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A group of re-thug-licans

The GOP is filled with hyper-privileged, insane pricks with Democrats being spineless wimps with no fortitude. The U.S. government is losing relevancy faster than 8-track tapes and disco. And it seems it’s all about fighting against a Black President by right-wing imbeciles whose hatred for him is far superlative than their supposed love for their country. In fact, that’s what it comes down to.

In case you’ve been away from the news media in recent hours, the government of a once powerful nation has closed it doors, shutting itself down. This will halt any progress the nation has of regaining its weakened economy, possibly crippling it into another recession or full-on depression. Millions of government workers will be out of work for a while, long enough to make heavy impacts on the whole nation as far as social security, medicare and military pay goes, to name a few.

But the GOP and their Tea Party cronies could care less. In fact, this is what they want. And right now, they’re wetting their pants at the excitement of holding the government hostage until they get their way.

So, what the hell could they possibly want? Apparently, they want to cut spending to little matters such as clean water and failing schools. And they want to delay (at least for a year) Obamacare, a seemingly good idea towards health care. It’s not universal, but hey, it’s better than further privatizing it.

The Tea Party laced GOP and their billionaire backers have made it their mission to destroy the country in a futile effort to turn back time where only rich, straight, white males are running things. They see Barack Obama, the nation’s first black President as their deep fears realized. They fear that black people will gain more power than they have. They fear of karma coming to get them back for slavery should black people gain more power. President Obama sitting in the most powerful office in the world drives them crazy, and they won’t take it anymore, even if it means tanking the country that they vocally adore to get his ass out of office.

But it’s not enough to remove that “socialist, Kenyan, Islamic negro” out of office. (And wishing that happening and making sure it happens is not racist, according to all the race deniers.) It’s about making sure that the power and wealth is one-sided. For a while, it has, and in recent times it has tipped the scale in favor of the top percenters of the U.S. population while the national income for black and latino residents are getting lower and lower.

Yet, in the minds of those who prayed for a shutdown, it is entirely the fault of blacks and browns, not the (mostly) white billionaires or the (mostly) white politicians who have their backs. It is certainly the mindset of the Tea Party who are too ignorant to realize that they are used by those billionaires that don’t really give a damn about their livelihood. They just needed some people stupid and pathetic enough to believe anything that scares the shit out of them, and they’ve found them, those who want the White House white again.

The right uses race to win over white voters. In the case of the Tea Party, it used race to help in the formation of groups of (mostly) White Americans to install a fake sense of American patriotism – White American patriotism – and solidarity against a non-threat based on the color of his skin. This is the Southern Strategy on meth.

Already, the Blame Obama parade has kicked off as a result of this shutdown by those who yearned for it in the first place, but then again, the right has never coped with reality in years. In the late Tupac Shakur’s song “Changes”, one lyric goes, “…Although it seems heaven sent, we ain’t ready to see a Black President…” The anger from Fox News correspondents, hosts and pundits, the rise of the Tea Party, the increase in racial attacks against blacks (There ain’t no epidemic of black-on-white crime as right wingers love to tell us.) and the government shutdown is more than enough evidence of that prophetic lyric made years before the election of Barack Obama, and this could be the precursor to the end of a collapsing nation done by the nation’s elite, privileged, sheltered, delusional and obviously morally handicapped.