Notable Links: 10-25/13

Ursula Burns, Rosalind Brewer, Shonda Rhimes listed among ‘Most Powerful Women in Business.’

The world’s most influential businesswomen represent some of the biggest and most successful global companies. But among the 50 women mentioned, only three are African-American.

The three black women included are: Ursula Burns, CEO and president of Xerox; Rosalind Brewer, CEO and president of Sam’s Club; and Shonda Rhimes, the creative executive producer and the mastermind behind popular TV shows Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.

Rox Sox pitcher Koji Uehara’s son steals the spotlight

A belated congratulations to Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Koji Uehara, who was named the 2013 ALCS MVP over the weekend after a triumphant performance during the American League Championship Series, picking up three saves and a win against the Detroit Tigers — and a trip to the World Series.

Here’s Your Reminder Not to Be a Whack Racist This Halloween

Ohio University’s Students Teaching About Racism (STARS) is out with another reminder to not be a racist idiot this Halloween. The students began making posters with the slogan “We’re a culture, not a costume” as a public awareness tactic to draw attention to degrading and racist Halloween costumes back in 2011 and followed up last year with another set of reminders.

Are We Really So Different? The AAA Exhibit on “Race”

As a multiracial woman often scrutinized for being “ethnically ambiguous” my experience of race is of something absolutely differentiating at the same time I find myself constantly butting up against people who deny its salience. So I felt invalidated then worried that an exhibit choosing to lead with the question, “Are we so different?” might prove unhelpful. Studies have found that when misinformed people were exposed to corrected facts they (a) rarely changed their minds, (b) often became even more strongly set in their beliefs , and (c) did so without recognizing how their own desires influenced them. We live in an era when undoing racism means battling avoidance, denial and the inability to understand another point of view. If people see what they want to see, might a national science exhibit questioning the salience of race run the risk of reinforcing rather than challenging the colorblind ideologies that plague us today? Here’s what I mean…

Students with Down syndrome crowned homecoming king, queen

Great news was delivered to two students last week who made history as the first-ever seniors with Down syndrome to be crowned homecoming king and queen in Florida.

The night marked a momentous occasion for Travjuan Hunter and Semone Adkins, who celebrated with their families after they were announced winners during Friday night’s homecoming football game at West Orange High school in Orange County, Fl.

According to WKMG, Hunter and Adkins were among 12 other students up for the honor and the winning candidates were announced based on the number of votes submitted by the school’s student body.


20 thoughts on “Notable Links: 10-25/13

  1. Shonda Rhimes is very gorgeous. I do not like Scandal. It is making life harder for us. When Why-te men see President Grant with Olivia Pope, it makes them work harder toward eliminating Black Men to get what they want.

    The problem is a lot of us assume that yt people are mixing us out to kill off the Black race. That is not the case. Why-te boys have always lusted (and will always lust) after Sistas. The why-te man has never had any interest in why-te girls. They put us through so much because many of us choose to stay together as Black Man and Woman. So, they did everything to make us hate ourselves and worship them. The why-te man does not want any Black Man alive because as Black Men, We are the Men that our Sistas should want above all. Sistas love themselves when they love Black Men and they see themselves in us. Sometimes, yt men try to convince themselves that Black Men really just want fat why-te girls. That angers them even more because fat why-te girls are getting what they want when why-te boys are left with nothing.

    So many of us want justice from why-te people. They will NEVER give it to us. The race war must happen. There is no other way. We talk about opening our own businesses, but our oppressor is not happy with that. Don’t believe for a minute that they are not thinking of anyway they can shut those businesses down. Yt men see nothing wrong with what happened in Rosewood. The yt man wants the Black Woman working for him and the Black Man unemployed (so we look inferior compared to him in the Black Woman’s eyes).

    Our mistake is that we do not think like an albino male does. They come together much better than we do because they have that drive. All of them want The Black Woman. “Hanglow Saxxons” may dislike the yt jws because they have the money to impress our Sistas with. They all want the Black Woman (sexually) and they are willing to do anything to have her. As Black Men, it is us versus all men of other races. Our worst enemies in all of this, right now, are caucasians. Yt men want all Black Families gone. They are not going to attack single Sistas. There is still the chance that those single Sistas could be blind to whole situation and walk off with a why-te man. Our single Sistas need to wake up to the real reason why we are integrated!

    We need to watch how we are as Black Men. As the originals, it is hard for us to do anything anywhere without getting the attention of non-Black people. They do not want us to be near them when they get organized. If we ask them to go away when we protest, then they call us the “racist”. Worst, some of these non-Black people will go on about how we are always calling out people for being a racist.

    We are all oppressed. It will always be that way until these non-Black races disappear. We can stop believing that they will be fair to us. They do not like staying together (as non-black man and woman). They will always harm us anyway they can. We talk about all of civilization coming from us with pride. We have a big responsibility. If they all come from us then they have the strongest attraction to us and us only.
    All we have in all of this is ourselves.

  2. Wolf, I know this is off topic, I just saw 12 years a slave. I am so numb. It is well acted, but the images are so brutal and it is gut wrenching and excruciating. It is hard and brutal. My friend and I left the theater red eyed from crying. The woman siting next to me was crying also. It rough.

      1. If you look them up on Facebook(which your able to do), all of them listen to black musicians, have quotes from Native Americans, and have the gall to talk about tolerance..Malcom X always said they were about lip service. White People= The Manifestation of Hypocrisy, Inhumanity, Bigotry, and Denial everyone!

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