Video: Israel’s New Racism

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13 thoughts on “Video: Israel’s New Racism

  1. From a people that have experienced genocide, demonetization, ect, I was expecting better. I don’t understand why they categorize Jewish as a race when its a religion(many like to use this as an excuse to their racism) and then parade around their racism and xenophobia like a badge of honor. Israel is looking alot like America.

  2. First Brotha, everytime I jump to your blog that wolf staring back at me ALWAYS surprises me. And I guess that be the point or at least I hope that’s the point.

    And please excuse me for the things I’m about to say: These fucking people man, they are just the worst. I wonder what would have happened if the U.S. would have turned their back on them during the “liberation” of Europe toward the end of World War II? And trust me what they do, they do with the U.S. standing tall behind them so think about that. They are absolutely surrounded by people that hate them yet still the be. They have kicked a people off their land and now occupy that and fuck who don’t like it. The same people are little more than slaves and if the “Isn’t Real” government wants some land that a Palastinian family is on, then got damn it they better be moving or get ran over. It makes no difference to the government.

    The true Jewish people have no standing in the eyes of these people because of course they are the chosen. Chosen for what though, I don’t know. And don’t even get me started with what they do in this country. “Isn’t Real” runs this country, and if you don’t believe that look at how they treat people–much like the U.S. treats people.

    Please forgive my typos and so on as I have no desire to read over this. I’m sorry but this issue just get’s me crazy.

  3. Our mistake as a people is that we are not racist. These non-black races are always going to be hateful towards us. We are given everything the first people have. We were made in the image of our Creator. All of civilization comes from us. As a result of that, all of these non-black races are most attracted to us over themselves. Most of them do not show it. People like Robert Zimmerman talk about us behind closed doors. They only try to convince themselves that we are irresponsible, uninteligent, and dangerous to stay away from us. Most non-Black People are aware that the Black Woman is the Black Man’s first choice. The Black Woman is the Black Man’s first choice. So, I gather that they want to stay away from us in fear of rejection. All of these non-Black men secretly and openly are jealous of Black Men. The same can be said for non-Black women and Sistas.

    We are not going to be treated fairly anywhere we go. We must stay together wherever we are. These non-Black races believe we deserve oppression. We need to stop seeing ourselves as regular people and realize that we are in a ongoing race war. As Black People, we need to put our heads together and organize like these other cultures. We need to stop running to these non-black people for help. The Chinese immigrants in Amerikkka may have been called colored along with us, but that does not mean they are allies of ours. If they are going to fight RWS, they are going to do it for their own reasons. All we have out here is ourselves. We have got to do better as a race everywhere we are.

    1. Dr. Umar Johnson said that White Supremacy is going to end, however, Black people need to look out for other types of supremacy (i.e., Chinese supremacy, Arab supremacy, etc.) that can take White supremacy’s place. This will be an on-going battle.

  4. I really don’t entertain myself with the racist mind. I know it exist. I’m more concerned with black cohesiveness. Yes, white domination over the world will end and it is in its final stage, as the walls have come tumbling down, however, I agree with Mickey, the black man will only be dominated and governed by a new master unless he/she awakens ones own mind and soul by first seeking unity amongst our flock. Yes, we as a people are abused and disdained at all four corners of the earth, and needed to deflect the victimizers own ills from being brought forth to light, and we have video to expose the inhumanities inflicted upon our brothers and sisters, but now what???

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