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Oprah Winfrey

by Lavern Merriweather

The other day, I was visiting a website called Newsone that caters specifically to topics relevant to black folks. And a woman made a sarcastic comment about why is it that lately, the history of Negroes is being seen through the viewpoint of servants. She complained that the people who make these films seem to forget about more prominent African-American contributors to society, people such as Adam Clayton Powell, Bessie Coleman and Marcus Garvey. Instead, we get craptastic shit like that best- selling book “The Help”, and this cringe worthy monstrosity called “The Butler” starring Forrest Whitaker and America’s favorite mammy herself Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah Winfrey and Forrest Whitaker staring in Lee Daniel’s “The Butler”


A sentiment that I couldn’t agree with more even if I fucking tried. Not that I need to becausen I’m sure a lot of folks are just as fed up with Hollyweed domestics. To hear Holly-worthless tell it, black folk’s stories only matter if they share as much top billing, if not giving all the glory to white people. What’s worse is that they think throwing in the tagline that this is a ‘true story’ is supposed to ease the well- deserved disgust that films like this generate.

Well here’s the thing, Hollywhatever; I don’t give a fuck. That it’s a true story!

That does not in any way, shape or form make this movie any less of a shitty piece of tripe meant to make you, a.k.a. white males, look more like heroes and not as villains. This is more Hollywhitewash of the dominant culture’s decadent, brutal thuggish past. They might as well be the well-meaning mother-in-law who defends her wife-beater son by showing his ‘cute’ baby pictures in court after he’s beaten his wife so badly that she is now in a coma. Spare me!

Painting the past with a rose colored brush will never alleviate it or change it in your favor. The long suffering black people can never truly be erased or fixed for your benefit. But still, according to you, we still look to the white man as our rescuer in movies you produce and distribute.

It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that this movie has Oprah Winfrey’s name all over it. Remember this is the same woman who has made millionaires out of people like James Frey, Paula Deen, Dr. Phil, and the world’s most annoying woman, Rachel Ray. And please don’t give me that argument about all her contributions to black people. It obviously ain’t showing where it counts.

Oprah with Rachael Ray


I remember rather vividly when Oprah first took over for the morning show “AM Chicago” that would later become her own program. There was a picture in a local magazine of her and her staff of producers, and it caused many black Chicagoans to lament that her behind the scenes staff was all white.

Winfrey defend her position by saying that this particular group of people was there when she got there. So, she had nothing to do with their being hired. Yet, when the show DID become hers, the production staff stayed the same. So who the hell was she trying to kid?

I have noticed for some time over the years that the whiter her viewing and studio audience got, Winfrey did her best to cater as much as possible to their needs, including demonizing black males, particularly the ones that are famous. Ms. Winfrey never let one minute pass without reminding her lily white cult of soccer moms that she sympathized with them, because she too clutches her purse when she sees those awful Negro men or that she agrees that black men are just the scourge of humanity.

I say that because I can’t for the life of me ever recall that sentiment being expressed towards white males. One instance especially stands out for me, which stems from her never ending terrorizing of rap music and its artists, something that she has never spent one moment preaching to the many white males that run the movie and television industries.

Anyway, little Ms. holier-than-thou was in a big fat tizzy because of a certain rap video starring popular rapper Nelly called “Tip Drill”. The part that supposedly got Winfrey’s huge britches in a knot was when Nelly swiped a credit card down a video vixen’s ass. As gross as that is, it pales very much in comparison to a scene from the HBO smash hit “The Sopranos”.

In one episode, the character of Ralph, played by my favorite actor, Joe Pantoliano upon hearing that a stripper he had sex with is pregnant, makes a derogatory comment to her causing her to get angry and spit in his face. Joey Pants then beats the girl so badly that she ends up dying from it, while his friends cover for him by dumping her body. Keep in mind that he killed her after finding out that she was pregnant with his child. So, he not only doesn’t care about beating a woman to death, but one that is carrying his offspring. Wow, what a nice guy!

Joe Pantoliano in “The Sopranos”


When Oprah had the cast of the show on her program, she didn’t seem the least bit upset or put off by a young woman-with-child being murdered by her pissed off fuck buddy. In fact, she hasn’t uttered one peep about any of the ridiculous amount of misogyny on “The Sopranos”. So, in the little world of Winfrey it’s perfectly okay to beat to death a woman that has told you she is pregnant with your kid, but it’s NOT okay to run a credit card down a girl’s butt crack.

Maybe it makes sense to her, but it makes none to me. Then again, I don’t live to abide by white society’s standards to the degree that she does.

It’s not a coincidence that she very rarely – if ever – attacked white males, nor did she spend much effort on bringing attention to black women that have been raped, murdered, and(or) missing. But let that be JonbBenét Ramsay, Elizabeth Smart, Natalie Holloway or some young, white pretty blond and she couldn’t move her big self fast enough.

Then, she has the absolute nerve to do a show for Rhianna when she has never shown one bit of interest in the welfare of other black women, unless it’s some stupid ass, crappy-as-hell Holly-weird garbage that once again pats white males on the back for doing what they could during civil rights and makes her look old, fat and haggard.

Recently, while at a fancy expensive store in Switzerland, Winfrey was treated like a common hoodrat by a store clerk who felt that a woman, who is a fucking billionaire, couldn’t afford some butt-ugly, little blue handbag for 38 grand.

That same thing happened to her at a store in Paris where although she is supposed to be rich, famous and beloved by white women still has some European cunt remind her that she is not one of them and never will be.

No matter how much white female ass she kisses, Winfrey doesn’t seem to get that she will still not be invited to any of their reindeer games. What galls me the most, however, is that Winfrey later apologized for ‘embarrassing’ the entire country by having this incident made into such a big deal. Okay, say it with me. WHAT THE FUCK!?

Are you fucking kidding me? If that were me, you bet your sweet ass I would raise as much hell as humanly possible and in every corner of the fucking globe to boot. Ms. Winfrey however took the slave route and said ‘sorry’ to massah for knocking her in the head, or in this case, insulting her with a ‘Sorry, Negro, but you aren’t welcome here.’

On another website, someone criticized me for calling Winfrey a mammy. Well what the fuck is that but straight up mammy mentality.? She has to show humility in the face of being treated like a piece of crap? Sorry…no matter of fact, HELL TO THE NO!

I don’t exactly know what kind of message Winfrey is sending by starring in these shit-ass films or bowing down when she is being berated by racism, but it can’t be anything good. I also don’t know what kind of world she lives in but I imagine that by now, she makes sure that the floors are clean enough for her white constituency to eat off of.