Video: Racist Philly Cops

WARNING: The following video contains coarse, racist and dehumanizing language. Viewer discretion is advised.

According to Salon, the Philly police has been swamped with lawsuits over discrimination and brutality, and the list of similar incidents continue to pile on. As I side note, I wonder if our resident troll Jay from Philly is friends with these fools in the video. It wouldn’t be surprising if he was.



8 thoughts on “Video: Racist Philly Cops

  1. I saw this vid it was disgusting, sure stop somebody just because they say hi to someone u claim is a drug dealer. oh u must know them if u say hi u don’t say hi to strangers not even in the city of brotherly love smh. I guess all blacks know each other so we cant possibly say an innocent hi to another black person without being in cahoots with each other smh. Then he goes on talking about how do u know we didn’t get a call about somebody that looks like u, really well did u get a call like that? no didn’t think so. oh and when he said go back to jersey we don’t want u here u bringing down the country by free loadin, smh and the cop was just hoping they had a warrant and like I bet they have one

      1. I think that the cop who did the most talking is a very ignorant man. I have encountered one’s like him, and I have encountered others who might stop someone and ask questions,but don’t behave like that. Cops who behave like that make it hard for the p
        ones who follow proper procedure.

  2. The yt man naturally hates Black Men. They do not like having to help us in any situation. They turn red in the face if they are forced to do anything for a black man. Some of them in interracial relationships with Sistas have asked, “How can you call me a racist when my girlfriend is black?” They never tell you how they feel about the existence of Black Men. They just speak of Sistas as if our whole race consists of only Sistas.

    We, as a people, are in a very difficult situation. We want racism to end, but that would mean mixing their race out. They want that. There is no guarantee that they would stop taking the lives of Brothas and Sistas if they got what they wanted from us. They do not see themselves at all. None of our people with common sense want to go anywhere near them. Even the why-te woman is afraid of her own son. It seems like yt men naturally like engaging in violent activities everyday when they are not talking about themselves to everyone else. They are extremely hyper at a young age, too.

    They have no respect for anything on Earth. Thankfully, Our Creator is punishing them. Many of them are dying of skin and breast cancer more nowadays. I do not understand why they must feel like they can do everything for everybody. Now they are trying to solve death. I guess they are looking to be appreciated as a race by all non-white races. They do not get that most races do not like being around them because they are always harming someone or something without apology. They are probably the only people in the world that smile while kicking someone.They do not even know why they are so violent. We know that it because they are cave people. They do not like hearing about their forefathers coming from the Caucaus Mountains. They do not like hearing the truth ever, anyway. The fact that most of their businesses have the air conditioner on all of the time gives them away as cave people.

    We need to watch them while we are out. They do not mind starting anything anywhere.

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