More Depraved Halloween Racism

Early this week, I told you all about the three white fucksters who decided it was a load of laughs to turn the saga of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman into a Halloween cosplay meme. I found out from some of the comments that the ditz of the group Caitlin Cimero was wearing a ‘Robin […]

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Halloween Racism at its Worst

The following is based on a Tumblr page by Alien Babe from planet Zargon. Ah yes. Halloween, the time of year when kids and adults dress up in costumes, get candy, go to fun parties and turn in to cable TV to see Linus miss the Great Pumpkin for the billionth time. It is also […]

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Notable Links: 10-25/13

Ursula Burns, Rosalind Brewer, Shonda Rhimes listed among ‘Most Powerful Women in Business.’ The world’s most influential businesswomen represent some of the biggest and most successful global companies. But among the 50 women mentioned, only three are African-American. The three black women included are: Ursula Burns, CEO and president of Xerox; Rosalind Brewer, CEO and president […]

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Notable Links: 10-18/13

Backfire! GOP Hostage Taking Boosts Obamacare’s Popularity The firm’s nationwide poll of 950 people was taken October 6-8, as the GOP’s shutdown over defunding the ACA entered its second week. It found, unsurprisingly, that the sectors of society most in need of healthcare options—poor people, unmarried women and older people who can’t get care—sought real-life […]

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Video: Racist Philly Cops

WARNING: The following video contains coarse, racist and dehumanizing language. Viewer discretion is advised. According to Salon, the Philly police has been swamped with lawsuits over discrimination and brutality, and the list of similar incidents continue to pile on. As I side note, I wonder if our resident troll Jay from Philly is friends with […]

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