Notable Links: 10-18/13

Backfire! GOP Hostage Taking Boosts Obamacare’s Popularity

The firm’s nationwide poll of 950 people was taken October 6-8, as the GOP’s shutdown over defunding the ACA entered its second week. It found, unsurprisingly, that the sectors of society most in need of healthcare options—poor people, unmarried women and older people who can’t get care—sought real-life solutions, not political posturing.

“We know from the implementation, that as people are seeing benefits, that people are favoring the law,” pollster Stan Greenberg said in a teleconference Wednesday. “There is just every reason to believe that as you get implementation, you’ll get further shifts.”

Really Racist Video Proclaims White Girl’s Love of Chinese Food

The Asian Girlz video from a few months back was bad enough. But now we have Alison Gold’s song and video called “Chinese Food.” It features a black rapper dressed up as a panda bear and Gold wearing what’s supposed to be traditional Chinese garb. Disgusted yet?

Denial Runs Deep: The NFL and Concussions

While the documentary is on the specific situation within the NFL, it missed an opportunity to highlight the crisis associated with the long-term consequences of head trauma on countless playing fields.  The crisis documented within the film is one that is potentially talking place within the collegiate ranks, from football to women’s soccer.  In fact, research shows that female athletes suffer concussions at a higher rate than their male counterparts. The film missed an opportunity to reflect on a culture and society of silence.

The way we talk about sexual assault is broken

As I’ve considered what happened in Maryville, or Steubenville, what happens all over this country, day after day and year after year, I wonder about the line between having necessary conversations about sexual violence and losing sight of what prompted these conversations. Are we fighting for these victims? Are we fighting for ourselves? Or are we just fighting?


5 thoughts on “Notable Links: 10-18/13

  1. ugh why did I listen to that annoying song, that vid was wack and the song was lame reminds me of Rebecca black’s song friday double ugh.
    The link about concussions was on point, it is crazy that ppl expect athletes to just go back on the field after an injury, I remember ppl were making fun of that one basketball player for not getting back on the court fast enough after having a torn acl. They are ppl they are not superman or superwomen they get injured and can die just like the rest of us.
    I do think sometimes ppl blame sexual assault victims instead of blaming the men that do it. Yes women should be careful and alert, but at the same time the males should not take advantage of women that aren’t, its disgusting to see shows where males will hit on drunk women. I’ve seen a few where the man will call her a cab and tell her to call him when she sober, that is the right thing to do. I think some of them just don’t care or think they wouldn’t have a chance with that woman if she was sober. Either way parents need to talk to both of their kids not just the females, on how to act and make good judgment and not to get too drunk to where u can’t make good judgment.

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