Vern’s Venting: Speak For Yourself

Danny Hoch

Let me preface this post by saying I absolutely adore actor and poet Danny Hoch and that I am madly in love with rocker Bruce Springsteen. In fact if my man Bruce were into the whole ‘swirl’ thing, I would more than happily be his.

Still, as much as I worship those two I am really ticked off about something, and that is why are black folk always letting others speak for us?

Several years back when HBO was worth watching, producer extraordinaire Russell Simmons creator of Def Comedy Jam had on another program called Def Poets. And my favorite, Danny Hoch, was on there one time reading a poem where he mentioned Amadou Diallo and Abner Louima.

For those not in the know, both men were immigrants from African countries who ran afoul with the NYPD. Mr. Diallo lost his life in the process. Yet, I rarely if ever hear black people bringing his name up, certainly not to the SAME extent that they do when they are attacking a black celebrity or making snide comments about them.

Amadou Diallo

Recently on another website, somebody I assumed was black felt the absolute incessant need to mention OJ when the topic didn’t even have shit to do with him. It’s bad enough that we have stupid ass white people using any and every excuse to re-hash OJ because they are forever trapped in someone OJ fog warp. But when black people do it, they would never expound even one minute bringing up the name of a black person murdered at the hands of whites. And no, I am not talking about 150 years ago or even 50 years ago, because the murders of Mr. Diallo and Oscar Grant happened recently.

My boy Bruce was so disgusted with the actions toward Mr. Diallo that he wrote a song called “41 Shots” about the tragedy. Then, we have rapper Ice-T who claims to ‘hate the police’ so much. Yet, he plays one on TV. To add insult to injury, he did a song trashing OJ called “Hey O”, a take on the Jimi Hendrix classic called “Hey Joe”. Funny how little Mr. Hates-the-fucking-police seems oblivious when they take yet another life of a young black male.

You’d think that with the open season mentality on black men, both famous and non-black males of all people would be the last to engage in their vilification or misery. Well, you’d be wrong, way wrong. In fact, black males are the biggest culprits when it comes to attacking black males. I hardly even hear a peep from them about the bad behavior of white males, nor is there ever any outrage for their black male brethren. Instead, they appear to take great delight in jumping on every bandwagon created by white people in the media, despite the fact that they know damn good and well white males won’t be getting equal animosity. Maybe they want racist hypocrites being their judge and jury but I damn sure as fuck don’t!

And if it’s not black males, then it’s black females on blogs whining about Lil Wayne every ten seconds, as if that is some tried and true gateway to solving all of blacks ills. Newsflash! It isn’t, any more than rushing to partake in demonizing other black people while not holding white people accountable for their racism and hypocrisy is. No, they want to join in either because they are too chickenshit, or are just happy that they aren’t the target of whitey’s wrath themselves. I don’t really know, but what I do know is that a cartoon pig is obviously smarter than a lot of black people, at least in the beloved children’s story “Charlotte’s Web”.

One of the main characters, Wilbur the pig, was trying desperately to save his own life. Not black people we seem hellbent on participating in our own demise, we certainly aren’t that concerned with one another’s.

I have seen the pattern play out endlessly before a travesty like Oscar Grant or Trayvon Martin occur, and black people get all huffy and complain for ten minutes. Then, we go right back to our lives of treating each other like the shit you scrape off of a shoe. And we wonder why we are always at the bottom of the food chain, particularly when we have dumbasses like CNN anchor Don Lemon agreeing with blatantly racist blowhard Fake Noise contributor Bill O’Reilly.

Reilly is your typical white male arrogant asshole on an ego power trip of his own importance. He says “Jump”, and some Negroes run to question how high, instead of telling that sack of shit to go fuck himself and with a rusty pipe at that. However, Mr. Lemon sadly is not the only one stupid enough to fall for the con. Many black people are guilty of playing by white people’s rules.

Not too long ago, a sportswriter, whom I dislike with a passion, ESPN’s Jemele Hill had the utter gall to write a column where she likened what pervert Jerry Sandusky did to what dog fighter Michael Vick did. Can you say DUMBASS boys and girls? Sure, I knew that you could.

First of all, there is no way in hell what Mr. Vick did even remotely comes close to being as heinous as what that fucker Sandusky did, regardless of how the racist bitches of the sports world try and spin it. Come to think of it, nobody has been giving Sandusky nearly as much shit as they gave Michael Vick, or Michael Jackson either for that matter.

Plenty of black comedians, shock jocks, even black folks on the blogsphere wouldn’t let even one second pass without using any and all excuses to rip Michael Jackson to pieces. I have yet to hear any of those chuckleheads make a sound about why is it that white people are once again being quiet as mice when the bad guy is a white guy. As usual, the very same folks who take immense pleasure in criticizing a black person that is a well-known public figure suddenly go mute when a white person is accused of the same crime, or worse.

Michael Jackson

I can think of few things worse than completely destroying the sexual innocence and/or childhood of a minor, except a bunch of stupid-ass people, too fucking gutless to call out the dominant culture on their bullshit, especially when you consider that most white people in the media and public are not the least bit shy when it comes to their racist bullshit. Hell, many are as deliberate as humanly possible, and that’s because they are fully aware that black folks would rather play it safe and kiss their ass than say what needs to be said.

It begs the question, then why is it that black folks get angry at all seeing how it’s only going to last for a little while anyway? And it sure as shit won’t change the minds of those who you are bitching at, not when you have so many Negroes who refuse to say anything of actual worth. Or say anything at all.

6 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Speak For Yourself

  1. I agree with this post. We need to stick together as a race of people because all this bickering and fighting among us is ridiculous and makes us look foolish. How come we are the only race in the world who doesn’t love or stick together?

    1. Other races are not challenged like we are. We are the first people ( and best made creations).

      As oppressed people, we are on different wavelengths.

    2. Like I said on another website I get it when black people did that 50 years ago but why the hell are we STILL doing it? I don’t get it.

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