulty logic. If the majority of the people in this nation are White non-Hispanics, wouldn’t it stand to reason that most violent crimes, including systematic, in this nation are committed by whites? I’m no expert in statistics, but I’m personally sick of hearing how black people are always the problem in this nation when if it wasn’t for the white ancestors, the “problem” wouldn’t have been here to begin with if they’d just minded their damn business and left us alone in our native homelands. But nooooooooooooo! They had to have slaves and somebody to degrade because they were too lazy and too miserable to do anything better. SMH.

        Diaryofanegress has every right to be vexed by whiteness, and Lindsey, you’re helping her to maintain her aggravation. Instead of reading, thinking and learning, you took it personal and blamed her. You never considered that there is a reason behind everything, including why so many people of color don’t trust or want to be around people like you.

        Lindsey, black people – people of color are tired of being seen as “different” or a “problem”. Talking to us like we don’t know any better helps nothing. Many of us are smarter than you give us credit for. And you have a lot to learn.

      3. Who is the one perpetuating hate in the picture stupid ass! Typical that you choose to whine and get defensive rather than take a long hard look at yourself and realize you are NOT as perfect as you believe.

      4. “Violent?” White People

        “Terroristic?” White People

        “Do you know where the majority of violent crimes come from in America?”
        White People landing on the shores of Turtle Island, slicing the throat of their hosts then calling it thanksgiving. I call it “El Dia de la Muerte.”

        “Or terroristic crimes in the world?”
        White People only invade countries where Persons of Color reside. Africa, The Middle East, India, Asia, North, Central & South Amurr’klan… Shall I proceed where your teacher & family stopped?

        Stay The Fuck Off The Site… Y’all can have twerking. We was through w/dat shit 20+yrs. ago. Nah, gon’, git

      5. Bitch don’t ever disrespect The Queen.

        I wish she sold those “hypocritical toxins.” (It would) Be the best thang since redbull. These PRO-BLACK sites definitely gimme wings!

        Nah go kick cans cause you dead out here… No, go that way! ***Rich Po***

  3. Well said, Brothawolf, well said. I love this campaign from a group at Ohio University: http://www.ohio.edu/orgs/stars/Poster_Campaign.html. “We’re a culture, not a costume.” Scroll down to see the previous year’s posters – the 2013 don’t seem to be posted yet to this page. They are here: http://www.ohio.edu/orgs/stars/Home.html But this instance you blogged about goes far beyond the usual offensive stereotyping. These people are mocking a tragic death.

      1. who created the picture dumbass! funny how you little shits want to whine about ‘real racist’ when you get called and rightfully so for your thoughtless stupid arrogant behavior well who gives a fuck about what a dumbass prick says? not me

  4. Brothawolf, you just earned another follower!

    In your post, you had questioned whether Caitlin’s costume is supposed to tie in with the others; in the Facebook screenshot in the Colorline article, someone said she was “Robin Da Hood.” As in, she’s “robbing the hood.” Still not funny, and the whole idea is still stupid as hell.

    This post is so spot on. How insecure does this little girl have to be about herself to say that “Black Girls Rock” is a lie? As black women find empowerment in solidarity, we’ll start seeing more scared little girls like Caitlin, who are afraid of a world where black is beautiful. Her racism, on the other hand, shows just what an ugly person she is.

    1. Because it’s TRUE! If any white girl were to dare wear a shirt that said “white girls rock” .. you’d have all sorts of nitwit idiot blacks complaining that it’s racists! Like you always do ! ! !

      1. If any white girl needed the confidence boost that a damned t-shirt would provide then all she has to do is open a fashion magazine or turn on the television.

        White women are seen as the standard of beauty already. So calm the fuck down and recognize how racist you sound. A “White Girls Rock” t-shirt is racist. The world already thinks they rock. Ignorance must be bliss.

      2. Here’s one for Irish Girls Rock = http://www.zazzle.com/irish_girls_rock_t_shirt-235025380841682483

        Here’s one for Italian Girls Rock = http://www.zazzle.com/italian_girls_rock_tshirt-235583343495682199

        Here’s one for Danish Girls Rock = http://www.zazzle.com/danish_girls_rock_tshirt-235148961972314468

        There’s also ones for Serbian, Portuguese, Swedish, ect. So shut the fuck up, go away and quit stalking us with your broken record whining.

        I’m REALLY starting to despise these people. Like they make my skin crawl and I stay away if I don’t have to work with them. Creepy. Follow us everywhere talking about they hate us. Then quite following us. If WE are so racist, why haven’t we all blown you away, enslaved you and stolen the limited resources of Europe? GTFOWTBS. Go have a seat on your flat ass.
        Thin lipped, beak nosed, genetic recessive, wookie haired piece of shit. Just leave us alone already. I’m SO over you people. You just don’t respond well to civilized discourse, so just leave us alone already!

        I can’t wait for The Most High to take care of Edom already.It’s overdue. I used to be appalled at the statement of Dr. Kambon….but now I understand.

      3. Because it’s TRUE! If any white girl were to dare wear a shirt that said “white girls rock” .. you’d have all sorts of nitwit idiot blacks complaining that it’s racists! Like you always do ! ! !

        I’d ask of your purpose for being here, but chances are you’d probably deflect the question with yet another spiel accusing black bloggers of being “anti-white.”

    2. In case you haven’t noticed the girl in that picture is butt ass ugly she is an insecure little pig who is jealous and has to tear someone else down because she already knows she is not that great. with that hat and that face I thought she was supposed to be Freddy Kruger her face really is THAT scary.

  5. smh, not surprised I mean they made a game about this and now they wear a costume. this crazy chick must also think black history month is racist too, well get over it lady. Hmm so its ok to have black things just as long as we don’t say black history or black girls rock, maybe we need to be more covert beat them at their own game. They love being covertly racist. We can’t let lost hopeless ppl like these get to us, yes i’m annoyed but not shocked, that is the one thing that hardly happens is me being shocked. Let ppl show themselves let them show how ugly their spirit is, the world is watching.

  6. Brothawolf, ban the commenter. Don’t let them take over your space the way they took over Abagonds. DiaryOANegress is right. Ignore them. Don’t give them any energy. They follow us all over the internet. We don’t follow them. Fuck them and everything they stand for. If they don’t like what you have to say, they can go someplace else. Why shouldn’t we be allowed a safe place where we can talk without being fucking stalked??? I just don’t get it. Yes, Black girls DO rock after centuries of people like this poster telling us we don’t. They are threatened when we display self esteem. Display MORE self esteem by not acknowledging them. Just cut the low-life, low level fucker off. He can go rant to Stormfront and froth at the mouth there. PLEASE don’t become another Abagond.

    1. I know, there is way too many White trolls on Abagond and I don’t comment on Abagond that much anymore because of the White trolls. I miss it when Abagond took more control didn’t allow such trolls on his blog the way he does now.

  7. “White Devil’s” at their best time for them is running out so there going to pull out all the tricks they have…so get ready for the “True Uglyness” to come out.

  8. First of all, sorry hun, but mommy lied to you and secondly, if I was wearing a shirt that said something like the truth “white girls rock” I would be stared at and called a racist cracker.”

    Rofl, so if u wear a shirt saying white girls rock you’d be called racist but being around racist ppl in a costume making fun of a dead teen is supposed to be more acceptable?
    Now the other thing lmbao if white girls rock and that is the truth then why are u mad that someone is saying they rock? I don’t go to someone I think is unattractive and say u know u are ugly u don’t rock, I leave them alone because I don’t have time to argue with someone over whether they are pretty or not and I don’t care. But obviously she does care, what good is it to be fine and have low self esteem? Yall say black women are ugly yet we had the highest self esteem. I respect ppl that may lack in the looks department but they don’t have low self esteem and don’t need ppl to validate them every five minutes. I see plenty of fine ppl that need validation every 5 minutes or they feel ugly and they are never truly happy with who they are. Be mad at women that are happy with ourselves I will take being ugly and happy over being fine and unhappy. White women like her can say this all they want because they are not happy, what woman can be happy if she is always trying to be someone she is not or be a certain size or whatever to stay on a pedestal? A pedestal that men created and she has to be what that man wants her to be for her to be on a pedestal. Black women don’t have a pedestal and that’s ok because we have something better, we have peace, we don’t have to worry about being kicked off a pedestal for not being what a man tells us we are supposed to be like. We don’t have to be a size 0 or have blonde hair blue eyes and we don’t have to stand by men that have committed every sin against mankind just to be on a pedestal .we think we rock because we love ourselves first and foremost and we can sleep well at night because we have not benefitted from other ppl or other women being oppressed and raped just for a pedestal. No we may not be beautiful in ur eyes but why would we want to be ur eyes and ur heart are broken.

  9. I am not shocked to hear about this at all because these people have always hated us. Plus the shirt Black Girls Rock is not racist because Black little girls needs to be told relentlessly that they are beautiful while living in a racist, White owned society that disregards Black people. It is sick how people like Caitlin are so cruel and evil to the point that they disregard the feelings of others.

    Why is a White troll, Edward Joseph on this site?

    1. Unfortunately Adeen, our people gave birth to the pasty-faces. As a result, wm are attracted to bw. As we all know, ww are into Black Men. The Black Woman is the Ultimate Woman and the Black Man is the Ultimate Man. They wll never leave us alone. We are going to have to put up more anti-white messages to scare them away. They will still look over everything we do. They will always want to know what we are doing, even when it isn’t about them. Our people, everywhere, are not safe from these non-black races. The worst out of all non-black people are the ghosts.

      1. Imhotep,

        You didn’t respond to what I found out about you. If you don’t respond, I’ll have to take the word of Truthbetold and Kushite Prince and ban you.

      2. I noticed how the media keeps harping on Chris Brown yet says nothing about Charlie Sheen attacking his wife on Christmas these people are so arrogant they think they poo don’t stink that’s why they look for fault in Negroes because they can’t face any of their own.

  10. 1) Anyone who claims that racism is dead or dying can look at these three and see otherwise. Then again, they’d probably claim “it’s just three good kids horsing around – they just made an innocent mistake, after all…”


    Yes, Caitlin shows insecurity if she goes on to attack a photo of a child.


  11. Stupid fucks, if you are over ten years old you don’t need to be dressing up for Halloween anyway. Dumb bastards, these fools know what they are doing.

  12. Why can’t we have a safe place to talk amongst ourselves? It’s them who come with the offensive and vile display of ignorance. And they come in and attack us. We don’t follow them. But they come to our spot. Why is that?

    1. Ms mary

      idk why they come here they just love being around us and getting our emotions stirred up, I won’t give them the satisfaction. They’ve been coming where we are since the beginning when it was jim crow they still made their way over to black clubs and hot spots. They want what all the power and resources in the world can’t give them which is happiness, love, and contentment. They want everything whereas everybody else is fine with what they have.it is why they flip out and attack us any time we have self esteem notice when they did the study saying black women are most confident then they started trying to put us down. They are miserable and misery loves company. They want us angry because when u are angry u react without thinking and strategizing It is like a fight. A guy would try to get his opponent upset by saying things about his momma or whatever and the opponent would be angry and just waste energy and not connecting any blows that is the way they want us just angry and striking without thinking and wasting people and energy.

    2. I believe Jack Nicholson said it best when he spoke “you can’t handle the truth” many of them can’t truth hurts that’s why they get so defensive when it comes at them.

  13. Brothawolf, well-done and well-said from an old-fart white guy in El Paso… and those that already have their minds made up won’t allow those minds to be made up with facts. Good blog post, man.

  14. Interesting fact, if you read the smoking gun you will find out that Cimeno’s friend in black face has an interesting criminal background; Auto theft! All exposed on the smoking gun! I’d say the young man is everything a REAL neighborhood watchman or a REAL man has to watch out for, and as we’ve all come to know, neither term after REAl can be applied to Zimmerman, so if the little buddy on the far right wants to represent an anti intellectual, child killer, whose narcissistic desire to be white and accepted just like Daddy became so profound it lead him to kill, then so be it, at least the world has exposed another degenerate. Perhaps we should be the ones mocking such a lowly mentality….

    When I look at the Cimeno siblings, I take notice of the vowel at the end of their name, the slight hint of olive(black) in their complexion, and I mourn for their late Moorish ancestor whose dominant blood lines ceased long time ago only to produce these attention seeking misfits.

    1. not surprised the arrogance that comes from privilege is astounding though not surprising it’s why I write for Brotha in the first place.

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