Vern’s Venting: Fits the Description

Aaron Alexis

by Lavern Merriweather

Like me, I am sure that many on this website came to the same conclusion when they heard about the violent Navy Yard shooting. That he was – in all – probability a white male that the media would rush to categorize as mentally unstable. With the many recent mass shootings across this country that was a fair assessment to make. Not racist. Yet, racism is exactly what most white people in the MSM use to create a narrative any time there is a high profile story of a fatal act of violence.

Just the other day, Brotha posted a commentary where he asked is the media biased regarding on race. And to that, I answer absolutely unequivocally yes. Although white members of the media are trotting out the crazy defense for killer Aaron Alexis who actually turned out to be African-American, it still pisses me off how they are framing this incident. While they have mentioned his continuous bout with mental illness, such as claiming he heard voices and believing that the government was spying on him, something seems very amiss.

When James Holmes went on a killing rampage last August at a Colorado movie theater, his evil deed was met immediately with the idea that he was insane and therefore, incapable of completely understanding what he did was wrong. Same thing goes for the thug Adam Lanza who committed the Sandy Hook murders, taking 27 lives, most of them children.

However, in Mr. Alexis’ case, it feels as if the media is only calling him nuts to cover their ass. They seem almost reluctant to put him in the same category as a white male. Maybe because if they made the same excuse for him that they do for them, that would actually humanize Mr. Alexis. And the last thing a lot of white men in the media want to do is make a dangerous black man appear human or take a long hard look at the rationale they make for their own destructive, heinous behavior.

What makes it worse is that many black folks not only accept and tolerate this obnoxious white pathology, but they practically embrace it. Regardless of what you think about someone, that is NO excuse to side with a bunch of people who make zero secrets of their racism.

In fact, many in the media are blatant about it. Yet, that doesn’t stop stupid, self-serving foolish Negroes from participating in an extremely obvious hypocritical mindset. Even when white people go out of their way to single black people out, other black folks will happily engage in their pillaring, never once questioning why it is that those same white people don’t get even remotely that bent out of shape when the accused resembles them.

I was just as horrified by the pictures of a bruised and battered Rhianna three years ago at the Grammys following an argument with then-boyfriend Chris Brown. However, I find it exceedingly fake that there are so many whites in the media who insist on not ever letting him live that situation down while saying nothing about the white male celebrities who are guilty of the same thing.

I recall a black man on another website saying that what gets on his nerves most is that there are just as many white males who are rapists, child predators, deadbeat dads, wife-beaters, etc. He also said that the only difference is that white men have better public relations, which I can only imagine that he meant the media, a group of people that has never let one minute pass of exploiting black male crime to their little heart’s content.

They always emphasize crimes in black neighborhoods above anywhere else, including their own back yard, with nary a peep about the number of cases with a false arrest, cop corruption and lack of proper representation. Even if you aren’t guilty of a bad act, you could still get convicted if you have a shitty lawyer that cares more about a 5 ‘o clock happy hour than about seeing that justice is truly served.

Sadly, a good deal of young black males who do go before the court system don’t have the proper resources to afford better legal counsel. They are forced to resort to using a public defender who often times is there to serve their own interests, until they can move on to bigger and better cases. They will resort to ‘slumming’, if you will. They don’ give a rat’s ass about helping a young man that 90 percent of society says was going to end up sitting behind sliding iron doors anyway.

Must be where all those white supremacist arguers in the blog world get their so called statistics from.

Perhaps the reason is that the young males who look like them have parents with the necessary funds and a forgiving temperament from the entire country, the same country that calls white males who commit sick cruel acts of brutality, even against their own children, ‘psycho’ instead of ‘cold-hearted ruthless bastards.’ Certainly not what they call the young black male folks who are endlessly plastered on plasma TV screens.

If you are constantly told that a certain group of people as opposed to your own are the dregs of the planet, then you are going to willingly believe it, especially when there are plenty of black people themselves eager to confirm that mentality. That saves a lot of white people the time and trouble of ever having to face their own demonic, vicious and vile urges.

It’s why white males who are just as ridiculously guilty of being physically abusive with a mate as a black male have their dangerous ways ignored, and why white males who spend – in some cases – years going on killing sprees are treated like pop culture icons and romantic, but tragic, figures.

Old movie poster of “Bonnie and Clyde” starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway as the main characters.


Don’t believe me? Well then, next time pay very close attention when another white male serial killer is discovered and see where most of the focus is pointed. It’s the same pattern done over and over. White males are never seen as guilty. Yet, even when they are, it’s either quickly forgotten or appeased with a shitload of lame ass excuses.

I’d be very curious to see if the mantra that Mr. Alexis is just as ‘off his rocker’ as the white males before him stands. But something tells me it won’t be long before you have those in the media who paint him as a menace’ not as a victim of his own paranoia. My guess it will be either Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly or all three as in the Three Stooges of Fake Noise.


10 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Fits the Description

  1. Whiteness represents goodness and purity in society and worldwide. America was built on the lie of White supremacy. Of course, they would never see White men as guilty of any crime because in their eyes, White is right. However Blackness is sense as dark and evil and whenever a Black person is in trouble, ”it is typical of that race” and so and so. Nothing we do is right in their eyes because they have this fixated mindset that White is right.

  2. Not only does the lawyer not care (the one that would be representing one of us), but the judge, jury and everyone else relevant in the proceedings would be white supremacists and make sure to protect their own. When will we learn we have to protect each other and stop protecting other people who don’t give a sh*t about us?

    MSM plays a huge role in this brainwashing and that’s why I don’t have a TV. People who do have a TV should consider not watching it at all for a few weeks and then watch it again. People would then notice the things that are mentioned in this article.

  3. Very good article.

    What this reminds me of is the same ol’ shit that’s been going on forever; they follow my Black ass around in the store while the ass they need to be watching looks nothing like mine.

      1. We need to stop shopping at those white-owned businesses. They will always treat us the same way everytime. They do not expect us to have any cash, because they would like for it to be that way for us. Yt boys like hearing about what is going on in many of the ghettoes in “this great nation”. Then, they make jokes about how they are always at “work”. Their creations have done nothing but put a hole in the ozone layer. They walk around thinking that everything their ancestors invented was “ahead of its time”. They copied everything they know from us. Their brick buildings would never be in existence if it would not for the house we built in the Motherland.

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